Being a child of the 80's, this show was amazing. recently I've gone darker with a few Stories... The A-Team could be fun too play with.

The A-Team:
Darkness in Paradise

As a seemingly unstoppable force, it sailed the ocean waves praying on transport and small cruise ships picking each of them off one at a time and hiding in the depths of the ocean as the search and rescue ships surrounded it's crippled targets, surfacing only briefly to pick off the rescue vessels one at a time and then leaving the area as the surface of the ocean burned from the leaking fuel of the destroyed ships and bodies which floated on the ocean surface. Returning too it's homeport for resupply and refuel, the renegade vessel had become a series threat to the shipping lanes as a special task force of combined services where dispatched too search for the as of yet, unidentified submarine. Salvaged from the ocean floor and brought back to an old abandoned Submarine base discovered by accident on an isolated island, the vessel was rebuilt by what would become it's crew and support staff on a deadly mission to strike terror into the hearts and minds of all major powers within its deadly range.

For eight months, the deadly submarine and her crew prowled the ocean like a predator with almost impunity as they destroyed vessels and raided ships of worth for vital supplies and whatever bounty they had onboard.

An emergency session of the United Nations Command Council had been assembled too discuss the deadly attacks by the vessel which they had now codenamed 'Viking'. With the highest ranking officials from several militaries across the globe assembled in a Top Secret location, the meeting had begun under the strictest of security procedures.

"I agree with the General, we still have no idea who commands this boat or where they are hiding. We must act now!" An Admiral yelled with frustration.

"Agreed! For eight months, this Submarine has attacked, raided and destroyed any vessel they come across, leaving no survivors. This must end and end NOW!"

"Then we are all agreed. As of now, the combined force of this council and our respective military forces will work together bring the crew too justice" Replied a Second General.

"It is not justice we require General Hollis, it is vengeance. We have suffered more losses then any other during their reign of terror"

"Admiral Floris, Vengeance is not on the agenda here. With your agreement, I would like too contact…"

"Who?" Floris said with a dark smile.

"The less you know, the better. Plausible deniability on this subject, if this is discovered the repercussions on this could be… disastrous for all concerned"

"Then we are agreed on this subject" Called out the senior officer. "General West, you have the authority of this command council. However, we shall make our own… preparations. USS Lincoln Battle Group is currently in the region in order too hunt down the Submarine, as a contingency, I have also dispatched the USS Dallas SSN-700 on a seek and destroy mission. General West, make your call… this meeting as adjourned"

Two Months Later…

Sat alone sipping on a glass of old Scotch Whiskey he turned the page of the old book given too him by an old friend, his military career was over many years ago. However, sometimes when a subject matter required a less then legal approach, he was called in by his former superior officers to tackle whatever crisis had arisen. On his last 'Assignment' for the military he lost an old friend and former mentor too enemy fire, a loss which still haunts his every waking hour as he ran over the incident play by play, every bullet fired from his gun and every mistake he had made which cost the life of his oldest and closest friend, Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith. Shortly after the assignment, his remaining team members has severed their ties too him and gone in their separate ways, he had seen nor heard from them since that day, eight months ago.

For the past eight months, he had trained himself excessively, training his body and mind to become better then he once was. Officially still an outcast within the United States Armed Forces, he had gathered all of his belongings stored away in secret locations around the United States and disappeared onto a small private island deep in the Caribbean Ocean. Hidden half underground and surrounded by large trees, his home held very few of the comforts he had been used too during what he considered too be his former life with his friends, his team and co-accused. Allowing himself the small comfort of a small padded leather chair, a small table and a bed in which he rarely slept, he rarely left his private retreat, leaving only for supplies such as food he could not catch in waters which surrounded his island and fresh water. With all that remained if his Scotch Whiskey in the half empty bottle before him he sat reading the final page of the only book he could bring along with him.

Reading the final paragraph, he closed the book, smiling slightly as he stood from the chair he threw the book into the small fireplace before him watched it burn with a look of content on his weary face. Looking at what remained of the whiskey in the bottle, he walked towards the fire and poured it on the fire as he smiled slightly at severing the last tie too his former life. In the distance, the sound of humming caught his attention. Sighing deeply too himself, he walked towards the fire and reached for the only weapon he brought with him onto the island for self defence, a 30-06 M1 Garand Rifle modified with a sniper scope and a larger capacity magazine. Loading the weapon, he wrapped the strap around his arm ready for a fight as he walked up the stone steps leading out of the house and towards the shoreline before him.

Peering through the scope, he knelt down as he saw a small military boat bouncing on the waves before a large US Nuclear Submarine. Moaning too himself, he threw the rifle over his left shoulder as he walked towards the shore with his fists clenched as the boat reached the shore and three officers stepped off with their weapons trained as an Admiral stepped off the boat and walked towards him with a large folder in his left hand.

"You're a hard man too find Lieutenant" The Admiral Smiled.

"I told you, I'm done with you and your… missions!" He snapped.

"We need your help. We have a… serious situation Lieutenant"

"Former Lieutenant… get off my property or I will shoot you" He replied with force.

"Lieutenant!" The Admiral barked.

"Get back in your launch, and get lost. You have… ten seconds"

Slowly, the three large officers circled around him as the Admiral stepped forwards slowly. After honing his senses, his body and mind since his arrival on his private retreat, his physical appearance had changed towards a large muscular stature. Quickly reacting too the threat of the three men surrounding him, he stepped towards his left as he grabbed the first officer, a junior Lieutenant. Punching him in his jaw, he quickly spun around as the two large men clenched their fists and stepped closer. Spinning on his heels, he kicked the second officer in his chest with a powerful kick sending him crashing too the ground hard. Avoiding a punch from the third officer, he grabbed his arm and spun him around, quickly reaching for the officer's standard issue sidearm as he once again spun the officer around and kicked him hard in his jaw and raised the gun on the Admiral before him. Clapping his hands, he stepped forwards as he spoke.

"Impressive Lieutenant, I see your self imposed isolation has not dulled your senses… or your reflexes"

"Get off my island… NOW!" He demanded as he pulled back the hammer on the pistol.

"Are you going too take on the entire Sub? If you kill me, you'll have too!" The Admiral laughed.

"It's possible. Once more, get off my island, take these… sailors with you and get that Boomer out of my waters Admiral Denning!"

"Peck, listen too me… I know what happened to Smith. I read the reports, all of them. If you want payback… I can help"

"Already done, the Cartel was destroyed… I made sure of that. Now… leave!" He said as he raised his rifle with one hand, and aimed at the Admiral.

"Give me five minutes of your time if your not convinced after that… I'll leave!"

Lowering the rifle slowly, he nodded as he looked at the large US Navy Submarine off the coast as snipers took their aim at him with deadly intent as four red dots appeared on his chest and forehead.

"Five minutes, alone" He nodded.

Entering the home he had made for himself years ago, he stood next too a small table as the Admiral threw down the file as looked around.

"Spartan, I like it"

"4 Minutes, 20 seconds" He grunted.

"Several months ago, an unknown submarine possibly a salvaged nuclear vessel began too attack, raid and destroy shipping not far from here. Codenamed 'Viking' by the UN command council all assets have been dispatched too locate and destroy the vessel…"

"3 Minutes…" He sighed.

"We believe that it is the last remnants of the Cartel you destroyed several months ago"

"Impossible, no one survived… I made sure of that!" Peck smiled darkly.

"Intel reports that are led by a man named… Muetre. It's Spanish for…"

"Death, I know. What does this have to do with me?"

"For three days, the sub was ghosted by a British Sub, on the forth day… contact was lost it was believed destroyed. Two weeks ago, the British Sub was involved in a raid… it destroyed several vessels in the Caribbean. We believe they are using the sub for their own needs…"

Slowly, the Admiral picked up the file and pulled out a small grainy photograph of a tall man.

"This is the only image we have of this… Muetre. A recon photo taken by a drone, it was shot down shortly afterwards"

"All very fascinating Admiral… you're time is almost up"

"You're the best of what's left Peck, we need you. Work with us one more time. Complete this mission, you're record will be cleaned and your pension reinstated… you'll be a free man Peck, I give you my word" The Admiral said proudly.

"I've been down this road before Denning, and been burned for it. I'm sorry… I'm not interested. Your time is up. Leave!"

"Of course. Sorry too disturb you Lieutenant… former Lieutenant. I'll leave the file with you, the Dallas will remain in the region incase you change your mind. Read the file Peck… more is going on around here then you know. Good day"

Saluting the former Lieutenant firmly, Peck nodded slightly as the Admiral left the house as the three larger guards stood nursing their wounds.

Night time fell over the island as off shore, the large US Navy Submarine remained stationary as Peck stood on the shore looking at the large vessel before him. Tempted as he was too take on the one last mission for his former government and the offer of a clean record almost tipped the balance, however the prospect of the once powerful Cartel being in position of possibly two Nuclear Submarines was too much for him too even imagine. By the light of the moon and the small camp fire on the beach, he read the file carefully taking in every piece of information his tired mind could assimilate. Nevertheless, the one thing that really caught his attention was the prospect of revenge against the remnants of the Cartel for the murder of his old friend, mentor and commanding officer. With the sun on the horizon, the next watch had been posted on the Submarine's Conning tower, ordered too monitor the island by the Admiral, two junior officers peered through binoculars at the quiet island before them as they exchanged a brief conversation.

"I hear this guy is supposed to be some badass!"

"Poole, I've heard of this guy. He evaded capture for almost a decade. I did my thesis on this guy and his team mates… they're almost legends"

"Give me a break" Poole laughed.

"No I'm serious… I was up here when Denning and three others visited. He took the guards down with ease, I've never seen anyone move that fast. The Cap'n ordered snipers up here, just incase. I heard a story once, he broke out of prison… stole a car, travelled eighteen miles into town, he bought eight packs of smokes, two bottles of whiskey and TV. He then drove back too the prison, broke back in. when the guards came too check on him, he was smoking a large cigar, watching TV while he drank the whiskey…. He even refilled the gas tank on the Warden's car and took it through a car wash before he came back"

"Yeah right…" Poole laughed.

"Actually… it was three bottles of whisky, a DVD player with in build TV and a box of cigars!" A voice called.

Looking around the Conn quickly, Poole looked over the side of the large tower a man was sat on the hull of the Submarine with a fishing rod hanging in the water. Smiling he looked up at the shocked men and waved as he continued.

"And the warden… I sold his car and bought him a new one, just for fun!"

"What the hell?" Poole said in shock. "Security!"

"Not needed. Permission too come on board?" He winked.

"Admiral Denning to the Conn please… Admiral Denning…"

Welcomed onboard by a shocked crew, former Lieutenant Templeton Peck followed Admiral Tyler Denning through the vessel towards the wardroom as Denning smiled and spoke quickly.

"Nice trick, how did you get up there so easily?"

"Trade secrets…" Peck replied with a slight laugh.

"What changed your mind Peck?"

"I owe the Cartel a few… bullets" He smiled darkly. "Unfortunately for you guys, it ain't the Cartel. Not their M-O… this is something else, the Cartel go in guns blazing, these attacks are methodical, planned down the last contingency. It's a military force on a military operation…"

"How do you know that?" Denning said with shock.

"It's in the report… between the lines, you need too know where too look. Now, what do you want me to do about it?"

Opening the door to the Wardroom, the Admiral stepped inside followed by Peck as two of the large and bruised guards stood next too the door as it closed behind them.

"Take a seat Mister Peck"

"Of course" He smiled with sarcasm.

"We have one man on the inside, his last report said he needs an extraction, ASAP…"

"That's my job?" He sighed.

"Not quiet, he has intel on the identity of this Muetre. You're assignment is to extract our man on the inside and then go after Muetre, we want him alive Peck…"

"Who is the contact?" He sighed.

"A former… friend. He was the only man crazy enough too do this" Denning smiled.

"You're kidding me, right?"

"Sorry. Former Captain H.M. Murdock is your contact" Denning laughed.

"Well, this is going to be fun. I haven't spoke too him since…"

"I know. He doesn't know you're coming, be careful Peck. You're not officially working with us on this"

"I know the routine Denning" He smiled.

"We're sending you along with one of ours. Lieutenant Junior Sam Rosen has volunteered…"

"No! I work alone" He protested.

"Not on this, this is too important. Rosen knows more about this incident then anyone…" Denning said firmly.

Walking towards the door, he opened it as he spoke aloud.

"Rosen, get in here!"

Stepping away from the door, a young woman entered the Wardroom dressed in civilian clothing, saluting the Admiral and the Lieutenant before he, she smiled as she walked towards him.

"Sir, it's an honour…"

"Out of the question Denning. She's a kid!"

"I am well versed in self defence and an accomplished pilot sir"

"No!" Peck yelled.

"This matter is not open to debate Mister Peck. She's on the mission… Ensign Williams, inform the captain too set for the Lincoln battle group"

"Aye sir!" Ensign Williams replied.

"Mister Peck, I am not a kid. I am 21..."

"Ohh perfect!"

"Sir, I know this mission. Like it our not, you're stuck with me on this one" She smiled firmly.

"Then… stay out of my way. I'm not going too pick you up every time you fall" He grunted.

"One more thing sir… I'm also a field medic and Captain Murdock… is my Uncle!"

"Ahh Perfect!" He moaned.

Transferring too the Aircraft Carrier USS Lincoln, Peck and Rosen where once again briefed on the mission by the senior staff of the aircraft carrier before boarding a small aircraft modified for this specific mission. Stripped down too it's barest essentials and refitted with extra fuel tanks for the mission. Equipped with the necessary weapons, explosives and supplies, Lieutenant Rosen sat in the pilot seat as she looked over the controls of the aircraft while Peck sat next too her.

"You do know how too fly this thing, right?"

"I've been flying since I was tall enough too reach the controls sir, it's just… been awhile and I am not familiar with this design" She smiled slightly.

"Ohh, perfect!" He groaned slightly.

"What do you imagine this is?" She laughed.

"Just… make this thing go Lieutenant, let's get this over with!"

Under the cover of night, the aircraft was thrown into the air by the powerful catapults on the deck of the carrier. Instantly diving the aircraft, she levelled off close too the surface of the water for a moment as she smiled too herself while she looked at her partner as he grabbed his seat almost in terror.

"Who the hell taught you too fly?"

"My Uncle!" She laughed.

"Ahh Shit!" He said quickly.

After three hours of silence, with the engines the only sound which echoed through the aircraft. Smiling slightly, Peck examined the mission briefing once more as she spoke.

"We're close… shutting down the engines"

"What?" He yelled.

"We'll glide the rest of the way. Prep the gear…"

"What-what are you talking about?"

"We're bailing out. The plane will crash into the ocean on the far side, out of range"

"Okay?" He moaned slightly.

As the backdoor opened, Peck pushed a small crate out of the back of the aircraft while she stepped too his side, pulling on a parachute. For a moment, she stopped at the large open door as her eyes widened slightly.

"Okay?" He smiled.

"No, I've never done this before… in this way I mean!" She mumbled.

"Relax Sam… take a deep breath and go… no I mean go, now!"

Landing on the island, they both removed an hid their parachutes before they located the supply crate they had brought with them. Removing the supplies and packing them away in the backpacks they carried, they once again hid the parachute and crate before they continued with the mission at hand.

Four Hours Later

Choosing the right time, for the mission with a new moon and heavy cloud cover, they both lay on the ground overlooking the formerly abandoned Submarine Base as two large Submarines where being stocked for yet another mission. Looking through her binoculars, Sam spoke quietly as she reported too Peck.

"That must be it"

"You think? Unless you flew over the wrong island"

"Funny, very funny. Now what?"

"We wait Lieutenant, we wait" He smiled.

"What for?"

"The right moment. I count almost a hundred down there, no telling how many are on those Subs"

Looking closer at the men below, she focused her binoculars once more as she spoke.

"Nine o'clock… check out the uniforms"

"British uniforms… could be the crew, a slave labour?"

"Doubtful, check out the tats on his left arm" She whispered.

"Cartel marks… damn it, the intel was wrong" He said with anger. "Wait… look!"

"What are they doing?" She said firmly. "Ohh shit!"

In the far left of the base, one man slipped behind a crate, with no one watching, he ran for the water before as a single gunshot was heard echoing through the facility below and the sailor fell into the ocean and floated on the surface with his face down in the water. Seconds later, four men with automatic weapons stepped too the dock and fired into the body as a figure walked towards them half hidden by the roof.

"That must be Muetre!" She said. "I can make the shot, hand me that…"

"No! they'll make us if we do. No telling how many are back there. It'll be light soon, let's make camp in that cave we passed up on the ridge… we'll move in under cover of darkness"

"They could all be dead by then, not too mention those subs could be launched" She whispered firmly.

"We have no other choice. This is a recovery mission first… trust me, I've done this before" He smiled slightly.