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Sabina was starting to get worried. Alex was usually a punctual person, he was almost never late. So when he was ten minutes late and hadn't told her anything. Had something from his past caught up with him? Had he been hurt, was he captured, or worse! Calm down Sabina, Alex is fine. He is probably just running late and forgot to tell you. But Alex never was late, so something must have happened. Relax Sabina, even if something happened Alex can take care of himself. Well if something did come up Alex would not be showing up anytime soon, so there would be no point in waiting for him any longer. Her phone rang from her purse. Crap, I forgot to put it on vibrate. She grabbed her phone to see who texted her.

From Alex, "Something came up. See you soon."

Sabina quickly responded, "Ok, see you soon."

Alex enjoyed running. Especially when he was not running for his life. The pounding of his feet against the ground in a steady rhythm always relaxed him. Unfortunately for him, he was running for his life at this moment, at least in a figurative sense. Showing up late to a meeting with Sabina was never good. Alex shuddered, recalling the last time he was late. Honestly, couldn't it wait until we got home? What was so important that it had to be done at school? Alex brought himself out of his thoughts when he saw Sabina sitting on top of a table facing away from him. Alex slowed to a walk and slowly crept behind her. I hope I don't regret this, he thought while smirking to himself.

"Alex, don't try anything I know you're there."

"How did you know it was me?"

"I didn't I just guessed."

"Well you caught me. So, what did you want of me, oh wise one?"

"I wanted to tell you that I was running for class president!" Sabina exclaimed and looked at Alex expectantly.

Alex stared at her blankly, "Couldn't this have waited until we were home?"

"Well yes, but I just decided today and wanted to tell you as soon as possible."


"Because I felt like it, that's why. And I wanted to know if you would be my campaign manager."

"Sure, I'll help you win. I have one question though..."

"What is it?"

"How far are you willing to go to win?"

"Anything and everything that is legal."

"How far are you willing to let me go?"

"Whatever you need to do, as long as you don't get caught."

"You really want to win, don't you Sabina."

"Considering who my opponent is I do."

"Who is it?"


"The plastic popular girl or the fat one?"

"Which do you think?" Sabina replied the sarcasm evident in her voice.

"Kathleen Greene, the plastic queen."

"Wow, you're already working on slandering her name."

"I'm a fast worker. When did you get so devious?"

"I learned it from the best." Sabina stated with a smile.

"And who would that be?" Alex questioned playfully.

"Who do you think it is?" remarked Sabina.

"Oh, I don't know. I would say it is me, but that would be very narcissistic."

"I don't think it is narcissism if it is true."

Alex leaned in and gave Sabina a quick kiss. "In that case, yes, you did learn from the best."

Hopefully you enjoyed Sabina's point of view in the beginning of this chapter. For all of you reader's, Alex and Sabina are together but their relationship will not be a big part in this story. Also if any of you can think of a better title or summary as the story goes on, please send it to me. Hasta luego. (that's Spanish for see you later if I remember correctly.)

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