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Katniss POV-

On Monday morning, I parked my car in the school lots and headed inside the building. I found Peeta at his locker, and we headed to Math together.

The day went by pretty fast considering I was so excited for the tryouts taking place this afternoon. I was feeling jittery all morning.

Soon enough, the school day came to a close and I found myself changing into my tryouts outfit with Madge and Glimmer. I chose to wear a pair of black booty shorts that I always use for my dance and gymnastics, along with a pansy purple tank top.

The three of us exited the school together and made our way over to the field where the tryouts were taking place. And luckily it was right beside the football field so we could watch the boys.

I looked around to find that there were plenty of other girls trying out, most of them I had never seen before.

'Hello Ladies, my name is Alma Coin and I will be your Cheeleading couch for those of you who pass the tryouts. Now, first up is Delly Cartwright."

A girl with shoulder length blonde hair and brown strutted to the front of everyone, like she was the best one here.

"Ugh, I hate her. She thinks she's better than everyone else." Glimmer whispered in my ear. "And she has a thing for Peeta." I looked at Glimmer then back to Delly, just in time to see her do a front hand spring.

After Delly had finished, Couch Alma called up Glimmer.

"Wish me luck." She whispered to Madge and I as she squeezed my arm gently.

"Luck!" We called out after her.

I have to admit, Glimmer was amazing. She did multiple impressive moves that require a great amount of flexibility. Once she had finished, she received a loud applause.

"Very well done Glimmer. I must admit, I am impressed." Couch Alma nodded and Glimmer squealed with happiness once she reached us.

Next up was a girl named Corina, followed by Taylor. After Taylor was finished, my name was called. "Katniss Everdeen!"

I took a deep breath and Madge whispered, "Good luck." in my ear. I turned to my smile at her then made my way to the front.

I start off with a high kick, followed by two twirls to the right, then a somersault forward and a backwards walkover. In my routine I also included multiple backwards and forwards flips, more somersaults, twirls, a hand stand, a front hand spring, and I ended with the splits as I held both my hands in the air and smiled. The group was silent. For a moment I was afraid that I had messed up completely, when I saw Couch Alma's face. It pure shock and adoration, she slowly started to clap, then it got faster and faster. Soon everyone was clapping loudly and wildly for me, and I blushed as Coach Alma stated, "Well done, Katniss! I am thoroughly impressed. What you have just shown takes great flexibility, and many years of practice." I nodded and headed back over to Madge and Glimmer who bombarded me with questions.

"Where did you learn to do all that?"

"How long have long have you been practicing?"

I replied with a simple, "I've been taking dance and gymnastics since I was 5."

"Awesome!" They both replied.

I looked to glance at the guys who were currently at their football tryouts, to notice that every single one of them, including the ones I didn't even know, were staring at me in awe with their mouths open.

"Looks like you've got some admires." Glimmer whispered in my ear and chuckled to herself.

"Yeah..." I replied, slightly confused at why they were staring at me like that.

Suddenly, Madge was called up to perform her routine.

Cato POV-

Everyone was running to the other end of the field chasing after Peeta as he bolted down to the goal post, football in hand. But suddenly, one by one, they all stopped, staring at someone at the Cheerleader's practice. Confused I followed their head movements to see who they were watching.


"Who is that?"

"I call dibs."

"She's hot."

Multiple conversations started up as we all watched.

One of the girls was doing their routine, and may I add: she was amazing. The way her body moved as if in sync with the music she was dancing to. She did multiple things that I would never ever be able to do myself. She was amazing. I heard wolf whistles from my teammates, and a few soon-to-be cheerleaders glanced our way, before drawing their attention back to the magnificent girl before them. The girl turned towards us for a moment and I stood there shocked. It was Katniss. I looked quickly to both my left and right and started to get angry. Everyone, including Marvel, Finnick and Peeta, were staring at Katniss like she was the last slice of pizza.

Once Katniss had finished her routine and returned to her spot between Madge and Glimmer, they all started talking excitedly. After a minute or so, Katniss looked over to us and raised her eyebrows. A couple of the guys coughed awkwardly, and returned to practice. But I just kept staring at her, along with Peeta, Josh and Lucas. Glimmer whispered something in Katniss' ear and smirked at us. Katniss whispered back, slowly. I roughly clapped my hand on each of the three remaining guys' shoulders and said, "Come on, we've got a practice to finish." They each took one more glance at Katniss, and headed back over to the others.

I was trying out for the position of the quarter back, but so was Peeta. Since Peeta had just concluded his turn, Coach Brutus called me up for mine.

I took a deep breath as the wrest of the team lined up. Once the ball was thrown towards me, I caught and bolted it down the field. I jumped over a guy who landed in front of my feet, probably from being tripped, and dodged a punch or two. Soon enough, I had crossed the white line at the end of the field. Coach Brutus clapped loudly.

Once tryouts had finished, we were told that the results would be posted on the bulletin board outside the gym by tomorrow morning. We all nodded, and headed to the change rooms to switch our clothes, and a take showers since we were all sweaty, stinky and gross.

Finnick waved goodbye to Marvel, Peeta and I, then headed off to swim tryouts.

Clove POV-

Johanna and I had just finished our track and field tryouts. Not many had tried out so Coach Enobaria decided to let us know who made the team now, instead of tomorrow.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen. The ten people to make it on the team are: Johanna Mason-."

Johanna fist pumped the air and pulled her arm back, whisper yelling "Yes!"

"-Philip Huisen, Odie Clark, Mylee Brown, Lily West, Clove Furhman-"

"Woo hoo!" I screeched.

"-Logan Riley, Samantha Hurt, Daniel Barns and Bonny Smith." Coach Enobaria finished reading out the names. "Congratulations to those of you who made it, and better luck next year for those of you, who did not. Dismissed." She waved her arm tiredly.

Johanna and I raced each other to the front of the school, where we're supposed to meet the wrest of the girls after tryouts had concluded.

Annie POV-

I had just changed into my bathing suit and was now sitting on the edge of the school pool, letting my feet dangle in the water along with the others trying out for the swim team. I saw Finnick exit the 'Men's' Change room wearing green-ish blue swim trunks. I was wearing a lime green bikini.

Finnick sat beside and me saying 'Hey babe," and gave me a peck on the lips. Soon after, in walked Coach Cecelia. "Good afternoon and welcome to the tryouts for Lakeview's Swim team. There twenty six of you trying out- but only fourteen of you, will make it. Up first, we have Finnick O'dair."

Finnick squeezed my hand and slid gracefully into the pool. I heard a few of the girls sigh, but I tried my best to ignore them.

"Alright Finnick, please show me your breast stroke." the coach stated, grasping her clip board.

Finn nodded and started said action. Once he had reached the end of the pool, the coach called out, "Now please do your front crawl!"

Once Finnick had reached our group once again, Coach Cecelia nodded approvingly and stated, "Very well done, Mr. O'dair."

"Thank you Coach." Finn replied smiling. He may be full of himself, but he's a genuinely kind person.

"Up next, we have Wiress Blue."

Wiress did a great job, and was followed up by Beetee Jones. After Beetee was Mitchell Glass, then me.

"You'll do great." Finnick whispered in my ear as I jumped into the pool, creating a small splash. I performed my Breast Stroke and Front Crawl just like Finnick did, and finished with a smile.

"Great job, Miss Cresta. Flora Bourquin, you're up next." The coach nodded as she scrawled something down on her clipboard.

I took my seat beside Finnick once again, and we started to make little splashes in the water with our feet. Second by second, the crests of the splashes increased, and we found ourselves being scolded by the coach. We kept our faces calm as she spoke to us, but once she turned her back to the current swimmer, we burst out into silent fits of laughter.

After we changed, Finnick and I separated for I was supposed to meet with the girls outside the front of the school, and the boys were meeting somewhere else. Then, we were all going to meet up at the new Pizza Parlour a few blocks down for a celebration of completing our tryouts.

I was the last of us girls to get there. I found Katniss, Glimmer and Madge huddled closely together, whispering amongst themselves and laughing. Johanna and Clove were just sitting around with their headphones in; Johanna was banging her had to her music with her eyes shut closed, while Clove was singing softly to herself as she was texting.

"Hey guys!" I exclaimed as I reached them.

Katniss, Madge and Glimmer immediately silenced and broke apart. "Hey Annie!" They replied in unison.

I saw Katniss sneak a glance at Johanna and Clove, then turned to us and put her finger to her lips, motioning for us to be quiet. The three of us watched curiously as Katniss quietly snuck up behind the two and ripped their ear buds out of their ears, yelling "ANNIE'S HERE!"

Johanna nearly jumped out of her skins as her hands flew up to cover her ears instantly. A moment later, she brought them back down muttering "Jesus Katniss..." Clove slightly jumped, and placed a hand atop of her heart, all the while wearing a expression of startlement.

"Hey Annie." She breathed out.

"Well, now that we're all here, let's get going!" Glimmer exclaimed and we all started making our way to the parking lot.

A question suddenly popped into my mind. "Who here has a car?" I looked around as Katniss' and Glimmer's hand raised into the air.

"Okay, I'll take Annie and Madge. Glimmer you take Johanna and Clove." Katniss stated, gesturing to us all as she spoke our names.

"Okay!" Glimmer chirped back.

Madge and I followed Katniss to her car and our mouths dropped once we reached it.

"This is your car?" Madge asked in disbelief, staring at the shiny red convertible before us.

"Oh, yeah. My mom got a job at the Hospital here, that's why we moved, so she get's good paychecks." Katniss explained.

"Wait, so you're rich?" I questioned, still gaping at her car.

Katniss thought about it a moment, "Yeah, I guess you could say that," she laughed. "Now come on, get in."

"Shot gun!" I called and m=Madge sighed as she climbed into the back, for the roof was already down.

"So where do you live?" Madge asked.

"Oh, I live beside Peeta. We carpool to and from school most of the time, since he doesn't have his driver's license yet."

"You mean the mansion?" I pestered in bewilderment.

"Yep." She replied as we exited the School's parking lot.

"Woah..." Madge and I said together.

Our hair was flying everywhere due to the breezy wind in the air. Once we reached the Pizza Parlour, we had to take a couple minutes to fix our hair before we walked in.

We were the last to arrive and everyone had their mouths open staring out the window, of course, at Katniss' car.

"Nice ride Kat..." Finnick stated, still not averting his eyes from the vehicle.

"Haha, thanks." Katniss said as the three of us sat down at the table. Katniss between Cato and Johanna, Madge between Clove and Peeta, and myself between Finnick and Glimmer.

Katniss POV-

"So what are we ordering?" Madge asked as everyone broke their eye contact from the car and back to each other.

"Let's get three large pizzas. I want the 'Meatza'." Cato said, looking around at everyone else.

We all nodded except Glimmer. "Ew. Sorry, but we're going to have to get a vegetarian. I don't eat meat."

"Okay, how about... cheese or a taco pizza?"

There were six votes for cheese and three votes for taco.

I hailed a waiter over and ordered a large vegetarian, a large cheese, and a large meatza.

"Okay," Marvel started, "So how was everyone's tryouts?"

"Well, I think the football tryouts went pretty good." Peeta stated, and suddenly all the guys glanced at me, but Finnick who was too preoccupied kissing Annie. I raised my eyebrows at them, before they averted their eyes from me, blushing. I chuckled to myself.

"Well Cheerleading went pretty well. Especially Katniss, she was amazing." Glimmer said, and before anyone else could say anything, she continued on, "but you boys would know all about that, wouldn't you?" She smirked at them. Annie and Finnick had broken apart and Finnick, along with the wrest of the boys, were blushing a crimson red while they stared at the table as if it was the most fascinating thing they'd ever laid eyes one.

All of us girls laughed at the guys and Clove and Johanna explained how they already know that they made the team, followed by Finnick and Annie who told us how their swimming tryouts went.

"- and then Coach Cecelia scolded us!" Finnick finished and we all laughed, at the misfits those two get into together.

Soon afterwards, our pizza arrived. We all dug in immediately, everyone grabbing about three or four slices.

Once we finished, we all said good bye and Peeta and I drove home.

"See you tomorrow Peeta." I waved at him, smiling.

"Yeah, bye Katniss." He replied as he climbed his house steps.

I entered my house and grabbed bottle of water from the fridge. I lay down on the couch and turned on the T.V. just as soon as the ringing of the phone sounded through out the house. Prim came running down the stairs, Who is it?"

Curiously, I picked up the phone beside me, "Hel-" I started but cut off.

"Katniss!" An urgent voice yelled through the other end of the phone.

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