Summary: Doof sends his "spy-cam-inator" to Perry's house, but Perry thinks that it's a toy that Phineas and Ferb made for him.

This episode was inspired by the PnF episode, Hide and Seek.

I Spy

Phineas, Ferb, and Perry are sitting on the couch, watching TV. A commercial appears on the screen. It advertises a colorful ball.

As clips of animals playing with said ball are shown, an announcer says, "Introducing the Pet Ball! It's a ball that your pet plays with! From dogs, to cats, to semiaquatic mammals, to platypi, the Pet Ball will bring hours of fun to your pet! Only $15.95, plus $7.95 in shipping and handling! Order now!"

Phineas turns off the TV and looks at Ferb. "Don't you hate it when people charge more money than a product is worth?" Ferb nods. "We should really do something about that." Phineas smiles, as Perry wanders off. "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do, today."

"Are we going to create a company that sells products at a fair value?" Ferb asks.

"We tried that, yesterday," Phineas answers. "Remember? All of the phones we used disappeared?"

"Oh, right."

"I was thinking that, today, we could make a really cool toy for Perry." Phineas looks around. "Speaking of Perry, I wonder where the little guy wandered off to."

Perry is in the bathroom, filling the bath tub with water. Once it's full, he turns off the faucet and dives in, the water draining behind him.

He drops into the chair in his lair, and - to his surprise - the bath water splashes down on to him. He takes off his hat, wrings it out, then puts it back on.

Major Monogram appears on the screen. "Hello, Agent P. Thanks for testing out our new bath-tub-lair-entrance. Of course, now that I think about it, it seems like a pretty stupid idea. I mean, it probably takes a while to fill the tub. Plus, it's a huge waste of water." Perry just looks at him blankly. "Uh, right." Monogram awkwardly clears his throat. "Our sources tell us that Dr. Doofenshmirtz has been buying a lot of products advertised on television. We need you to go find out what he's up to, and put a stop to it."

Perry salutes, then exits.

Perry kicks down Doofenshmirtz's door. Doof turns around from where he is sitting at the computer and smiles. "Oh, hi, Perry the Platypus. Won't you come in?"

Suspicious, Perry walks up to his frenemy. "You seem pretty chipper."

Doof replies, "It's this super fast Internet! I finally decided to switch to Pompast, and I can finally enjoy the computer, again! So, what brings you here?"

Perry blinks. "Um, Major Monogram said that you were buying a lot of advertised products?"

"Oh, that. Well, I don't have any evil schemes, today." Doof frowns. "Those commercials just make all those products look so good! I've ordered all kinds of things off the Internet because of it! I would have dialed the numbers, but someone made my phone disappear."

Perry shrugs. "You're the one who built the make-phones-disappear-inator."

"Yes," Doof points at Perry,"but you're the who got it stuck in random-fire-mode." Doofenshmirtz puts his hand in the pocket of his lab coat. "Oh, well." He takes it out of his pocket. He turns Perry around, while, at the same time, sticking a tiny, metal disk to his shoulder blade. "I guess you can head home, Perry the Platypus. Tomorrow, I'll probably have an inator that eliminates TV commercials, or something." He waves. "Toodles!"

"Uh, yeah. Bye." Perry walks through the hole where the door used to be.

After he is sure that his frenemy won't be able to hear him, Doofenshmirtz begins laughing evilly. "Oh, Perry the Platypus! You have no idea that-" He stops abruptly. "Norm!"

Norm walks up to him, holding a tray of cans of root beer. "Would you like a carbonated beverage, sir?"

Doof looks blankly at him. "Norm, you know carbonation gives me gas. Where did you even get all that root beer? I don't remember buying any soda."

"I will take that as a no."

"Cut the chatter, Norm. I need someone to rant to. I would have ranted to Perry the Platypus, but he can't know about this."

"Go ahead and rant, sir."

Doof smiles mischievously. "I have attached my new spy-cam-inator to Perry the Platypus's body. When he gets home, I will activate it and use it to find out his address." He nods toward the computer. "Now that my computer isn't so slow, I will use it to monitor the spy-cam-inator."

"But, sir," Norm interrupts, "how will you know when Perry the Platypus is at home?"

"Because my computer will beep when he is settled in. Trust me. This'll work." He waves dismissively. "You can leave, now, Norm."

As Norm walks away, he says, "I will go get some snacks."

Doof mutters, "Crazy robot," then turns to face the computer and grins. "Oooh, imagine what I can do when I find out where Perry the Platypus lives! I can ring his doorbell and run, send him annoying chain-letters, teepee his house on Hal-o-ween! The possibilities are endless!"

"Oh, hi, Perry," Phineas greets as his platypus - acting like a mindless pet - wanders into the backyard. "You're home early."

Phineas and Ferb are sitting around a small pile of metal parts. Perry chatters.

Candace storms up to her brothers. "What are you two doing with metal stuff?"

"We're making a toy for Perry," Phineas answers.

"A toy, huh? Well, I'm sure it'll be something big and bust-able."

Perry heads inside through the doggy-door. He crawls over to his pet-bed in the kitchen, then curls up in it and takes a nap.

Doofenshmirtz's computer beeps, and Doofenshmirtz enthusiastically plops into the chair in front of it. "Yes! Perry's home!" He types on the keyboard and clicks the mouse. "Now, I can activate my spy-cam-inator!"

The metal disk on Perry's shoulder-blade transforms into a spider-like device. It crawls off of the platypus.

Upon feeling something on his shoulder, Perry wakes up. He immediately sees the machine on the floor, puts his fedora on, and picks it up.

"Oh no!" Doof exclaims. "Perry the Platypus found my spy-cam-inator!"

To his surprise, Perry seemed to relax after a moment. The platypus took off his fedora as he said, "I guess this is the pet-toy my boys were talking about making me."

"Pet-toy?" Doof said in confusion. "Perry the Platypus is a pet? Isn't he a little...secret agent-y to be a pet?" He thought about it. "I guess he is a secret agent. He probably needs a cover story, like the agents in the movies. I wonder who he's talking about when he says 'my boys'. Could he mean his owners, or something?"

Perry puts the toy down. He drops on to all four and examines it. It starts crawling, and Perry follows it. It heads for the front door.

"I'm almost at the front door!" Doof exclaims as he types on the keyboard, controlling the spy-cam-inator. "I can't wait to-" He gasps in shock when Perry's paw appears in front of the camera.

The toy tries to move around Perry, but Perry keeps blocking it, having fun in doing so.

He's distracted, when he hears Phineas calling him. Doof's device retreats to the front door.

Phineas crouches down in front of him, holding a stuffed platypus. "Ferb and I made this for you, Perry." He sets down the plush toy. "We were gonna make it light up, but we had some problems with the lights."

A crash is heard from the kitchen, along with an angry Candace shouting, "Phineas! Ferb! Where are you!?"

Phineas says, "They were so bright, they blinded Candace. We figured they might do the same for you, so we replaced the lights with something I think you'll enjoy even more!" He petted Perry. "Have fun, Perry. I'm gonna go help Candace." With that, he leaves for the kitchen.

Perry looks at the plush toy and thinks, If this is what my boys made me, he glares at the device heading for the front door and puts his fedora on, then I wonder what that is...

He gets up on two legs and runs after it. He picks it up and examines it more closely. There is a label on the bottom, that says D.E.I. Perry knows what that stands for: Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. He squeezes the device in his fist, until he hears a crunch. He lets the pieces fall to the floor.

The computer screen turns to static. Doof sighs in defeat, then he shrugs. "On the bright side, no comeuppance!" He frowns. "Why do I feel so empty?"

Perry returns to mindless-pet-mode and crawls to the plush toy Phineas and Ferb made him. I wonder they added instead of lights. He grabbed the toy in his mouth. It squeaked, and Perry started playing with it more enthusiastically. Whoa! It squeaks! Why does that make it so much more fun!?

The End

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