Arthur Kirkland, one of the most famous boy in school for being the student council president.

He was smart.

Calm and collected.

He may be kind of rude at first, but he's a really nice person when you get to know him well.

And one of those who do know him well was you.

His best friend.

"I don't see him around today," Arthur mumbled as he stood by the gates of the school.

"Are you talking about Alfred?" Francis asked as he looks at the boy.

"No, I'm looking for (y/n)" Arthur exclaimed in worry, "I haven't given him my notes from the other day."

"Wait, by (y/n) you mean, (y/n) (l/n) right?" The other blonde asked.

"Of course you idiot! Nobody in this school has the same name as him right? It's pretty obvious I'm talking about (y/n)!" Arthur answered irritatedly.

Francis's face pales at his friends statement, "Uh, Arthur, don't you know that (y/n) is actually a-"

"Arthur!" You called as you ran to the school gates, "I'm sorry I'm late! It's just that Felix forced me to wear that silly Maid outfit of his again!"

"He's still bothering you about it?" Arthur asked in disbelief as he places his hand on his forehead and shakes his head, "why can't he see that you don't want to wear it?"

"Beats me!" You panted as you wiped your sweaty brow with the sleeve of your hoodie.

"Anyways, I would like for you to come to the office so I can lend you my history notes." The blonde smiled.

"Okay!" You cheerfully answered as you followed him.

Francis was left awestruck at what just happened, he seriously can't believe it! "Well I'll be damned,"

"What are you going to be damned for Francis?" A voice called his attention.

"Oh, Hey Alfred," The Frenchman answered as he faces the owner of the voice, Alfred F. Jones, one of the famous boys in school for good looks and being the star player of the football team.

"Good morning," another voice joined the greeting, yet a little more on the calmer side.

"Good morning Matthew," the man answered to Matthew Williams, the twin brother of Alfred, a famous boy in school as well for acing every tests he encounters and for being the star and captain in the hockey team, but would prefer being silent of his successes.

"Yo dude, you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Alfred asked as he puts an arm around Francis.

"You have no idea!" Francis exclaimed as he puts a hand on his mouth and began to laugh.

"Huh what's going on?" Alfred and Matthew asked in unison.

Francis continued to laugh as he whispers to Alfred and Matthew's ear.

"Wait, you're kidding right?!" Alfred asked in disbelief as he pulls away and looks at Francis's face.

Francis laughed hysterically.

"That can't be, Arthur isn't that clueless!" Matthew exclaimed as he embraces the polar bear he loves so much.

"Bro, Arthur is so clueless he can't even tell a cat from a dog!" Alfred laughed as he held his sides.
"We'll it's not like (y/n) doesn't have any faults, that person wears baggy clothes all the time!" Francis thought as he places a hand on his chin.

"But they've been together since they were kids!" Alfred replied, "he should have known sooner or later."

"I heard they joined baths before when they were kids." Matthew mumbled.

"And he still didn't know?! Oh my, he's such an idiot." Francis laughed as he facepalms.

"He doesn't know that (y/n) is a girl," the three mumbled in unison.

Lunch in the garden,

"Arthur! Wait for me!" (y/n) called as she ran to the blonde and gave him a hug.

"Hey, aren't you being a little too touchy toda-?!"

(y/n) looks up, "What's wrong Arthur?"

"Uhm, by any chance, (y/n), please tell me you're wearing a fake bra with pads in it." Arthur exclaimed nervously as his face blushed.

(y/n) gave Arthur a questioning look, "Arthur, I'm not wearing any pads, I told you didn't I? I denied Felix's offer to wear those girly clothes."

"The-Then what are those soft squishy stuff in your chest?!" The blonde screams.

"Huh? Obviously my boobs!" You answered with a pout.

"WHAT THE-?! YOU'RE A BLOODY BOY!" The man screamed as his eyes began to swirl in confusion.

(y/n) frowned as she takes of her hoodie and unbuttons two of the buttons from her uniform, "I'll have you know I'm a girl! I'm a double D!" She exclaimed as she grabs Arthur's hand and lets him squeeze it her face blushing.

"GYYAAAAHHHH!" The man screams as he felt they were real and lost his consciousness.

"Arthur? ARTHUR?!"

I'm really pushing it am I?

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