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Chapter Two

School never was something Alex enjoyed. He liked it even less after Ian's death. All of the obnoxious teenagers and the biased teachers irked him. He detested their petty problems and envied their protected lives. They never were afraid of not living to see another day. They think that they are too young to die. But you're never too young to die. Alex was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of the first bell. He hurried to first period, getting into his seat as the second bell rang.

The day continued an incident until lunch. It had started innocently enough, Alex had been walking to where he would meet Sabina and her friends for lunch. He was running a little behind and decided to take a shortcut to regain his lost time. It went around the back of the school far from the crowds of students having their lunches. He was surprised when he saw some of the jocks back there. His curiosity got the better of him and he decided to investigate. The populars are never back here. When Alex got closer he heard someone calling for help. Now what are they doing? Alex could hear them around the corner. He decided against planing and just decided to walk up and see what they were doing.

"Please, give it back!"

Doesn't sound very innocent. With that thought, Alex turned the corner and immediately assessed the situation. There were five of the jocks surrounding a scrawny kid. The jocks were all on the school's football team. Everyone on it was an ass but the team was good so the teachers tended to turn a blind eye to them. The scrawny kid looked like the average nerd (or was it geek?) He wore glasses, tucked his shirt in, and foolishly took a computer to school. The jock that looked like the others' leader was holding the kid's computer away from him. Now this isn't stereotypical at all.

"Hey! What are you doing?" yelled Alex, announcing his presence.

"That's none of your business." stated jock one, who, Alex noticed, had short brown hair, and a build of a linebacker.

"And if I make it mine..." replied Alex coolly.

"Then we'll be having a problem with you." answered the leader. He had light brown hair, stood a bit taller than Alex, who was about 6' 0" last time he checked, at about 6' 3", and was muscular. He looked like Jake Young, the school's varsity quarterback. But it might not be so he'll just be called the leader for now.

"Is that supposed to scare me?" challenged Alex.

"Yes, it should." responded jock two. He had back hair and was slightly shorter than Alex.

"Well, it doesn't, so give the kid his computer back." demanded Alex.

"And how are you planning on making that happen?" questioned the leader.

Alex simply answered, "Since asking nicely didn't work, and there are no teachers around, I was thinking of giving you and your goons a beating."

The jocks laughed at this. The fourth jock mocked, "It's five on one, who do you think is the one getting beaten?"

Alex wasted no time with a response, instead he started attacking the jock closest to him. He was so surprised that he didn't even move. Alex's fist connected with his jaw, snapping his head back. He crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Alex moved on to the next jock, slamming his elbow into his gut. The jock doubled over and Alex slammed both of his temples knocking him unconscious as well. Alex turned to face the remaining jocks and barely avoided the fist that came flying towards his face. I should have seen that coming. I'm getting rusty. It was the leader of the jocks that threw the punch. Alex analyzed his stance. His posture suggested he had some formal training, he seemed undaunted by his friends unconscious on the ground, which suggested that he was no stranger to fights. This might be interesting.

"You going to make a move or are you going to stand there all day?" taunted Alex. The leader threw a strong punch that he easily dodged. "Is that the best you got? I've seen girls that can throw a better punch better than you." The leader scowled and attacked again. This time Alex countered. He grabbed the leader's arm, twisted violently, and then pinned it behind the leader's back. "You're going to pick up your friends and leave here. You will never speak of this to anyone or we will be having a problem. Do you understand?" spoke Alex, his voice full of ice.

"Crystal." the leader replied, pain evident in his voice.

"Good. Now leave." Alex stated, shoving the leader away.

The jocks picked up their friends and scampered off. Alex turned to the person they had been harassing. "Hey, I'm Alex, are you okay?"

The boy looked up at Alex, his voice shaky, "I'm fine now, thanks. My name is Edward. Alex, I owe you one for getting Jake and his goons. If you ever need something related to computers, like if someone hacks your account, I'm your man. Even if I can't do it, I'll know someone who can. Thanks again dude."

"Edward it wasn't a problem, I hate bullies. So I take care of them. I'll see you later."

With that Alex turned around and began to walk away. He glanced at his watch. The fight had taken only about five minutes. Unfortunately he didn't have five minutes to spare. Crap! I'm late! Sabina is going to kill me!

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