I am back guys. So, I think why I haven't been updating... Well that's because I was using my dads lap top and it's from the school so he had to return it back so I couldn't update because I had nothing else that would let me update on it but I could still go on it an PM people and leave reviews so it was kinda weird. Anyways, my parents got me a Samsung Chromebook, not to brag but it is pretty awesome. I will update tomorrow so I will see you than. Well until I leave let me tell you what had happened to me. Well lets just say I have been pretty good as far as life goes. I was very touched when all you people did Project Beautiful I cried in many stories because I have a dark past in bullying. I hate the word perfect because nothing in life is perfect, everything has flaws. I also hate the color pink, I know a girl hating the color pink is really weird for all you stero types out there. I have trusted more people in life thanks to new friends. Remember to always have your friends with you they help you get through really hard stuff. :) I will update tomorrow. I promise.

Thank you for all the reviews if you have any questions just review or PM me or both! I love talking with you all!