I know I know its a bad idea to work on more than one story at a time but a few years ago I found this great DNAngel story and now it seems that either its been deleted or I haven't searched enough but I'm making my version of this story anyway.

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/Dark! I won't ever forget you!/

Daisuke yelled through their mental connection. Dark smiled. The last thought racing through their mind as Dark sealed himself and Krad into the Black Wings being /I won't forget you either Daisuke/ the emotion in the statement not hidden in the least.

Daisuke slept peacefully in his bed. His dreams filled with the last time he'd seen or heard his partner in a week. After Dark had sealed both angels away in the Black Wings their connection had been cut and the redhead hadn't heard from the black angel since.

"Dai! Time to get up! You're going to be late!" Emiko yelled from the kitchen.

Groaning Daisuke rolled over in bed preparing to get out when he felt a body pressing against his. Surprised he threw off his covers only to see a miniture Dark sleeping beside him. He screamed and fell off his bed causing Towa and Emiko to race up the stairs and into his room and the miniture Dark to stir.

"Dai! What happened?" Emiko asked the boy on the floor. Daisuke, unable to say anything from shock simply pointed up at his bed where the miniture Dark had sat up. This in turn caused Emiko to scream, although, unlike her son, who screamed out of shock, her's was more of a squeal. This of course caused miniture Dark to look over at them. Now that they could see him better it was clear that this miniture Dark was really only six years old. Emiko squealed again.

"Oh my god he's soooo cuuute!" This comment of course caused Daisuke, and everyone else in the room, to sweatdrop. The miniature Dark seemed to cower away from the crazy screaming lady.

"But the real question is, how is he here?" Towa mused.

"Forget that, why's he look like he's six?!" Daisuke pointed out.

"Hm, good question Dai. Let's go downstairs and figure this mystery out." Emiko suggested. Daisuke saw no flaw in this plan and simply shrugged, Towa nodded her consent.

"Okay~" Dark said in an incredibly adorable six year old voice, of course causing Emiko to squeal. Yet again.

After a good half hour, the Niwas and Dark were all in the kitchen discussing how the said angel was not sealed away and a six year old no less. Dark, however, was enjoying his new found attention when suddenly the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" Daisuke said jumping up. He was glad for an excuse to be exempted from the conversation for a while. He was glad Dark was back even if it was in six year old form. As Daisuke headed towards the door he couldn't help but notice that Dark was following him like a lost puppy.

When Daisuke opened the door he was surprised to find Satoshi waiting patiently on the other side beside, a rather nervous looking, six year old version of Krad. The second the blonde angel saw Daisuke he cowered behind his blue haired tamer, much to the redhead's surprise. Daisuke opened his mouth to say something but Dark suddenly bolted out from beside him and tackled Krad in a hug.

"Krad!" He said happily.

"Hey Dark!" the said angel cried in surprise. Happily they began playing in the snow, despite the linen clothing they wore.

"You too?" Satoshi asked. Daisuke sweatdropped at his friend's bluntness.

"Yeah, wanna come in?" he asked. Satoshi nodded and Daisuke signaled to Dark to come back inside. Nodding his consent, Dark quickly dragged Krad into the Niwa household.

As the two angels played together everyone else was discussing recent events.

"Why are they suddenly such good friends?" Emiko asked. "What could have happened to make them hate eachother?" Everyone sweatdropped.

"Mrs. Niwa I think the question we should be pondering is why they are not sealed away." Satoshi pointed out. Daisuke looked at the blunette.

"Hiwatari? Are you ok? You look tired." He said worriedly. Satoshi waved him off.

"I'm fine. I just woke at 4 am." He explained, his face saying 'I don't wanna talk about it.'

"Well we should be going to school or we'll be late." Daisuke said. Suddenly a silence fell upon them.

"Yeah, is it ok if Krad stays here?" Satoshi asked. Emiko nodded.

"That's probably the better idea." she said. The boys nodded and headed to the door. The movement was not lost on the angels.

"Daisuki? Where are you going?" Dark asked adorably. Daisuke was slightly confused as to why Dark had called him Daisuki but let it go. After all he was only six at the moment.

"To school. You and Krad stay here ok?" Daisuke said kindly. Krad, who was flustered at having a stranger know his name, spoke up.

"When will you be back Satoshi-sama?" He asked. Daisuke held his composure, despite wanting to laugh at the maturity difference, as Satoshi answered.

"In about seven hours." He said nonchalantly. Dark pouted.

"But that's so long! I don't want Daisuki to be gone for that long!" he said.

"You can play with Krad, ok? It won't be that long if you don't think about it." Daisuke said sweatdropping.

"Why can't we come?" Krad asked suddenly.

"Because you're too young." Daisuke interjected quickly, successfully interrupting his blunt blunette friend. "Be good 'kay? We'll be back soon, and Dark, don't pester Krad if he wants to sleep he's been up since 4." he called over his shoulder. Krad suddered at the Niwa's knowledge of when he woke up.

Not too soon after the wing hosts had left Krad had fallen asleep on the couch in Daisuke's room. Seeing the blonde angel shiver in his sleep Dark brought out a blanket from Daisuke's closet and draped it over his friend. Snuggling in beside him Dark too fell asleep.

Hope it wasn't too bad. Any way I think I might do the next chapter in first person just 'cause I'm not very good at 3rd person.