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"The best argument against a democracy is a five minute talk with the average voter."

-Winston Churchill

When Alex had come to America he was exposed to many new things. Some he liked, others he detested. Many he was surprised to find that he enjoyed. One of which was politics. He learned many of the ins and outs of politics from Edward Pleasure, who from his reporting had been exposed to many politicians and their political views and most importantly in his opinion, their methods.

"You see Alex, in politics it doesn't matter who is truly right because both sides are usually wrong in some way or another. All that matters is who can get the most funding so they can make themselves look good or their cause look right and so they can make their opponent look bad or show the bad in the opposing cause."

"You're telling me that with careful planning, an extreme sum of money, and a bit of luck a random person from the street could be made into a the next president?"

"You forgot the secret deals make in back rooms far away from prying eyes."

"You're making all politicians sound evil."

"They are in a sense of the word. The only people that are worse are the actual criminals. the only reason politicians are not criminals is because they make sure to not pass laws that would incriminate themselves. They also abuse diplomatic immunity."

"I wish I had diplomatic immunity."

"I'm sure you would have."

Being Sabina's campaign manager would be nothing he couldn't handle, but he did have his work cut out for him. Sabina's opponent, being who she is already had the advantage. Most of the school would vote for her right now. Lucky for Sabina, Alex knew how to fix that.

Where to begin? There were rumors to spread, signs to be made, stances to be identified, and support to be rallied. I'll start with the rumors, they'll take some time to spread. Alex walked over to his friend Max's locker. Max was a lean and wiry boy who was about 5' 10". His brown hair was long and had the type of swirl that didn't go away, ever. According to Max's girlfriend, Megan, his eyes were the color of milk chocolate. According to Alex they were just brown. He was the type of person that was accepted in almost all social circles. He was also very capable at uncovering secrets. Luckily for those whose secrets he finds out, he is also known for being able to keep a secret. Which is why when he spread rumors, they were generally believed and tended to spread like wildfire. He also owed Alex for a "favor" Alex took care of for him and he was about to cash in for the favor he was owed.

After weaving through the maze of students procrastinating on going to their classes and avoiding a few collisions (Could they not watch where they were walking!?), Alex reached Max's locker. Unfortunately for Alex, Max was not there.

Alex swore under his breath. I show up the one time he is not at his f*cking locker.

"Hey Alex, how's it going?" Max called after peeling himself out of the mass of students.

"Speak of the Devil, and the Devil shall appear." Alex muttered under his breath.

"What did you say?" questioned Max.

"Nothing important."

"Well, what if I want to know?"

"What if I don't want to tell you?"

"Fair enough. Now, I doubt you came here to just exchange pleasantries, so what do you want?" spoke Max as he opened his locker to grab his books.

"Meet me in the usual spot during lunch. The bell is going to ring soon."

"So I take it I'll find out later. All right then, was there anything else you wanted?" asked Max as he closed his locker. His question was met with silence. I have to learn how he disappears so quickly all the time. I need to be more aware of when he does that too, I look stupid talking when no one is there.

(line break)

Whenever Alex had meetings his old habits would kick in. He would chose a place suitable for the conversation that was going to happen. For meetings that he didn't want people to find out about, like this one, he chose a place away from most people, and where people couldn't sneak up behind him. While at school, he typically used a table on the backside of the school. He always performed a sweep of the area for anything that was out of the ordinary. This is where his multi purpose gadget came into use. His smartphone had a special mode. While in this mode he could access a bug sweeper, monitor any tracers he had activated, operate any remote controlled gadgets he had, and detonate any of his activated explosives. It also had a contact for a person in the CIA that would help get him out of any situations he couldn't handle on his own. The contact was listed as Samuel, your Uncle. Uncle Sam! Whoever said that spies had no sense of humor. It also had unlimited talk, text, and web free of charge, with coverage almost everywhere. The phone's case was almost indestructible, so it could survive almost anything. With the life that Alex lived, that was one of the more important aspects. It also had the address of the gun range the CIA owned that he frequently visited to brush up on his skills. Going to the gun range had been part of the deal Alex had made with the CIA when he first arrived in America. It was totally worth it for the phone. He pulled himself out of his thoughts when he saw a person approach him out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey Max, you're late." Alex called out to the person approaching him.

"How did you know it was me? And don't tell me 'magic' because I know you have a trick."

"There is no trick, I saw you out of the corner of my eye."

"That's a load of BS right there. You couldn't have been able to know it was me."

"Deductive reasoning. Few people come back here and I had asked you to meet me here."

"So you're saying you just guessed right?"


"I thought so. Anyways what was so important that you wanted to talk with me at lunch?"

"Who do you know that is running for class president?"

"Well Kathleen Greene is for sure and there are bound to be the handful of others that also run. Why do you ask?"

"Do you want Kathleen to win?"

"No, of course not. She is a f*cking b*tch. Why would you think I would want her to win? Although without anyone somewhat well known running against her she will win."

"What if I were to tell you that a suitable candidate were running against her. The candidate in question would need assistance in winning the election. Would you know of any ways to help?"

"Who!? Is it you?"

"No, no it is not me. Without knowing who would you be willing to help?"

"Of course I'll help. Now who am I helping?"

"Sabina Pleasure."

(line break)

I'm surprised Max agreed so readily, I didn't even need to call in the favor he owes me. With him slandering her name and spreading rumors, I just have to take out the other competition and make Sabina look better. I also need to keep tabs on who is voting for who. That will help me know where to put the most effort.

"¡Alex! ¿Dónde está su tarea? (Alex! Where is your homework?)

"Lo siento. La olivdé en mi casillero. ¿Puedo recuperarlo? (I'm sorry. I forgot it in my locker. May I retrieve it?)

"Sí, pero regresa rapido." (Yes, but return quickly.)

Alex got up and walked out the door. How did I forget to grab my homework? I am focusing a bit too much on the campaign. I think I'll work a bit on it after school today and just focus on getting through the waste of time that is school. Alex sighed and then opened his locker. Why am I even taking Spanish? I'm already fluent in the language. Alex sighed again and walked back into his Spanish class.

I kept my promise. This chapter was more than 1k words. And that is not including my author's note. Hope you guys enjoyed that Spanish, it was part Google Translate and part three year of Spanish in school.

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