Sam, and the four boys sat alone in their home. Sam had attempted to walk out the front door mere moments before the earthquake that left her living room in shambles. She saw that they were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. An odd fear bubbled in her stomach and she closed the door slowly.

"the world is nothing to us now." Sam sighed from her seated position. "we need to give him carlos."


"his demon."

This was a question of reality versus mental state. It could have been just a dramatic nightmare that occured from the traumas of the past or perhaps a being unknown to them had truly abducted cat and lucy.

They had no clue what they were in for.

The lights went out next. The room went silent.

Sam shifted feeling the grass beneath her fingers. They were in that world. The one she had never seen but new everything about. Kendall, Carlos, James, and Logan had been here before. Luckily no one got hurt but this time they couldnt be so sure.

"carlos." The whisper filled his ears. He rounded a corner of the maze.

"youve upgraded from the last time we met."

"as have you carlos."

He followed the voice to a clearing. There he feasted his eyes upon the true horrors of what was his friends. Jo, Lucy, Katie, Mama knight, The jennifers, and cat all hung before him on crosses. their toes lining up with his nose. James was still alive and chained up behind them with a muzzle over his face.

"Come on now carlos lets play."

"will you give it a rest? youve been chasing me for years. i didnt cheat death i just came into the world."

"i have orders. now will you defeat me once and for all or... will i get what ive always required."

The figure took form looking exactly like carlos. Carlos backed away in confusion. He then took a blade and cut a gash across his face in an attempt to be able to tell the difference but as he did so the other boy gained a gash as well.

The two of them brawled. The struck eachother with several tools found across the glade of the maze but each time they both only rose stronger.

Sam found herself alone. seeing her best friend dead and her roomates as well. She watched as carlos faught. She picked up the hatchet and dove colliding with carlos` head. He hit the ground and the glade transformed into their living room. Cat was bleeding out on the couch. kendall and logan were hung up on the wall. Lucy was dead on the kitchen floor. Carlos was right next to her. James crying in the corner tied up. She went over and untied them.

The two of them walked out of there and decided never to return to the subject. The moved as far away from california as they could cope to a big cheap house in the middle of north carolina. The two of them changed their names to shelby and matt in order to have a fresh start telling everyone it was a gang initiation and the loss of sams child that drove them to move closer to james family, his mother and sister lived there his sister was a cop and his mother wasnt really good for anything.

shortly after moving in the moon became red and sam found herself in the bathroom looking at herself. Her reflection began to talk.

"You cant forget... Do you even understand the ending? Carlos was supposed to have a brother. me. But he didnt because of the airplane. in the rush she lost the first baby... i never got a chance. you killing him ended his suffering but started yours. your sister in law is out looking for flora. kill her husband before he gets off the property."

She did so, she also killed every person involved in the roanoke story including james. Then she moved for a final time changing her name to billie dean howard and becoming a medium.