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2- a spy among us!

" Kulu, Tamama keep an eye on him for me will you, i better do the laundry so natsumi will not get suspicious and ruin are plan."Keroro looked at a yellow frog with spiral eye's as he said this." right sarge i will do my best."Tamama replied saluting Keroro." your try and escape and i will blast your head off with my tamama beam.""waaaaa get away form me."Italy cried out." now tamama please try and be nice even if he is a prisoner he still or guest."Keroro explained." i cant have Tamama kill him i need him for my plan to concur this plant."" okay sarge."Tamama smiled." that's my sarge he so nice and kind that he is even nice to our prisoners."" I was going to do some exparement on him any way if that all right with you."Kulu asked.

"hmmm, all right but don't kill and be genital we don't want to damage him too bad."Italy had fear in his eye's." please don't levee me with him i'm fragile and bruise easily and i don't want to die."Italy had his hands on the bar of the cage he was in as he pleaded for keroro to stay." sorry but i have to go trust me you don't want to see natsumi mad it not pretty i can tell you that."" aren't you forgetting something?"" that's right i got to go thank's kulu.""your welcome but that not what i meant.""huh?""i meant what are your plan for that Germany guy how exactly are you planing we capture him hm?" well to be honisit i did not think we would get this far."Keroro starched the back of his head.

"ke ke ke I see so you have no plan is that correct?"Kulu laughed." I did not actually believe that we would capture Italy so easily so i can understand that I'm surprised our plan usually back fire by now.""For your information i will think about it and i do have a plan I just not going to tell you."" dang it look lkike he caught on to me I really don't have a plan but i better make it look like i do." " hey levee sarge alone kulu so what if he dose not have a plan we don't usually get this far with out some thing back firing."Keroro looked at tamama and smiled." thank you tamama for sticking up for me, by the way Kulu tell Angol Moa to keep an eye on that Germany guy will you."" of course but this back fire like all or other plan's."Italy watched them argue and was too scared to say any thing at the moment.

"there after Germany too well Germany will bet them i know he will, he find a way I hope Germany come and resuce's me all ready I don't think I can take much more of this.""Angol Moa keroro said to keep an eye on Germany for us""okay if uncle said so."Angol Moa speaked into her communicator witch she had in her ear." if it make uncle happy then i won't let Germany out of my sight after all uncle counting on me."" would you like some tea while you weight for America to arrive?" Angol Moa asked." no thank you i'm good and i'm not really a fan of tea."Germany answered her right away as if he was too busy thinking of something really importain." america better know what to do Italy was the first friend i had and I can't sand to think what those alien's are doing to him hang in there Italy i will be there soon."

" well then can i get you some thing to eat for you and america when he get's here?"anglema offerd still trying to be what she thought a secartary would do and act like."Yes can you go out and buy a apple pie since that is kind the only thing i can think of beside's Hamburgers that America would like to eat."Germany scaced his head wandering why she asked." okay i will be right back okay." she smiled and left Germany took Angol Moa fifteen minutes to come back with the pie and hamburgers." I'm sorry they were out of apple pie but they did have blueberry pie and I also got hamburrger's.""are you sure they did not have apple pie.""i'm sure.""well i guess blueberry will have to do."