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"Broooo, no!" Your name is Dave Strider and you just walked in on your brother making out with your best friend.

John and Bro broke apart just after that, John's eyes wide as he stammered for an explanation. Dork. Bro, however, remained cool as the arctic ocean stuffed into a freezer. Jerk.

"Look, dude, I can't help it if I'm completely sexy in this dress." Your bro did look nice, you had to admit that.

He was perfectly at ease in the long red dress which perfectly matched your eyes, it hugging his curves (WHEN ON EARTH DID HE GET THOSE HOLY CRAP) and pooling like blood around his ankles. And was that mascara you saw on his eyelashes?

"Bro... why are you wearing... Holy crap. Bro. What the heck." (A/N: What Dave said actually wasn't quoted there, it was paraphrased. I'm trying to keep this at a T rating.)

"I just wanted to try something a little... different." The signature Strider smirk you saw on his face looked even better when it was coated in bright pink lipstick.

"And John, why are you in that?" Holy crap, since when have you been turned on by your bro and best friend in frilly girl dresses?

John's dress was shorter and more flowery, with white lace straps and a yellow background, a pattern of lilies and roses patterned at random intervals across the dress.

"Your bro told me to." The blush on John's face was apparent, despite what he was doing to hide it.

"Really? Because... I think it looks fantastic on you."

"Was that a Doctor Who reference?" You had gotten John into the show around a month ago, and John had seen all the episodes.

"You're getting better at spotting them." You didn't know what happened next, only that You were locked in a kiss with John and wearing a knee-length white lace dress that fit you perfectly (The fact that Bro had so many dresses was about the farthest thought from your mind as you slid John's glasses off, exposing those electric blue eyes fully in front of you.)

"I don't see why you wear those so often, baby. You need to expose your perfect eyes more often." You whispered, letting your fingers flick over his perfect eyelids as you kissed him.

"Hey... uh... what...?" Rose froze in the doorway, you too lost in the kiss you and John were sharing to even notice.

"I'll just leave now." Rose whispered, but not before snapping a photo.

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