"yay i love cotton candi" yelled the perky red head commonly known as cat

"would you put a sock in it im watching something" said the bossy blonde refered to as sam

"what are you watching" whispered cat

"its something about big time rush being hunted and no one can find them" she smirked

"oh no not my favorite band!"


"the last thing Kendall knight said before being dragged into the woods by a hooded figure was 'hey im shouldn't be out here i gotta find the guys ...wait wheres lucy... luc-' and then he was gone and that's all we have today on l.a. news at 9:00.

"oh my gosh" sam said busting out laughing.

"this isn't funney the hottest guys in the world are missing and your just laughing"

"can it theres nothing we can do" sam said.

"i want pie"

" to be continued-"