A/N: Shuffle, guys, I'm sorry. It's been awhile since I've updated, ain't it? Well, I just wanted y'all to know that this is probably going to be the last chapter to this since I can't update as often (I'm on break right now is the only reason I'm even on) since math sucks this year…. Yeah, really sorry. It's been fun though! I'll be writing more one-shots and stuff eventually and um… yeah, I reckon that's everything.

Dearest Sherlock,

Could you read my jesslock stories? Would you go for her?


Dear Author,

Well, Jawn is the only one for me (Can he read these?!) but I might, as long as she isn't boring…. Send me a link.


Dear Holmes brothers

Admit it. Q is either your brother or... As one fanfic puts it, Sherlock and John's son.

THAT FANFIC EXISTS! And Sherlock, a spoiler alert, Hamish doesn't like it when you interrupt him having sex with James Bond.


Dear Raychie,

I may have to read this fic. I'll get the secret service to get the link for me.


Dear Raychie,

If Hamish doesn't like it, maybe he should quit. And Mycroft, what have I said about the secret service?!


Dear Mr John Watson (aka super cute hedgehog aka love of my life aka second only to Sherly aka Sherlock's future husband - Oh God, you can read my notes?! DELETE!)

AHEM. If you were to choose between Mycroft and Sherlock, whom would you kiss?

Raychie (The scecret Johnlock shipper)

Dear Raychie,

Well, seeing as Mycroft has sent seductive women to kidnap me multiple times, I think I'd pick Sherlock. Plus Mycroft would write it in his diary and the secret service would read it. So, yeah.


Bye, Guys! It's been fun...