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Losing someone close changes a person. Losing the most important person in one's life greatly changes a person. For some, it breaks them. For others, it makes them hard. For Alex, it made him cold.

Chapter One

Starting over is always difficult to do. A person can go to a new school, to a new city, or even a new country but their past will never leave them. No matter how hard they try to put it behind themselves people will never be able to walk away from their past's. Even for a former spy. Especially for a former spy.

In a quiet suburban city in the San Francisco Bay Area the sun begins to rise. The fog covers the city in its thin, grey mist. The birds begin to chirp. Only a handful of people are awake this early, the poor souls who make the early morning commute and a teenager, who should be asleep still like all normal teens. But this one is far from normal. Alex Rider would never be normal.

Alex awoke to the sound of the birds calling with the first light of day as he always has. He slides quickly out of his bed and silently goes about getting dressed. After tying his shoes, he slips down the stairs and out the house. With a breath of the cold misty air he starts of. At first, with a light jog speeding until the rest of the world was a blur, his mind focused solely on the pounding of his feet on the pavement.

After his daily run, Alex returned home to prepare for the rest of his day. After a quick shower and changing into clean clothes, the rest of the household began to stir. Alex made his way back down the stairs and into the kitchen. It was modern, with stainless steal appliances, granite counter-tops, and wooden cabinets. The house had been remodeled using the money Alex had been given the year before as an apology. Money cannot fix the past, only improve the present. While Alex had been recalling the past, he had begun making breakfast for himself and the Pleasures. Soon after he started living with the Pleasures, Alex had started to cook breakfast almost every day to show his gratitude to them for taking him into their family. Alex knew it was unnecessary, but he felt indebted to them.

The creak of the staircase brought him out of his thoughts. "Good morning, Mrs. Pleasure. How did you sleep?"

"Alex how do you always know it's me?"

"You are the only other person up at this hour."

"Well I that's true I suppose. Alex let me help you finish up with that."

"Thank-you Mrs. Pleasure."

"Alex, how many times do I need to tell you to call me Liz?"

"Is that breakfast I smell?" called Mr. Pleasure as he walked into the room.

"What else would it be Mr. Pleasure?"

"Alex, you're up early."

"Same time as always Mr. Pleasure."

"I suppose that is true. Now, where is Sabina?"

"Someone call my name?" asked Sabina as she walked down the stairs.

"Now that everyone is here let's eat." said Alex as he finished setting the table.

This was just a very big filler chapter. It will get better. Hopefully you enjoyed that.