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Chapter One: The Explanation

Athena's POV

I groaned and sat up. Everyone else was still unconscious. Then Artemis stirred next to me, and soon everyone else was up. I noticed that we were all dressed like mortals. The voice in my head screamed: Danger! We all stood up and looked at each other. I looked down at myself. I was wearing a grey tunic, black leggings, and combat boots. My curly black hair was in a messy side braid. I had on stud earrings (which Artemis later told me were a silver/grey) and I had on no makeup.

Artemis was wearing black jeans, a white sweater with a silver deer on it. She was wearing a necklace with a bow and arrow, silver moon stud earrings. She was wearing grey TOMS. Her caramel hair was in a French braid down her back, and her silver eyes had the tiniest bit of blue eye shadow surrounding them.

Aphrodite was wearing high waisted black shorts, a pink tank top button down shirt that was tied at the waist. She wore black wedges, had on a silver heart locket with two golden hearts in the middle, and vintage looking heart earrings. She wore shiny lip gloss, mascara, and had on a little eye shadow surrounding her ice blue eyes. Her blonde hair was left down and curled (why she spends all that time curling it, I don't know. Curly hair is a pain) and pulled back in a silver hair clip.

The boys all had on jeans, v necks that matched their eyes, and tennis shoes. Except for the fact that Ares had on a leather jacket and sunglasses, Poseidon had a regular watch, and Apollo had on sunglasses.

"What happened?" Ares asked.

"Yeah, and what's with the suitcases?" said Aphrodite.

We all looked beside us. There was a suitcase and a backpack next to us. The suitcases were our color (Aphrodite pink, Poseidon sea green, etc.) and so were our backpacks. I saw a note next to me.

"Hey there's a note." I said and subconsciously began to tug on my hair.

"Well read it to us." Poseidon said.

"Athena. I am sorry to say that you all act like immature teenagers so Hera and I turned you all into mortal teenagers-"

There were angry shouts of "They're just as bad as we are" and "What about the other people?"

"-for a year. We have decided that it is best to send you down to the mortal world and send you to high school-" I glared at everyone with a look that clearly said: Hold all comments. "-you will be in the 12th grade at Liberty High School. We have used one of Athena's home plans and designed a penthouse for you. The key and the address are below. However, it will not be ready until tomorrow evening, so we have booked a hotel room for you all tonight. You will be returned to your godly forms on the solstice and only for the solstice. PS: We have attached a list of mortal names for you."

Everyone looked at each other.

"I bet that the suitcases have mortal clothing in them, and the backpacks have school supplies in them." I said. We looked in our suitcases and backpack, and sure enough I was right.

"Of course. She's out to get you! They're all out to get you!" The voices in my head screamed. I hit the side of my head earning myself a sideways look from Aphrodite. Then her eyes widened and she started frantically whispering to Apollo and pointing to me. Apollo walked up to Hestia and whispered something in her ear and Hestia flashed out of the room then came back and whispered something to Apollo, who walked back to us shaking his head at Aphrodite, who gritted her teeth.

"What are our mortal names?" Aphrodite asked.

"Let's see." I said, looking down at the list:

Athena: Rae Andrews

"Wise Protection", "Warrior"

Aphrodite: Scarlett Bellissa

"Red", "Beauty"

Artemis: Luna Linnea

"Moon", "Twin"

Poseidon: Galen Vella

"Calm", "Sail"

Ares: Sloan Adir

"War", "Strong"

Apollo: Blake Linnea

"Fair Haired", "Twin"

"Everyone got that?" I asked. Everyone nodded and we grabbed our bags and went down to the mortal world.