A/N: Another joke I remember from my childhood, though it's little different in this form. I hope you like it.

It was early morning, Raph stretched his arms and legs in his hammock. He had just woke up and thought that it was pleasantly quiet for a Saturday morning. Too quiet. He grabbed his clock from the nearby table and took a look at it.

8.30AM. "Not possible," Raph mumbled and rose up. Saturday, especially this Saturday, meant that a new episode of Mikey's favourite TV-series had just came out. Which of course meant that the turtle would have woke up early this morning and there should be a lot of yelling and cheering going on. But Raph could hear nothing.

The turtle walked out of his room and rubbed his eyes tiredly. When Mikey was silent (which of course didn't happen often) it usually signified that something was going on. And it really couldn't be anything good. So Raph decided to see what Mikey was doing at the moment, though he thought that maybe the annoying little brother was still sleeping in his own room.

As he got to the lair area Raph saw that Mikey wasn't sleeping, the younger one was sitting in the living room staring at the ceiling. Raph furrowed and walked slowly towards his brother.
"What are ya doin'?" he asked and Mikey startled slightly.
"Uhmm, eeeh, nothing special," the other one answered and sighed deep.

Raph thought that Mikey sounded little weird.
"Are ya sure about that?"
"Yes yes! You can go back to do whatever you were doing."
"Right.." But he was doubtful. So he stayed where he was and started staring at the ceiling too, hoping to see what there was so interesting that Mikey was sitting so still, maybe for the first time in his life.

He stared, and stared and stared. And stared. For a good five minutes he just stared the ceiling like a fool, with another similar one beside him of course. It wasn't until Donny came to the room.
"What are you guys doing?"
Raph lowered his gaze to the normal level and rubbed his neck. "I dunno. Mikey won't say."
"I'm doing nothing, okay!"
"Well something is apparently up, don't you think?" Donny pointed his words toward Raph who just nodded. So they both started staring the ceiling, Mikey letting out a deep sigh.

After another five minutes Leo came from his room and stopped on his tracks because of the scene. He wondered what was happening.
"Mikey?" he called out but the other two responded to him, turning their heads back down.
"What now?" Mikey asked back, clearly frustrated, but not moving his gaze from whatever he was looking at.
"Hmmm," Leo mumbled and walked next to his brothers. He gave an odd look to Raph and Donny who just shrugged. They all watched Mikey to give an explanation and the young one started to feel the pressure they were giving.

"Okay okay! Fine!" he finally snapped but didn't turn his gaze. "I, uhmm... I'm kind of stuck."
"Stuck? What do you mean?" Donny asked as the three of them shared a confused look.
"My neck. It just decided to stay like this last night."
"And you sat here the whole night?" Leo doubted.
"I thought it may go away and.. then I fell asleep. I woke up when Raph came.."
"WHAT?!" Raph shouted angrily. "And ya said nothin' while I was starin' at the stupid ceilin'! I thought there was somethin' up there!"
"Well that wasn't my fault!" Mikey defended. "I told you to go, remember?"
"Ya little..."
"Shut up, Raph," Leo said and squatted right beside Mikey.

Surprisingly the other did go silent. Leo gave a look at Mikey and poked on area on the neck.
"Oh!" Mikey said when he felt blood rushing again and he could move his head. "It's moving!"
"Not for long!" Raph said and was already raising his hands.
"Here we go again," Donny sighed as Mikey rushed away, Raph running after him.