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Katniss POV-


I brought up my arm from the warm comfortable covers of my bed and slammed my hand down on my alarm. I lifted my head up groggily, noticing the birds chirping from outside and the tiny bit of sunlight peeking through my curtains. Groaning sleepily, I dragged myself out of bed and managed to get changed, fix my hair and apply my makeup, all in under a half hour.

Before I exited my room, I grabbed my phone from my desk and decided to text Cato. Grasping the slip of paper holding those ten digits, I punched the numbers in, labeling the conversation under 'Cato' and started with a simple 'Hey :)'.

Slipping my phone into the right, back pocket of my shorts, I made my way down the stairs. As soon as I had left my room, I could smell the pancakes baking, and my mother singing to her music.

As I reached the kitchen, I found my mother dancing and singing to a blaring 'Taylor Swift' as she flipped a pancake into the air. The pancake landed back in the pan my mother held and I walked up to her music player, hitting the pause button.

"What are you doing?" I asked tiredly. "It's seven in the morning, and you're dancing around with the energy of a flipping five year old. How the hell are you so perky?"

My mom sent me a smirk and stated, holding a finger in the air, "It's called coffee. You should try it sometime."

"Ew." I muttered as I sat down at the kitchen table, pulling my phone out again, and seeing that Cato had texted back: 'Morning :)'

As I replied with a 'What's up?', my mom switched her music back on, and Prim appeared at the table, taking her seat across from me, and glancing at mom nervously.

"Do you think she's okay? Did someone give her an energy drink or something?"

"Don't ask me these things. I don't have a clue." I mumbled, waiting for Cato's reply.

Two plates of deliciously smelling pancakes were placed in front of Prim and I. Taking a glance at them over my phone I found that they were chocolate chip. Mmm, my favourite.

I turned my phone off and placed it on the table, digging in to my breakfast.

After I finished, I thanked my mother and grabbed my bag, walking out the door. Once I had left the threshold, I felt a cool breeze in the air, and was glad that I decided to wear my baggy 'Simple Plan' hoody over top of my teal blue v-neck. I was also wearing a pair of bleached white, and pre-ripped short shorts, along with some black Toms, and my hair in its usual braid. I crossed my lawn, and spotted Peeta making his way towards me.

"Hey," I said, as reached me. We started to walk to school when I felt my butt vibrating.

"Hey," Peeta replied and laughed as I jumped from the vibration and I pulled out my phone.

'Texting u ;)' Cato said. I smirked, how cheesy.

'Lol never would've guessed ;)' I replied, then turned my attention back to Peeta.

"Who are you texting?" Peeta asked, as we crossed the street.

"Cato," I stated and smiled.

Once we reached our destination, Peeta and I headed to our lockers. I grabbed my Math and Biology textbooks, while Peeta grabbed his Math and History.

As we reached the Math class, we took our seats at the back of the class again. Sitting down beside Cato, I said, "Hey."

"Hey." He replied, smiling. I returned the gesture.

Mrs. Portia entered the room and we started on some Math equations.

Something landed in front of my paper halfway through the class. A note.

I smirked at Cato and opened it up slowly, trying my best to avoid creating a crinkling sound.

"I hate Math" Smiling I scrawled a reply on the little piece of paper, "Apparently we're twins ;)" and handed it back to him.

The wrest of the class went by, with Cato and I passing notes back and forth. Mrs. Portia eyed us suspiciously a couple times, but we stopped and tried to befriend innocence every time.

Together, we walked down the halls of the school to our next class, Biology.

"Okay," I started once we sat down, "I wrote down the Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials and Safety. I need you to write the Procedure, Data and Conclusion."

Cato nodded at me, and started writing down notes in his notebook.

"And I bought some of the materials for the model too. They're in my locker so I can bring them to your house after school." I brushed a strand of stray behind my ear and paused looking up at Cato, to find him staring at me with something I couldn't quite read on his face. "What?"

"Nothing..." He muttered slowly, still staring at me.

"Cato?" I snapped my fingers in front of his face.

Cato shook his head, "Oh, sorry."

I decided not to push him about it, so I just continued on with what I was saying.

Grabbing a taco and juice box, I made my way to the Career table with Cato trailing closely behind me.

"Yo guys." Stated Cato from behind me and he took his seat. Today I sat between Cato and Glimmer.

"Hey," They all replied in unison.

All of a sudden we heard a locker rattle, as if someone had hit it. Everyone's had turned in the direction of the noise, but I was the only who made a move about it. I stood up and everyone's eyes were on me as I ran out of the room. Exiting the cafeteria, I found a big muscular guy with blonde hair holding someone by the collar of their shirt, against the locker. He didn't look happy. The guy hadn't noticed me standing there yet and shook the other violently against the lockers, "Give me your lunch money, you little twerp."

The other guy, much smaller and fragile than him looked frantically around for some help and when he spotted me, gave me a pair of pleading eyes. I stepped into the fight.

Walking up to the larger one, I grabbed his arm and stated firmly, "Hey, it's not nice to beat up a kid for lunch money. If you want to buy food, why not earn the money yourself." He let go and the smaller boy fell to the floor, sending me a silent 'thank you' and scrambled down the hall.

The guy started to advance on me and I slowly backed away until my own body was up against the lockers.

"And what's a pretty lady like yourself, going to do about it?" His breath was hot against my neck.

I was squirming as he grabbed hold of my wrists, and I shut my eyes tightly closed. I heard a yell, and opened my eyes to see a fuming Cato. I kneed the guy in the groin and he staggered backwards, groaning in pain.

Cato went up to him and shoved him against a locker as if he were a feather, "You leave her alone. You hear me?"

The guy nodded and glared at Cato. Cato released him and I watched as he stalked off.

"You okay?" He asked, looking down at me with eyes full of concern.

"Yeah," I nodded, rubbing my wrists.

"What happened?" Cato asked, curiously.

"I stopped him from beating up a kid for his lunch money." I quickly explained as we walked back into the cafeteria, everyone's eyes following us.

"Pretty brave to be standing up to Gloss, you know? He's the bully of the school. No one messes with him." Cato explained.

Nodding, I replied, "Well, it's time for people to stand up for themselves and others."

We sat down at the table again and Cato repeated my story and what happened afterwards to the questioning Careers.

Soon enough, the school day had ended and I found myself walking with Cato to his house. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Cato glancing at me every so often. I started to make small talk, to ease the tension hanging in the air, and soon noticed we had reached his house.

Not to mention, it was a pretty big house. I entered the threshold, and looked around. His walls were a chesnut brown colour with family pictures hanging everywhere. The ceilings were high and there was a spiral staircase in the middle of the room. We made our way up the stairs and down the hall to Cato's room. Cato pushed the door open and we entered a room that was not too large, but still bigger than my own. His walls were a dark blue and there was a Queen sized bed up against one with a black and white bed set. In a corner by the windows sat a black desk and beside the door was a white dresser.

We sat on his bed and I brought out my things.

"Let's get to work." I stated, smiling up a him.

About a half hour later, Cato stopped after he glued another piece of material on to our model. I curiously glanced up at him.

"What is it?"

Cato looked at me, "I just had a thought."

"What was it?" I asked, placing my pen down, and sitting straight. I ran my hand through my hair, and scratched at an itch behind my ear.

"What would you do, if you just met a person, but you already had feelings for them? Would you wait a while, or would you make a move?" He waited for my answer.

I twirled a piece of my hair between two of my fingers. "Well, if it was me, I wouldn't want to scare the person away. But if I thought that they might feel the same way about me, then I guess I would make a move. Why?"

Cato sighed in relief, "I was kind of hoping you would say that."

Confused, I gave him a questioning look, but he didn't get a chance to see it, before his lips were on mine.

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