I got into grojband not long ago and I have to say, I love it. Alot.

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Laney had always pinned Corey's closeness to personal space issues, after all he got up in everyone's face, literally, Laney realised there were things he didn't do with anyone else but her.

First were the nose boops, Corey's face dangerously close to hers and his nose bumping hers, it seemed almost like a couple-y-thing.

Then were the hugs, they were more bone crushing then anything, and he usually dropped her as soon as he stopped hugging her, but Laney had began to think either his brain could only stay focused on one thing at a time or he forgot about how short she was

And then everything got a whole lot better, or worse, depending on how you looked at it

The band went to a diner for milkshakes and Corey sat next to Laney and as the band talked and drank they're milkshakes, Laney noticed him scooting closer and closer to her, to point where they're sides were basically nuzzled against each other, Laney couldn't stop blushing the whole time.

The hugs got much more enjoyable as well, longer and less bone crushing, one time he even nuzzled his face into her shoulder, sighing contentedly.

Corey didn't really know when his feelings for Laney changed, but he started to get butterflies whenever they were close, which he started to make sure happened as much as possible

He started to realise maybe he always had the same feelings about her all along, because he didn't really know when, or why he started the nose boops, but he was glad he did because it was nice being that close to Laney, it also sent all his senses into overdrive, and as he realised just how strong his feelings were about her he started to wonder how he was going to keep doing the nose boops without kissing her, it got harder each time.

Corey felt bad for all the times he had hugged her only to drop her, he just forgot how much shorter Laney was, and he figured he might hug her a bit too tight, both he'd have to work on

And then when a gig went spectacularly well, earning them a heck of a lot of new fans, the band decided to celebrate with a well earned milkshake, Corey decided to test the waters, by moving ever so closer to Laney, by the time they had all finished their milkshakes Corey was pressed right up against Laney, and she didn't seem to care at all.

One time Laney had come up with a plan for a gig of her own, Corey was so proud of her he couldn't help but hug her, and she was so warm and smelt nice, he buried his head into her shoulder, sighing contentedly at contact.

If only they knew each other's thoughts.

This is my First Fluff fic XD, I really love the sweet innocence of this ship :3

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