Chapter One

Lenalee looked out of her window. The rain was tapping against the glass making a loud annoying noise that could make your ears bleed if it became louder. The wind was blowing so loudly making it appear as though it had the power to break all the branches of the trees whenever it pleased. The sounds that powerful force of nature was making could make people believe that there were ghosts howling in the old castle where the student's dorms were. Some of the students were so scared that they couldn't go to sleep. Others just couldn't fall asleep because of the noise the thunders were making. The storm was too strong and noisy for people's liking but of course there was always exceptions and Lenalee was one of them. She loved the rain. She loved the power it possessed to clean up every last bit of worry, sadness or any sort of disorder that existed. That was why the girl loved the rain because it made her forget about the life she had to live and the unfair way she was treated by society.

Black Butterfly strikes again.

B.B. has taken another life.

She is a menace and we need to get rid of her.

Mass murderer B.B. adds another name to her list.

And on and on went the list of those headings that made her angry as hell. She hated the unfairness of this world. Hated the fact that only she possessed the power to kill the demons which disguised themselves as humans and since the police couldn't deprive them from the innocent she had to do it and of course she was the one who had to kill them but did she receive any gratitude. No of course she didn't. And the worst fact of all was that she accused of murdering innocent people but that didn't stop her because she had made a promise to someone that she wouldn't stop until she had destroyed them all including the lunatic, the so-called Great Earl, who created them. She knew that she couldn't actually kill him but there was a way to stop him and Lenalee was told how she could do it. She possessed this valuable information and all she needed to do was kill all of his demons or at least enough in order to weaken his power. Only then could she infiltrate his hideout, find the source of his power and destroy it. The Chinese girl didn't know how it looked like but she knew where to look – in the basement of the highest building in town which was The Seventh Sky or TSS for short just like she was famous – BB.

Lenalee sighed as the rain started to slow down its tapping on the window and gradually came to a halt. The girl got up from her chair and smiled as she saw the first rays of sun entered her room through the red curtains. For her the sunrise didn't only mark the start of a new day. It symbolized her survival the fact that she had managed to stay alive for another day and keep secret for another day. The bid star also gave her hope and gave her reason for her heart to beat and for her to continue fighting and killing all of the demons – so that not only she but also other people could see beautiful and breathtaking sunrises like this one.

'Come on Cassandra. Hurry up or else we'll be late!' Lenalee yelled in the hallway the sound echoing and soon disappearing through the stone walls of the castle. The Chinese girl sighed as her patience started leaving her. She loved her roommate but sometimes she just wanted to kill the girl for she was always sleepy in the morning and got up fifteen minutes before their classes started but of course when Cassandra looked at her with her beautiful baby blue eyes Lenalee couldn't hurt her or get angry at her at all. All of her fury would just disappear as fast as it had appeared. Just as the seventeen-year-old girl was ready leave her friend and go to the classroom Cassandra appeared in front of Lenalee her blond hair tied in a ponytail and her uniform was in disarray as always. The blond haired tried to straighten out her skirt but the Chinese girl quickly grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her down the stairs to their first class.

The bell had just rung when Lenalee and Cassandra arrived in the classroom. Their teacher Mr Rockwell decided not to punish them though this was the third time this week they had come to class literally just a second before it started and he was starting to lose his patience. He told them to go to their sits and that is what they did. Lenalee usually sat next to Cassandra but since she got a boyfriend who just happened to have Math with them he wanted to sit next to his girlfriend and that was they did. Though most of the time Lenalee felt forgotten for she was not the prettiest nor the smartest girl in class but that didn't mean that she wasn't special oh she was. Her gift was the most unusual you had ever seen. She could kill akumas or demons as she liked to refer to them just by kicking them with her legs. Of course she needed to rest but she could go for about three or four days and that was it. If she fought more than that she would collapse for sure. This girl knew all her weaknesses and strengths when it came to fighting demons and subjects at school but when her heart was at question the girl had no answer at all. She thought that she would never fall in love but something was going to happen to her very soon, something which was going to change her life completely.

It was another Saturday night of patrolling around town when it was raining heavily but of course a little storm never stopped the demons and that was why Lenalee always had to on alert. She was so jealous of Cassandra for she was now with her boyfriend in his comfy home watching a movie or more like making out. The Chinese girl wanted to be like her friends – popular, smart, beautiful and above all normal. She missed her normal life not that she ever had experienced a lot of it. Her normal life disappeared when her parents were killed by an akuma. She was only seven when it happened and had to be taken to foster care where she spent the next four years. There one night gave her the most unique and dreadful gift she could've ever received.

Little seven-year-old Lenalee had just been taken to foster care and spent her first night chained to a bed for she had tried to escape and that was the only solution they had found

(not that the people there cared about her). When Lenalee had been freed from her chains she managed to escape from the watchful eyes of the head of the foster care. Luckily the headmistress had other matters to attend to than watch over a little girl who was nothing but another bother for her. Lenalee walked down the cold and dark halls of the building barefooted. She was scared as hell for it appeared she had got lost. The Chinese girl tried to calm down but when she heard a voice though not terrifying at all chills ran down and up her spine and her instincts told her to run which of course she did. Lenalee screamed because of the pain when her head hit the wall. She fell to her knees and held her forehead for the impact was too strong and had left an open cut which was not bleeding. A sigh was heard and soon the little girl felt warm energy surround her. Most of the heat was concentrated on her wound as it appeared to be trying to heal it which happened. It was miracle. Her wound had disappeared leaving just a bruise which soon was going to disappear at least that was she hoped.

'Don't run away,' the voice said, 'I won't hurt you. I can't. All I want to do is help you. You are an extraordinary little girl, Lenalee. You've gone through a lot for such a short time. Your parents were killed by demons which are servants of the Earl. I need you to help rid this world of these menacing creatures.'

The girl was confused but something inside her told her to trust the voice.

'H-how can I h-help you?' she managed to say though she stuttered.

'I possess a weapon which can kill them but I need someone who is unlike the others to wear it and use it to destroy them. Lenalee we are at war and though you may not understand it now over the years as you grow up I am sure you will. But before you answer me I want you to make a promise that you will use this weapon only in the service of God.'

The little girl was even more confused but complied and repeated the voice's words. Soon around her legs appeared a pair of black boots. Then the voices told her that she had to train and gain more strength and improve her stamina over the years which she of course did.

Lenalee smiled remembering the good old days when her parents were still with her when a loud explosion interrupted her travel back in time in her head and concentrated her attention on the alley where the smoke was coming from. The Chinese girl made a few movements with her legs and was soon down in the alleyway where a man was holding a woman by her throat.

Damn it! I'm too late!

Though the demon had succeeded and had already put some of its poison into the woman's body Lenalee wasn't going to let it escape. She had made a promise and she was going to keep it. With just few swift movements she was behind the demon and kicked it in the neck making it reveal its true form before exploding. Lenalee had managed to grab the woman and take her to a safe place on one of the roofs of the nearby buildings. She managed to extract the poison from the woman's body but when the lady turned to thank her, her eyes widened and she started to scream signalizing to the nearby police officers that the Black Butterfly was in the neighborhood and was about to kill another innocent. Lenalee growled and muttered you're welcome before disappearing into the darkness of the night as fast as sound.

The officers arrived just as the Black Butterfly disappeared leaving another beautiful blue line in the sky. Yu Kanda saw it for the first time and it was breathtaking. It was so pure and so beautiful. He could not believe that a mass murderer could create something so breathtaking and….and….he'd be damned for thinking of it but it was true – innocent.

Though on the inside he was admiring the perfect blue line which had started to disappear on

the outside he was looked as stoic as ever. His emotionless mask was on and wasn't going to be removed for awhile. His father – the best detective in town – was now in charge of this case though even he had found trouble in his attempts to locate the Black Butterfly let alone catch her. Kanda was studying criminology and needed a few hours to work as an assistant to a detective and who was better than his own father. The twenty-three-year-old looked around and again found nothing left behind. He sighed as he saw his father lose the last bits of his in finding the culprit. Kanda got very angry at this. How could a person escape from a crime scene and not leave clues behind. It was impossible but here the Black Butterfly proved him wrong. How could they catch someone who wasn't even human? The Black Butterfly was a mystery. Thousands of people came every year just so that they could catch a glimpse of her and though it had improved the town's economy it certainly wasn't very appealing to visit or even live in a town where a mass murderer was on the loose. Who would do it? Simple – nobody – and that was why the police had to catch her but what could they do when they had no information whatsoever about her apart from her sex but that information wasn't very helpful. Kanda ran a hand through his hair and glanced up at his father who was checking everywhere but all his attempts and efforts were in vain. He found nothing as always and they had to go home and just think of different theories for her history, her reason for killing, what kind of person she really was and hope that they had guessed something right.

Lenalee woke up to the annoying sound of her alarm clock ringing. She turned it off and looked around the room. Cassandra had left her a note and a messy half of their room as always.

Hey Lenalee,

I'm gonna spend the weekend with my bf. Don't worry I'm in good hands(if you know what I mean :D ).

Love ya,


The Chinese girl smiled and sighed wishing she could do it. She was seventeen and hadn't even been touched by a guy literally for she was always busy with studying or training or patrolling or what a surprise – fighting demons. The green-headed teen sat in front of her mirror, grabbed her brush and started to comb her hair trying to lessen the knots in her long green hair but no matter how much she tried she could never fully get rid of them. She then tied her hair into a ponytail, grabbed her headphones and phone and exited her dorm room locking it.

Lenalee had been running for about an hour and stopped near a shop to buy some water but just as she was about to get in when a man who was about 10 centimeters taller than her knocked her down and she hit the ground hard. The girl avoided the urge to rub her butt and instead of playing damsel in distress she got up ready yell at the man for bumping into her and

not even apologizing when she saw that he was already turning the corner. All she could see was his long ponytail swinging from left to right as he walked. The girl growled but decided to forget it and proceed with what she was planning to do before the rude man had knocked her down. Lenalee walked into the shop and bought her water.

After walking for a few minutes she decided to run through the park and while she did someone knocked her to the ground again. Lenalee growled and looked up this time shouting 'Watch where you're going!'

The man just chuckled. 'Two times in one day', he stated,' you must really be a klutz.'

Lenalee's eyes fumed with fire and as she was ready to just get up and walk off he saved her the worry leaving without apologizing or offering her help again. All she could hear was his chuckling and mocking her until he was lost out of her sight. The girl growled again and ran the rest of the way home with lightning speed which helped decrease her anger.

The rest of the day went by fast. Lenalee had done most of her homework and was ready to go to bed and relax while reading a good book an explosion was heard and she sighed annoyed that she had to waist another Saturday night going after akumas. The Chinese girl changed from her pajamas into her black school uniform as it provided enough freedom for her legs to move however she wanted them to. She then put her butterfly mask on leaving only her eyes free while every other part of her face and body was hidden. She let her hair down and put on her lenses which made her eyes look dark blue and not violet. The Chinese girl then activated her innocence and jumped from her balcony onto the closest building. She started jumping from roof to roof nearing the place where the explosion had come from. It turned out that the demon had decided to take its victim into an old abandoned factory.


Lenalee crashed through the roof making a few pieces of wood fall to the ground around her. She looked around examining the room and since it was too dark to see she had to use her other senses to locate the whereabouts of the akuma. She soon found him hearing movements and attempts of escape at the other end of the room. Lenalee cursed under he breath as she saw how the demon was holding his victim – by the throat as always.

'Hold it! One more move and I'll rip her to shreds!', said the demon with a high-pitched voice which made Lenalee want to cover her ears. The Chinese girl smirked and moving with the speed of sound came between the akuma and his victim tearing them apart. The green-headed teen then a tornado which took the scared person to safety but as she was doing this the demon came up behind her and threw her in the air making her collide with the opposite wall. Lenalee winced in pain but quickly forgot about it as she heard footsteps coming from outside the factory. The girl sucked it all in and with all her remaining energy came from behind the demon and destroyed it ripping its heart with her legs. The akuma exploded making the girl lose her balance and fall to the ground. She touched the place where kidneys were and winced in pain again. She wanted to deactivate her innocence and just walk home but she knew she couldn't do it for the officers had just come in the remains of the factory and saw her. She sighed and created a few small tornados which couldn't possibly hurt them. Her plan worked. They got scared and ran away and she was free to leave which she did.

As Lenalee was jumping from roof to roof she heard sirens coming from police cars which were following her. She looked down and spotted the same man who had knocked her down. He was a detective though he appeared too young to be qualified enough for her case but that wasn't the thing she ought to be worrying right now. She should be thinking how to escape from them not how handsome that arrogant man looked in that old light brown coat. The Chinese girl gathered all her energy into one was tornado. Its aim wasn't to hurt the ones who were chasing her. It was meant for a distraction and it worked. They were too caught up in

avoiding it than to follow her but the supposed detective's keen eyes caught a glimpse of the blue line she had left and managed to follow it to her school.

Lenalee landed near the dormitories and threw all of her belongings apart from her school uniform into the small hideout she had created but she couldn't spend the rest of the night there for she was too tired and all she needed now was a warm bath and a comfy bead. She though she had lost all of the officers but when she bumped into a person as she turning the corner convinced her otherwise. Her eyes widened for a second as she recognized him – the detective. His dark eyes observed her as she got up. Violet met grey. He glared at her and she tried not to back down from his intense gaze but she couldn't do it and soon looked away. He smirked because of his little victory and waited for her to get up.

'What are you doing out here in this late hour?', he questioned.

' I was just um…out for a walk', said she.

His eyes narrowed at her half stuttered response letting her know that he didn't believe her. The man gazed at her violet eyes which had a mix of worry and confusion and what was that fear.

What could she be afraid of?

He then noticed how her cheeks started to burn a rosette color tinting them. He smirked again at the effect he had on all the girls including her though she was by far the most beautiful he had ever seen. Her eyes were mesmerizing. Her hair was a dark green and gave you the need to run your fingers through it to check if it was as soft as it appeared to be. He realized that he was making her feel uncomfortable for he had been staring at her for quite some time now. He averted his eyes to her attire seeing as it had a few holes here and there. His eyes narrowed again as though he was trying to concentrate and make out what they meant. She noticed this and quickly tried to think of a way to make it seem as something normal for her.

'I tripped while I was walking', said she,' I am a klutz after all.' She laughed a bit awkwardly and then it stroked him that he had seen her before - the girl who he had bumped into three times today. He chuckled at the memory and how cute she looked when she was about to rub her rear end thinking what it would be like if he did it sent signals to an area between his hips which he did not need. He cleared his throat signaling that he was about to speak. Lenalee looked at him waiting to hear what he was about to say.

'You're the girl I bumped into today, aren't you?', it was more a statement rather than a question. 'I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't in a very good mood.'

Lenalee started giggling seeing how hard it was for him to apologize for such a simple thing. Standing there and watching her laughing at him made his blood boil. She was mocking him. A teenage girl was mocking him. He was furious and decided to teach her a lesson by scaring her. He smirked at her reaction when he told her that the mass murderer – Black Butterfly – had landed in the area of her school.

When Lenalee heard it she thought nothing of it but remembered that for most people just the mentioning of her other name sent chills down their spines and made them scream in horror so that was what she had to do. But what happened next surprised both of them. The detective pushed her against the wall covering her mouth with one of his hands and her head with his other this way taking the impact. Kanda winced when his pure flesh collided with the stone wall which tore his skin making fresh cuts. Lenalee gasped and was ready to bite his arm but decided against doing it.

When the pain had subsided Kanda was ready to speak.

'Don't scream this much. Do you want to draw her attention to us?' His whisper held so much sense in it that she mentally slapped herself. Of course her reaction needn't have been that much full of screams. Lenalee nodded in understanding while he carefully withdrew his hand and when the Chinese girl took a look at his other wounded hand her beautiful violet eyes

widened. Kanda saw the worry and guilt forming in her irises and was curious as to why she was so worried about him when they didn't even know each other's names.

'Come to my room so that I can treat you.'

'What?', he questioned almost out of breath. This cute innocent little girl was inviting him to her room in the middle of the night so that she could treat his wounds. Now that was something you didn't see everyday.

He was ready to decline her offer and even protest when she grabbed his hand and dragged him to her room. He made a mental note that she was quite strong for such a little girl.

Her room was plain. It had white walls, two beds, two desks, two lampshades, and a window with red curtains and a balcony and of course one bathroom. He sat on her bed as she went to the bathroom to search for bandages and something to clean his wound with. She soon came back and poured some of the liquid on a piece of cloth. It made his skin burn and he winced in pain. When Lenalee was finished she leaned down and kissed his wound. Her actions left him gaping but soon in his eyes only surprise could be read as the pain had almost disappeared because of what she had just done. It was something people would call a miracle but he decided to refer to it as a coincidence. His skin still burnt from the sensations her breath ghosting over his open flesh had sent through his whole body. A small blush started forming across his cheeks and made Lenalee giggle. He turned his head away and was ready to leave when her laughter halted and he felt a small hand touch his hot cheek and make him turn around. His hand simultaneously went up and covered hers. His look was full of an emotion she couldn't quite make out. She felt her heart start to beat so fast that it would soon escape from her rib cage. Where he was touching her was on fire. Through her whole body were sent electrifying shots. She was surprised of what he could do to her with just one touch and wanted to know what was going through his head.

Probably what he's feeling can't even come close to what's happening to me right now.

Little did she know that he was feeling the same way she was.

After a few minutes spent in the same position in full silence Lenalee decided that it was time for her to bandage him. She withdrew her hand and Kanda did the same quite reluctantly and was now disappointed that the warmth from her hand was gone. Her fingers ghosted over his skin as she carefully wrapped the bandages around the knuckles of his hand. When she was done she smiled at her work and that didn't go unnoticed by Kanda.

'What do you want to do when you grow up?'

His question caught her off guard but she decided to tell him the truth.

' I am not quite sure yet. Perhaps become a doctor as I like helping people and I want to save lives.'

He chuckled already knowing that would be her answer. She became angry.

'What's so funny?'

'The fact that you're so predictable.' he managed to answer between his fits of laughter as her cheeks became a color which could rival even the redness of tomatoes because of her anger. When Lenalee analyzed everything in her head she smiled and mentally congratulated him on being able to read her so well but was also relieved that he thought she was predictable. Then it hit her that they didn't even know one another's names.

'Um… this question might sound really stupid but…what is your name so that I won't have to call Mister Detective every time I want to ask you something.'

He smiled and couldn't avert his eyes away from her for she looked extremely cute when she asked him question and wasn't able to hide her shyness.

'Kanda. Yu Kanda. And may I ask what's yours.'

'Lenalee', said she while extending her hand to shake his,' pleased to meet you.'

He gladly took her hand and shook and refused to withdraw it until another blush made its way to her cheeks. He smirked but when he glanced at his clock and saw that it was already 1 p.m. he knew he had to go. He got up from her bed and didn't miss the disappointment in her look when their eyes met probably for the last time. She followed him to the door and opened it for him. He then turned around and then caught her off guard again as he made his way inside again and grabbed something from her desk showing it to her. It was his wallet which she didn't even know how it had wounded up there. He then exited her room muttering good night in the process. Lenalee bid him goodbye and wished him a good night again. The Chinese girl then went to her bed and lied down. She noticed that the curtains weren't closed so she had to get up and close them. She did that while moaning and was surprised at what she saw. On her desk lay a yellow sticky note with a phone number on it.