Thing is I wasn't exactly happy with one of my guy friends. He hasn't been to school in three days and hasn't called me back in response to my four ignored calls.

"Talk to Embry lately?" dad asked. I just shook my head and looked occupied. I didn't want to talk to my mom about it when she asked after dinner one night I didn't want to talk to my DAD about it.

"So, you don't want to talk about it, okay then." He spoke again.

~~~ Line Break (10 days later) ~~~

School was one thing but not having anyone there to help you get through it was another. I walked into my Advanced Chemistry and there next to my assigned seat, in his assigned seat, was Embry Call. I walked with caution and anger surging through my veins.

I sat down and ignored one of my best friends I had known since third grade. I sat there waiting for our teacher to show up and write our assignment on the board. I looked up at the board and to my right but never to my left. I wasn't going to make eye contact with someone that left me hanging, sick and worried about him for days without a single sign that he was okay and that he wasn't going to die, it was just a rumor. Why did I have to be the one with a complex guy as a best friend?

"Stephanie Fuller, you have an item in the front office." The intercom announced. I rose from my seat going to the classroom door.

"Miss Stephanie, I'm assuming this important. You will be back as soon as you can?" Mrs. Walker spoke. I nodded in reply. I opened the door and walked to the office. The front office secretary was typing furiously at her Apple Mac and I felt rude to interrupt but if I wasn't back in Mrs. Walker's class soon I was going to fail homework assignments.

"Oh excuse me, you must be Stephanie. A young gentleman came and dropped this off this morning looked really handsome. Told me to give this too you as soon as possible. So here we are," She rambled. I gladly accepted the envelope and smiled. I thanked her as I was walking out the door and started to speed walk. I had reached her class right as the bell rang; she was starting the daily routine. A walk to the door and call the attendance list once she reached the 'S's she would close the door and walk back to her desk. This was a known routine for all of her students we had been here for a whole 2 months and each morning it was the same old thing.

"Well, Miss Stephanie, glad for you to join us. Your seat, next to Mr. Call, as always," She spoke gesturing me for me to go sit down. I just nodded and walked to my seat.

"Well, I don't feel like talking much at all and it seems that it isn't a good day at all for you kids. We will be watching a movie today over the next section we will have a test on in 2 weeks. Pay ATTENTION!" She exclaimed. I grabbed the letter from my pocket and opened it up as she set the blue ray system up.

It was there at the beginning I started reading that I knew I shouldn't have opened this with him next to me.

Dear Stephanie,

I believe you are the one Embry talks about. I know how much you probably hate him right now but if I was you I wouldn't. He would get mad each time you called and he couldn't answer. He wanted to but he wasn't allowed. He cussed most of the time and would run off at each little voice mail. You can't even imagine how much pain he was in when he was told to ignore it and leave you guessing what was happening. Please forgive him and hopefully you will realize that he did it to protect you.


A future friend of yours J

So it was to protect me, but from what?

I decided it was time to speak to him but not with verbal language with a simple note passing conversation. (Stephanie …. Embry)


- Hey, I'm sorry, I really am. I never meant to hurt you.

-Calm yourself Em! It's okay I guess, I just want to know what has happened to you. You're here with long hair and your semi-buff and then thirteen days out of school and you've cut your hair and most of all looks like you went on steroids! I just want to know if my best friend still exists

- I do I promise, will you just forgive me. I missed having you around.

I turned my head and looked at my best friend that had changed so much over the past thirteen days. He looked into my eyes and I felt the world bringing us closer together and I didn't know why. I kept looking at Embry but he seemed to be lost he was still starring at me like he had never seen a human girl in his life time. I waved my hand in front of his face I did it as discreet as possible trying not to make a scene. I tried hitting him in the stomach, but when I touched his stomach I felt abs and I removed my hand quickly as possible.

"Earth to Embry!" I exclaimed quietly trying to get his attention. He was completely zoned out but it wasn't anything shocking it was just me and no matter what I did he didn't take his off of me at all! The bell had rung and Embry left without saying a single word; I watched as his hot… whoa, whoa, whoa, Stephanie that is your best friend, think about what you are thinking! As much as I hated it I didn't see him through the rest of school.

~~~ Line Break ~~~

So I went home and found my brother being the slob he is on the couch demolishing a bag of chips playing Halo 4.

"You smell disgusting Brady!" I exclaimed.

He gave me one of his cheesy smiles, "nice to see you too." I just shook my head in disappointment how did my mother and father have me then that thing! 'It' was okay I guess but I still didn't understand how a nut was produced in a peachy family.

I started to walk up the stairs and heard my mother come in. I quickly ran back up to my room not wanting to talk about Embry at all. I pulled out my letter and in the envelope fell a small little piece of paper. On it was a number, I didn't recognize it but it was defiantly from the Rez. I didn't know what to do and my phone was dead so I just pinned it on my cork board reminding me to deal with it later. I was working on my homework even after that incident with Embry happened. I did my homework trying to clear my mind and after I finished my homework I had nothing to do so of course it had to go back to thinking about Embry and the way he looked at me in class. Why? Why were boys so confusing? I hated this I grabbed my phone to plug it in so I could text him but before I could even turn the thing on I was rudely interrupted by Brady.

"Your boyfriend is on the phone," he spoke. I gave him my 'what the fudge are you talking about' looks. He grinned and gladly handed the phone to me. I quickly took it and shooed him out of my room and he still had that 'I'm so up to something and it will be so embarrassing. SO WATCH OUT!' looks. I just rolled my eyes and I realized that someone was still on the phone.

"Hello?" I asked. Then that smooth voice came on the phone.

"Hey, we need to talk. Meet me at beach in 10 minutes?" Embry had asked.

"Is everything okay?" Why did he sound worried.

"Yeah, but you want an explanation for me missing and all that. I am going to tell you, though I'm pretty sure I will get the reaction I don't want. Then I have to tell you something. I know you will freak-out about all of this but I don't want to keep secrets from you. I'll see you soon okay just remember all the times…" he rambled on and on

"Embry! Embry! Focus baby! I will see you soon, than you can talk to your hearts content." I spoke. I just realized I called him baby and I didn't know what I did it for. What the hell was happening to me? I realized Embry was on the other line too asking the same question I was asking myself.

"Steph, did you just call me baby?" He asked with concern but it sounded… fake; like he was really just jumping around like un-popped popcorn.

"I think I did, anyways, see you in a few," I spoke up finally. I grabbed my keys to the brand new F-150, my present for Valentines Day. I walked out as Brady called out to me about my boyfriend but I didn't feel like saying anything back because I knew I would get in trouble and I didn't want to get grounded when my best friend had finally just gotten out of his state(the one that wouldn't allow him to talk to me at all). At least I was getting some where.