Operation: Save the Worlds

Chapter 15

To Believe pt. 1

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Jack could barely hold his excitement as Tony lead the group of heroes to the infirmary. To know Jamie was okay and in the care of Earth's Mightiest Heroes was such a relief to him; his friend was safe. Jack could not help but do a flip in the air.

"Yo Frosty, be careful with that stick of yours you'll poke an eye out," Tony smiled at the teen, even with two sociopaths running around, Tony couldn't help but smile when he was around the kid. That is until a snowball hit his billion dollar face. "Not cool kid, not cool!"

Jack stuck his tongue out at the billionaire, "I am always cool Stark, that's my job. You know Jack Frost: bringer of winter and all that."

"So you're the reason behind the snowstorm that froze most the northern United States? Because I do not do cold, and it needs to stop."

"How was i supposed to be responsible for snow in this universe? I just got here!" Jack smiled, floating down the hallway on his back.

"Well, I will have you know I am sort of an expert in sci fi tv shows and movies, and they say that is possible for two mirror universe-your's and our's- tend to have events happen at the sametime. Like the weather and disasters."

"Well, give the man a medal!" Jack snickered.

"Is the medal real or is it that fake stuff that is handed out to kids so they feel involved? Because that stuff can't even come 100 feet of me or I will break out in hives. I am allergic to cheap things."

"And I think we are all allergic to your bullshit Stark," Natasha noted.

"Excuse me Red, I don't think you were included in this discussion," Stark pipped up bravely, ignoring the glares he received from the assiassion.

Jack smiled and laugh at Stark's and Romanoff's mini stare off. Jack formed another snowball-aiming it between Stark's eyes-making perfect contact with the billionaire's face.


Tooth snickered, covering one hand over her mouth, "It is so good to see Jack smiling again, I don't think I have seen him smile for real since Jamie disappeared."

"So what is the story behind Jack and Jamie?" Natasha turned towards the fairy, "I mean as far as our diagnostics are concerned there is nothing special or unique about Jamie to be the target of an attack," Natasha looked towards Tooth with questioning eyes.

"Sometimes what makes a person unique isn't a physical feature, but an internal one," Steve looked over his shoulder from the conversation he was having with Clint and Bunny, and gave the ladies a smile that only Captain America could pull off.

"That, and the fact Jamie and Jack have been inseparable for about 17 years. Jack has a soft spot for the kid, being his first believer and all," Bunny added.

"Wait so no one was able to see Jack before Jamie?" Clint questioned the other guardians, somewhat grasping the concept of the whole "to see is to believe" thing.

"Jack was on his own for about 300 years before he was asked to join the Guardians, and he didn't gain believers until after that," Alyssa stated. Nick couldn't help but roll his eyes at his partner, this whole situation was ridiculous.

"Yeah of course you can tell them that, but when your so-called partner asks for information you just ignore him. I see how it works," Nick mumbled under his breathe, only loud enough for Alyssa to hear.

"Nick, I am sorry for my outburst earlier but you need to let it go. You will know everything soon enough."

""Yeah, well I said I wasn't done with this discussion." Alyssa groaned at her partner, why was he not understanding her?

"That is thing us Guardians regret most; leaving Jack all alone," North smiled sadly, not hearing the conversation the two agents were having next to him. "Now we try to include and recognize as many spirits and sprites as possible."

"Yeah my sisters and I were only on our own for a short period of time before we met other immortals," Anne Marie smiled, looking over at Serena, who just shrugged.

"Eh, I liked to keep to myself, but yeah I have had run ins with a fair share of immortals."

"We know what you mean, there are at least 50 superheroes registered as Avengers worldwide. The six of us are the main team centered in New York. We tend to do a lot of missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. compared to the other teams. For instance Agent Endo and Clockwork have been working closely with the West Coast team. While Iron Fist, Spider-man, Tigra and the She-Hulk handle a lot of day-to-day problems," Clint rattled off the information without a second thought.

"Actually, Friend Hawk, I believe Lady Hulk of She has accompanied Friend Falcon and Agent of 13 in London with the Son of Coul. Fury had mentioned it not too long ago when I visited him," Thor pointed out.

"Yeah, yeah. I was just trying to prove a point that there are a lot of Avengers worldwide," Clint waved the Asgardian off.

"Crikey, how do ya keep track of all of you?" Bunny asked. "It is hard enough just to keep track of Frostbite over there."

Clint and Bunny went into a discussion of how their ID cards work and the "Avengers Assemble!" concept.

The others went into their own conversations as Tony led them down the mass corridors that was the helicarrier. Bruce chuckled as trailed behind the group of heroes; most of them forgetting they had just met a little under an hour ago; instead they were all acting like long lost friends who were recently reunited. The scientist looked down at the little man of sand walking along side him.

"Are the Guardians always this talkative?" Bruce asked. The little man looked up, placing a small hand under his chin before shrugging his shoulders.

"So you're the sandman?" Sandy nodded happily before forming a picture of the Other Guy and a question mark over his head. "Yeah thats me too. The Other guy usually comes out for the fighting. He gets bored sitting around working on experiments," Bruce chuckled. "So is that how you communicate with others? Through sand pictures?"

Sandy nodded, forming a picture of a sleeping child over his head .

"Oh, it's so you don't wake the kids when you give them dreams?" Sandy nodded. "So do you have any idea of what we are up against? Or at least what Loki and Pitch are planning?" Bruce played with his hands. Sure, he and the other Avengers battled aliens and supervillains on a normal basis. But he could help but feel something was going to be different about this one. There was something in the air, an inevitable darkness, it even had the big guy worried. Sandy frowned, Bruce could tell the he was thinking the same thing.

"Well whatever happens we have to make sure to protect everyone. They're the only family I have," Bruce's eyes darkened. Sandy nodded in agreement, nobody was going to mess with his family either.

"Stark are you lost?" Clint challenged his friend. After what felt like an eternity to the others, namely Jack, Tony finally stopped infront of medical bay.

"Nope, Featherhead, I am not. I knew exactly where we were going I just...wanted to give everyone more time together. If we are going to be a big team of myths and heroes we need to be well acquainted with each other, and as the co-leader of the Avengers I thought this was a great time for team-bonding."

"So you got lost Iron-ass?" Clint mused.

"So which room is Jamie in?" Jack flew around the bay, looking through any window he could find, covering them in a layer of frost.

"Hold on there Jack," Steve reached for the hood of the teen's sweatshirt, keeping him in place.

"What?" Jack huffed angrily.

"We have to check to see if we can go in. Jamie could be sleeping or the doctors could be running test. Just give me a minute," Clint punched in a code before entering a room without windows at at end of the hall, disappearing into the room.

"Why is Jamie in this room?" Tooth fluttered by the windowless room, eyeing in cautiously. Natasha walked up behind her.

"The room Jamie is in is typically used for agents with higher clearance level after a information sensitive mission-usually if something goes wrong-we don't want doctors or agents without the clearance to hear what happened; Clint is very familiar with this area."

"Since Jamie is technically not a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, or from this dimension, we are keeping the people who know about him on a need to know basis," Steve anded in.

"Ah I see. Do you know the extent of his injuries?" Bunny asked, hooping a bit closer to the room.

"Without sugar coating it, Jamie was close to death when Cap found him. He had a few broken bones and bad three degree burns," Natasha looked towards the Guardians:Tooth's eyes widened in horror, North muttered something in Russian that only Natasha understood, and Bunny cursed under his breath.

"I thought you said Jamie was okay?" Serena demanded.

"Normally someone would not recover from something like this, but over the last few years our R&D department, thanks to Doctor Banner over here, have developed a type of medicine that can enhance healing capabilities in humans. With this Jamie has made a speedy recovery. In fact he even walked from his bed to the bathroom and back without any help."

"I am no doctor, but from what I saw and what I know of this medicine Jamie should be as good as new in a few days, at most," the Captain placed a hand on the fairy's shoulder.

"Well, I am a doctor, and what I have seen and heard, Steve is right. Jamie should make a full recovery soon," Doctor Banner added in.

"You told me you weren't that kind of doctor!" Tony playfully protested.

"I am a scientist with medical training. I am not, however, a trained psychologist."

The group of Avengers and Guardians fell into a silence waiting from Clint to return. Clint returned shortly after, the group all tensed waiting for an answer. Jack could barely contain his excitement. It felt like forever since he saw his best friend, although he wasn't sure if he would hug him or slap him for his stupidity when the moment came. Clint smiled at the winter sprite,

"Annabelle said it was okay as long as we don't bother anyone else." Without waiting a second more, Jack flew past Clint immediately seeing Jamie lying in his bed.

"Jamie!" Jack yelped rushing towards his best friend. Jamie turned his head towards the open door and smiled...

The Guardians gasped as Jack flew straight through his first believer.