It was late afternoon in Teufort. Here, we go into the RED Spawn area. It was two rooms, Consisting of a metal cabinet with a First Aid logo on it, A small bench, another cabinet, this time made of wood that had belongings of the nine mercenaries in it, a door from the inside area, and finally, a sturdy, metal gate to the outside.

We now see two people appear from nowhere and into the inner spawn room.

"Yo, hard-hat!" Voiced a young person wearing a plastic helmet that has two cans attached to it.

"Yea?" Said a person, obviously older than the boy. He was a short person, wearing overalls and having Ear Protection that looked like headphones. They're probably broken, since nuts and bolts were gushing out of it - Or it could be one of those rare "Unusuals!"

"Need a Dispenser here!" Yelled the younger person, which we know and love is the Scout. He put a finger down onto the floor, signalling Where the Dispenser should be.

"Scout, you know I can't do that inside here!" Exclaimed the person named Engineer, or more commonly know as, 'Engie,' while pushing his finger onto a building PDA which just sounds those error sounds.

"Oh yea? Then gimme 'dat!" Scout forcefully took the handheld device from the Engineer, then ran outside, leaving Engie speechless.

Outside, we see the Scout having the PDA on his belt, and him carrying what looks to be a red toolbox. He then put down the toolbox, and it knocked on it's side. It was building itself! A genious must have made this toolbox. The Southener, finally being unfrozen, went outside to see what the fast running annoyance was doing.

There's already three Dispensers up by the time he went out. Engie was shocked - he thought only HIM could operate and use the PDA, and he also THOUGHT that he could only put one at a time. Well, the Scout proven him wrong - Twice. He thought of the possibilities... He saw millions of Sentries inside the intel room. He saw Dispensers everywhere for the team. He saw...

Heavy Weapons Guy and the rest of the team.

"Leetle Engineer woken up!" Cried a voice, heavily stained by a very noticeable Russian accent, shouts and multiple questions of 'He is?' and a few seconds later, he was greeted by his fellow Mercenaries- his very RED team.

"What happened?" Was all the Engineer could muster up.

The Medic of the group explained, "Ah, vell, ve found your... What is it? Ah, yes. K. body right next to zhe Respawn door and four Dispensers. Iz zhat even possible?"

The Scout was up next. He handed Engie his PDA back and said, "Sorry 'bout that, Hard-Hat." He sounded sincere, so 'Hard-Hat' accepted the apology.

"We today's battle because of you, Soldier. You weren't defending the intel so the enemy Scout rushed the Intel three times. THREE TIMES!" A helmet wearing man said, and another guy stopped him from getting his temper up.

"Oi, it wasn't 'is fault! 'E was knocked out!"

The Scout, feeling sorry for the Engineer, took responsibility. That's rare from him! "Well, it was me who started this. I built four dispensers to suit my needs. It should be ME who you should be angry at."

And so they did.


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