Holy cow guys! thanks for following, favorite, reviewing, and reading thanks a bunch. This one was an inspiration from Dreaaming2BAWriter from there story 100 Kick Moments chapter 21. You should read it its really good. Now onto the story! Oh and Jack and Kim are dating so are, Milton and Julie, Kelsey and Eddie, and Jerry and Grace. I do not own IM.

Grace: Hey peeps

Milton: Salutations people

Kelsey: Hey hey

Jerry: Sup yo

Eddie: Hey:

Julie: Hello

Jack: Hi

Kim: Hola

Jack: Really Kim Hola

Kim: What I couldn't think of any other way to say Hi so I said Hola

Milton: Hola means Hi

Jack: I know Milton

Grace: So hows Kick going

Kim: Good i'm actually at Jack's house right now. We just got back from a date.

Kelsey: Where did you guys go?

Kim: A picnic by the lake.

Julie: Aww how romantic

Eddie: Who knew Jack could be so romantic

Jack: Hey!

Kim: I knew :)

Jerry: Does anyone know what we are talking about

Jack *facepalm*

Kim: *facepalm*

Jerry: Someone please tell me

Grace: It's ok baby we were just talking about Kim and Jack's date and how they went to the lake

Jerry: My bro got some game

Jerry: Wait where are you guys now

Kim: Jack's house

Jerry: Where at

Jack: On my bed

Jerry: use protection

Kelsey: Jerry you are a dirty minded freak.

Julie: Grace how can you date him

Grace: Would you guys stop being mean to Jerry he can actually be pretty smart

Eddie: Yeah right Jerry smart

Milton: Jerry's brain is probably the size of a walnut

Jerry: Hurtful! Hey Grace can I come to your house i'm bored

Grace: Sure Baby

Jerry has left

Eddie: Well i'm bored. Hey Kelsey can I come to your house

Kelsey: Sure

Eddie has left

Grace: Well Jerry's here i g2g bye

Kelsey: Bye

Milton: Bye

Julie: Bye

Jack: Bye

Kim: Bye

Grace has left

Kelsey: see ya guys Eddie's here

Kelsey has left

Julie: Hey Milton can I come over so we can work on our project

Milton: Sure

Julie: Ok bye Jack an Kim

Jack: Bye

Kim: Bye

Julie has left

Milton: Bye gotta work

Kim: Don't work all night you will tire your brain out

Milton: That's not possible but ok

Jack: Bye

Milton has left

Jack: Why are we always the last ones left

Kim: Idk do you wanna log off i'm getting bored

Jack: Ok we will do something funner ;)

Kim: Ok ;)

Jack has left

Kim has left

ok so it wasn't funny but I liked writing it

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