My first Grojband fic woot woot! I wanted to do something different, and this is the first thing that popped into my mind, kinda pointless fluff haha.

Dear Diary,

Why am I even doing this? Core said if we keep these things it might help us come up with our own lyrics, but I really don't know how this is going to help. Just because it works for Trina doesn't mean it'll work for us.

I mean… I already know how I feel about things, why do I need to write them down?

Maybe I should introduce myself.

I'm Laney Penn. I play a variety of instruments but mostly bass, and I'm the only girl in Grojband.

Yes I'm a girl, if you ever call me otherwise I WILL BURN YOU.

But anyways, my three best friends are in the band with me, their names are Kin, Kon, and Corey.

Kin is our keyboardist. He has a lot of great ideas, but don't ever tell him I said that. His 'projects' sometimes get a little bit out of hand, but I still like watching to see how they'll turn out.

Kon plays drums. He's kind of dorky, but also really funny. I think he'll be a really great drummer one day if he can focus.

And then there is Corey, or as I like to call him, Core. He's the lead guitarist and singer in our group and well… he's great. He's , cute, funny, charming, and always has the perfect plans.

Wait a minute no he's not. His plans usually involve us doing the most bizarre things I've heard of in my life, and sometimes result in us getting into some serious danger. Sure he's charming sometimes, but then he calls me "bro" or "dude" and the illusion comes crashing down around me.

I still want to hang out with him though; I can't imagine how boring my life would be if I didn't see him, I mean everyone, every day.

They make things interesting to say the least. The other day we were hanging out in the garage when Core suddenly decided we need a band mascot. I've never heard of a band having one but he insisted we needed to find one.

So down to the pet store we went, and of course once we get there the three of them start running around like rabid animals, wanting to purchase everything they touch. As the sensible one, I reminded them we need to pick just one animal to be our mascot, and it needs to be a good one.

Core ended up picking out a frog, how ridiculous is that? I wanted to tell him to pick out a dog or something, but for some reason I just couldn't say no. Have you ever tried saying no to a really cute and lovable guy? It's sort of impossible.

So now our mascot is Ribbity the frog, yay…

I gotta go for now, but I'll write back soon,


And yeah that's a wrap.