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Me: I know I shouldn't start a new story but I got the idea when I my friends said we argued on what to play poker or dares. I decided to combine both o the games. When someone loses the others have a container that has pieces of paper that either say a dare, which item to take off or amount of money. Anyway what if our favorite monsters got stuck in a club during a storm? Pure boredom +drinks+ challenges=strip poker dare. Let's just say drinks on the house! Oh and their draw from the hat would if you draw someone's name you kiss them, a dare or which item to take off.

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Neko: *sighs* my dear sister does not own monster high and who's coffee? Oh and the monsters are Clawdeen, Toralei, Frankie, Holt, Draculaura, Clawd, Lagoona, Gil, Deuce, Cleo, Skelita, Jinafire, Abbey, and Heath.

Me: None of your business and they already know who the monsters are! Anyway on with the story! I loved COFFEE!

WARNING: Drinking abuse, sexual fun, language and pure stupidity. AND REMEMBER THIS WAS WRITTEN BY A perverted 14 year old who drank a bunch of coffee and stayed up for two nights in a roll watching a MH marathon! Also yuri so IF YOU NO LIKE YOU NO READ.

"Come on! The door won't fucking open!" Clawd yelled as he pulled on the doorknob.

Clawdeen growled and pushed Clawd out of the way. She kicked the door multiple times, but it still wouldn't open. She growled louder as she heard a feline chuckle.

"Fido, kicking the door won't make it open." Toralei taunted as she sat on the high stool. "Do you need a doggy door? And if you haven't forgotten, there's a storm."

Clawdeen turned and lunged for her. Toralei jumped out of the way before Clawdeen touched her. She hissed as Clawdeen snarled back. Just as the werewolf was about to pounce, Frankie held her back.

"Frankie let me go!" Clawdeen growled as she struggled against the other girl's hold, but Abbey was also helping her. Toralei's ears laid back and she hissed as she jumped over the bar table. I'm going to drown you kitty. Clawdeen thought as Abbey let her go. She silently growled and sat on one of the stools. Frankie stared at both of them and sighed.

"We're gonna be here for a while so calm down you two." Clawd said as he wrapped his arms around a slightly drunk Draculaura. She hiccupped slightly and giggled as she hugged Clawd.

"Yea ghouls. Since we're gonna be here for a bit, let's make this a voltagious experience. Maybe like a huge slumber party!" Frankie exclaimed. Everyone stared at each other and shrugged.

"Fine, then what do we do first?" asked Clawdeen.

"Let's find some music in the place!" Holt yelled and ran to the radio. He put it on medium as he saw Heath pull out two decks of cards.

"Hey guys, I found a deck of cards. Who wants to play poker?" asked Heath as he shuffled them. Everyone nodded as the guys moved some of the tables together. Everyone sat down as Heath handed the cards to Clawd. He shuffled them again and dealt everyone their cards.

"Question; what going to use and bet on?" asked Abbey.

"How about drinks?" Clawdeen asked.

"Nah. How about dares?" Cleo stated.

"No, let's play strip poker!" said Holt with a grin.

"How about all three!" said Draculaura as she drank from her glass.

"Clawd! I thought you took that away from her!" Clawdeen yelled as she took the glass away from Draculaura.

"I did! She got another one from the bar!" he exclaimed.

"So let's play all three?" Draculaura asked.

"Fine. Those lower then flush are the losers and losers have to draw from the hat." Clawd explained. "There are three ways to do this. If you get someone's name, you have to kiss them. Or you could get a slip that says drink. The last is which item you'll take off. When you see your paper put it back in the hat." A small hat already had the pieces of paper inside it.

Everyone looked at each other and slowly nodded. Why do I think I'm going to regret this? Clawd thought. Everyone's eyes shifted from their cards and to each other.

Dammit! A straight. Clawdeen thought.

Sweet a full house! thought Clawd and Deuce.

Lagoona and Abbey nodded at their cards as Cleo thought, Thank Ra, a flush.

Frankie looked a bit confused by her cards but nodded. Draculaura seemed happy by her cards.

Grr, three of a kind. Toralei thought.

Sweet, a flush. Gil thought as he stared at his cards.

Three of a kind. thought Jinafire.

Yay! Four of a kind! Skelita thought happily.

Aw man, two pairs. Heath thought.

Two pairs. Holt thought.

Everyone sat their cards down and saw the others. Everyone looked at Clawdeen, Jinafire, Toralei, Heath and Holt. Clawd handed the hat to Clawdeen. She drew from the hat, looked at the paper and dropped it back in. Take off jacket… great. Clawdeen thought as she got up and took off her jacket.

She handed the hat to Jinafire. The Chinese dragon looked at the paper that said, 'take off your shoes.' Hmm easy enough. she thought as she took them off and then handed the hat to Toralei.

The werecat took a piece of paper and looked at it. Her eyes widen in shock. It just said 'Clawdeen' and nothing else. I have to kiss her? Toralei thought as she stared at Clawdeen. She started to blush at the thought. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she had developed a huge crush on the furry fashionista a while back. Toralei took a deep breath and walked over to Clawdeen.

"Hey Clawdeen?" she said.

"Yea Toralei?" Clawdeen replied as she looked at the orange werecat. Toralei swished her tail back and forth nervously.

"Think nothing of this." was all Toralei said as she kissed her. Toralei was surprised Clawdeen didn't push her away, but what surprised her more was feeling her arms wrap around her neck. She would've purrferred to stay like that the whole time but she remembered that people were watching. The orange furred girl broke the kiss and quickly walked back without looking at Clawdeen. She handed the hat to Holt and looked at the table, but in the corner of her eyes she was staring at Clawdeen.

The furry fashionista looked slightly shocked at what happened and thought, Toralei kissed me and it felt so right… Wait! Did I just think that?! About my enemy! Clawdeen looked at Toralei and couldn't help staring at the werecat. She smiled a bit but looked back at her cards. She heard Clawd mumble something to Draculaura and saw the pinkette nod. She also heard something about Heath having to drink two bottles of gin and Holt having to do drink three.

"So another round?" Clawd asked. Everyone nodded and handed their decks to him. He shuffled them and handed them their cards.

Jinafire stared at her given cards. Again a straight. she thought and set her deck down. She looked at the hat and wondered what she had to do next.

Dammit, a pair? Clawd thought. Cleo and Abbey smiled at their deck. Deuce sighed in relief and leaned back in his seat.

Yes! A flush! thought Heath with a smile.

Draculaura stared at her cards and shrugged as she took another sip of her drink. Looks like I got two pairs. she thought.

Sweet a flush! Gil thought and looked at Lagoona. She shrugged and sat her cards down. Holt smirked at his cards and shrugged as he took a drink from his bottle of gin. Skelita smiled as she saw she still had a four of a kind.

Frankie just stared at her cards trying to remember what she has. There are all in order but not the same… Oh yea a straight! she thought. Clawdeen and Toralei smirked at their cards. Everyone sat their cards down and either drank or ate something.

Heath gave Jinafire the hat, but not without saying something stupid, which he got slapped for. She read the slip, which said 'take off shirt.' She felt her cheeks grow warm and looked at Skelita (who was sitting next to her). She handed the hat to Holt and waited till everyone got their turn. Holt again had to drink three bottles of beer, Draculaura had to take off her shoes, Clawd had to drink two bottles of beer, Frankie also had to take off her shoes and Lagoona had to take off her jacket.

When Jinafire saw everyone was done, she took a deep breath and slipped off her dress, revealing a jade green, lacy bra and matching underwear. She felt her cheeks grow warm as everyone kept staring at her. Her blush brightened when she saw Skelita staring at her.

Ella es hermosa. Skelita thought with a blush as she stared at her best friend.

Woah, she's flaming hot. Heath thought as he stared. That is until Abbey stepped on his foot.

"Come on, another round!" Holt and Heath exclaimed excitedly. Clawd mumbled something and shuffled the cards again.

Jinafire smiled and silently sighed in relief at her cards. Clawd smiled at his deck and took another sip from Draculaura's drink. Said vegan vampire was half drunk and leaning against Clawd so she didn't notice either way. Holt was somehow holding his liquor and still smiling.

Deuce stared at his cards and thought, Hope it's a drink. Cleo smiled at her deck and took a drink. Abbey smile faltered as she saw her deck. Heath smiled at his deck, but from the corner of his eye, he was still staring at Jinafire. Frankie nodded at her deck and took a drink of her beverage. Gil smiled at his deck, but in the corner of his eye kept staring at Lagoona. Lagoona frowned at her cards but then shrugged at it.

Clawdeen looked at her cards but her mind was still thinking about Toralei's kiss and she was trying not to stare at Jinafire's body. She sighed and thought, Being les is much harder than some people think. Toralei growled at her cards as she saw she had none. Clawdeen's ears twitched as she heard the growl. The werewolf looked down and saw she had a flush.

Everyone stared at each other as they set the cards down. Jinafire handed Deuce the hat. Deuce pulled out '3 drinks' and handed Abbey the hat as he drank two beers.

Abbey stared at the piece that read, 'Heath'. I have to kiss him? she thought as she stared at him. She shrugged as a light blush formed on her cheeks. Why do I feel warm? She thought as she tapped Heath's shoulder; she had to get his attention since he was busy staring at Jinafire again.

He quickly looked up and blushed as he saw how close Abbey was to him. What surprised him more was Abbey actually kissing him. There was some applauses and catcalls in the background. Maybe a minute or two later, Abbey broke the kiss and sat back down. Heath had a huge grin plastered on his face and thought, Wow, now I'm wonder which ghoul will spark up the heat more. This also brought a small smile to Abbey's face as she saw Heath staring at her from the corner of her eye.

Abbey handed the hat to Toralei as the kitten took a beer from the barkeep. Toralei's eyes widened at the piece of paper. 'Take off shirt' was what the little note said. Toralei shrugged off her jacket and then took a quick look at Clawdeen. She slipped off the shirt, which revealed a black bra with paw prints. Her flat stomach slightly covered with scars. Toralei winced and thought, Hope they won't notice those. Toralei forced herself not to blush as she saw everyone watching her as they did Jinafire and slipped her jacket on, leaving it open. She handed the hat to Lagoona and felt herself blush as she saw Clawdeen staring at her.

For a cat she is fucking beautiful. Clawdeen thought as she stared at her. She looked closely and saw the scars. What happened to her? She couldn't help but stare at Toralei's chest as her eyes traveled lower. She gulped as she felt herself grow wet but ignored it.

She is fine but… Clawd thought, but trailed off as he stared at Draculaura. Lala is probably hotter.

Lagoona chuckled as she felt Gil tickle her again. While everyone was staring at Toralei, Gil and Lagoona were busy flirting with each other. Lagoona drew and read 'remove shoes'. She chuckled and kicked them off. Gil smiled and stared into her emerald eyes.

"I love your eyes; they're so beautiful." Gil whispered to her with a grin. Lagoona blushed and leaned against him, a smile dancing on both of their faces.

"Hey, can we just play stripper poker? That's more fun than this right now!" Holt exclaimed as he stared at Frankie. Everyone looked at each other and then at Toralei and Jinafire. The guys grinned at the idea. Some of the ghouls looked uncertain, but were excited to see their boyfriends naked so they agreed.

"Then can we put our clothes back on?" asked Jinafire.

"No!" Heath and Holt said.

"Hey, then that would be no fair to us!" said Clawdeen.

"Let's make it fair to those who already had their clothes taken." Clawd looked at the ghouls "You'll have to lose three times then you'll strip understand?" The ghouls looked at each other and nodded.

"Then let's begin STRIPPER POKER!" Holt yelled.

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