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Entry #2 June 20, 2002

Dear this pointless piece of crap,

I still don't know why I'm writing in this thing but whatever... I also don't understand the point of writing about my past. It's not like writing how i feel is going to change how I act. I'm still going to set the goons' (scientists) coat tails on fire. That's freaking hilarious! Anyway I might as well get back to my "story".


"Dank oo, Midder Smiff!" I smiled.

"Okay kid, let's go." He walked to the door, opened it, walked through.

For once in what seemed like forever, I looked around outside. It was a cold, dark, and crisp October night. The autumn leaves littered the ground, shuffling as the wind blew by. Making sure he kept me out of the wind, we made our way to the car. He placed me in the back and buckled me into the booster seat.

"whar we go'n" I asked, my voice fully of curiosity.

"We are going to your new home, kid. It's called St. Vincent's home for the gifted" he replied in a monotone voice.

"Iss mommy there?"

"No kid, mommy's gone."

"Oh, she come back, she always do."

He didn't reply, all that was heard was a grunt. For the rest of the ride he remained silent, occasionally stealing glances. About a half hour into the ride I fell asleep.

I woke up in a white empty room. Well it wasn't entirely empty. There was a single person sized bed, a sink and a toilet. Since I was still young, they had brought in a little potty chair, a step up stool so I could reach the sink, and a crib that I was now sitting in. Everything was white, except my lizard. I also found that they had placed a mirror in my crib. Why they did was beyond me but it did give me a chance to see what i looked like. I had messy gold blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, freckled cheeks, and those cheeks could put a cherub to shame. I was one hell of an adorable child.

The first few weeks were spent just getting me back to health, mother wasn't the best when it came to feeding me. Once they got me to a healthy state, I started growing again. It wasn't until I was 13 that they then started experimenting on me. They said that I had to mature enough first for the experiment to be successful. I don't remember much but I remember being strapped to a chair. My arms, chest, and legs were bound to the chair with, what felt like, seatbelt straps (creative, isn't it?). One of the scientists pulled my sleeve up and rubbed my arm with a wet little cloth. He picked up a syringe that had a green glowing liquid in it.

"Don't move, it will only hurt a little."

BULLSHIT, ASSHOLE! It was like my body was set on fire, every fiber of my being burned hotter than a blowtorch. It was horrid. I remember waking up several days later with the feeling of a heavy weight on my chest. I opened my eyes to find a restraints strapping me to my bed. Looking around, I saw scorch marks littering the walls, ceiling, and floor. A flash of green had caught my attention. Looking over, I saw my hands were engulfed in green flame. Oddly enough I wasn't afraid but... Curious. The flames didn't hurt nor did they burn, they had a warm comforting feeling to them. I poked a flaming finger at one of the restraints, it caught fire quickly. After burning through the rest of the restraints, I sat on my bed and waited for the goons to come. Surely they would be angry about the destruction of their restraints, that would make me happy. I waited for hours until finally, around dinner time, they showed up. The head scientist walked in, followed by two female nurses.

"Good evening, 5h390. How do you feel?" The man spoke with a smirk on his face. I said nothing.

"I see you escaped your restraints. We will have to fix that. Tell me, do you like your new look?" He sneered. The women behind him stood emotionless, not even looking at me.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I snarled.

"Heh, take a look in the mirror my child."

I walked over to the mirror the hung on the wall next to the door. I gasped in horror,
my once golden blonde hair was now a deep raven black. My beautiful crystal blue eyes were now an almost glowing emerald green and cute freckles and peachy skin were replaced with a blemish free, sickly pale green skin. Even my lips changed. They were black! How was it even possible to change light pink rose colored lips to black! I couldn't stand the sight and punched the mirror so hard it shattered. I sunk to my knees and wept, ignoring the bloody mess of my right hand.

"Why do you weep my child? I have made you perfect." He sneered sadistically.

"Perfect? PERFECT? You ruined me!" I screamed. my body suddenly burst into green flames. My vision got cloudy. I remember lunging at the man. I remember the smell of burning flesh. Then it all went black.

**That's all for today, bitch.**

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