Chapter Two! Has anyone finished The Blood of Olympus?

Chapter Two: The First Morning

Athena's POV

"Have you seen my beauty spray?" Aphrodite asked me as she barged into the bathroom while I was trying to get dressed.

"Hello!" I screamed. "Naked here!"

"Cause that's what we all needed to here this morning." Poseidon said, exasperated.

I chose to ignore him. "Have you seen my beauty spray?" Aphrodite asked.

"It's not beauty spray Aphrodite, it's water." I said

"Um no its beauty spray." She said


"Beauty spray."

"Water." I said in a 'duh' tone.

"No it isn't!"

"Yes it is!"

"No it isn't!"

"Yes it is!"

"Will you two shut up! You are making my ears bleed!" Artemis screamed

"Ah but you do not have blood." Said Apollo trying to sound wise (but failing.)

"Fine! My ears were about to start ichoring! Happy!" Artemis yelled.

"No I haven't seen you can of water now leave so I can get dressed!" I yelled at Aphrodite.

"Why?" she asked innocently.

"Oh let me think. Maybe it's because I'm NAKED!" I screamed.

"Alright, alright. We get the point Athena doesn't have any clothes on. Ew, gross!" Poseidon yelled.

"Poseidon you STUPID IDIOT!" I yelled "I am going to kill you!"

"Whatever." He said

Aphrodite left and I got dressed. I walked out. "Artemis it's your turn in the bathroom! Good luck!" I said. Artemis rushed into the bathroom. I'm not going to describe breakfast. But just know that it ended in three arguments, two broken plates, and Apollo almost eating all the Twizzlers. In the end Aphrodite ended up in the bathroom for an hour.

Line Break

"Come on guys we don't want to be late!" I yelled. We were all standing at the door, dressed in the clothes we were wearing yesterday.

"Yeah hurry up Aphro!" Ares yelled.

Aphrodite marched out of the bathroom, looking angry. "Aphro?" she yelled "Aphro? Now I'm just a big piece of HAIR to you?"

"Oh calm down Aphrodite, let's go!" Artemis yelled.

Aphrodite humphed and walked out the door. We all sighed and followed her. Getting ready to face our biggest challenge yet: High School.