*Peverted giggle*

"More tea Kakashi?"

The man looked up from his newly purchased book. His one visible eye closed and curved upwards.

"Ah. That would be nice."

Iruka poured him some tea. "What about you two?"

Grumble. No response.

"It's green tea Naruto, it is very soothing. Have some cake Sasuke, you're very quiet."

"Atleast they've quietened down." stated Kakashi.

Across the small coffee table sat the most miserable looking boys. One had a cold soaked towel held against his red swollen eye while the other had one held against the harsh red bite mark on his neck.

"Iruka has vanilla flavoured sponge cake. Not too sweet Sasuke."



Definitely miserable.

"I gather the book is going to be another big success.", Iruka attempted to strike up a conversation to lighten the atmosphere. The clinking of china teacups echoed in the room.

"Oh yes. Even better than the last one."

Both men glanced at the sight before them.

"That's good to hear."

"I recommend it by the way. You'll really get into it."

"I'll think about it..." blushed Iruka.

Both teens wouldn't even look at each other. One is stirring his tea half-heartedly with one hand and his grumbling is too low to make out. The other is staring at the piece of delicious vanilla sponge cake with a blank look.

"What a depressing scene.", sighed the brown haired young man. Kakashi watched the boys in amusement for a minute before going back to his book.

"They'll get over it."