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Your annoyance towards him was starting to take its toll on you. You hated him with every fiber of your existence. The way he played his twisted mind-games with you, the way he hurt your friends...

You hated him with everything you had.

Yes, he is Fudou Akio, the very source of your hellish days.

"FUDOU!" You shouted-nearly everyday-with rage showing in your eyes. He had just made one of your best friends cry.

The said man merely smirked at you, walking away with that smug look you hated. He never did stop to talk to you in peace. Whenever he intentionally stopped to talk to you, it was always just to make fun of you or play with your mind-he would always render you speechless. It was always like that, no matter when, or where it is.

"Fudou, I swear I'm going to kill you one of these days." You had said, gritting your teeth.

"Oh, really? Do you think you could keep your promise?" He asked, seemingly testing you, what with his confident smirk and arrogant look.

"...I do!" You answered after a few moments of silence.

"I'll be looking forward to it." Fudou gave you one of his infamous chuckle, which had lit the fears inside more than a hundred student.

You merely stared at him, surprise written all over your he serious or joking?!

...But this is Fudou we're talking about. He must be teasing as usual.

But maybe it's because he's Fudou Akio. You never did understand him. At least, deeper than the fact that he loved torturing you and make other people cry. He was an eccentric young man, his mind would be very hard to decipher with the knowledge you have about him right now.

"Ne, Nao-chan," you called to one of your friends during lunch break. She just so happened to be the person who knew every single rumor in the school. She was almost like an informant-just that her informations isn't really credible-with the information being rumors and all. "Do you know anything about Fudou...?"

Nao choked on her bread. She coughed and you panicked, handing her a glass of water. She drank it, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, "You mean THE infamous Fudou Akio? That jerk?" she asked, just to make sure.

"Yeah..." You replied, unsure whether or not asking her was the right choice.

"Are you insane?! Girl, talking to him would shorten your lifespan!" she said. And although her face was genuinely worried, you couldn't help but to defend the man in question.

He may be a huge jerk, an asshole, but... he's still the person who would always bother you whenever you're sad or lonely.

And that may be, just maybe his way of showing that he cared.

"Don't say that!" You said, half exclaiming, "Fudou was just misunderstood!"

Nao looked at you in surprise, and then her eyes turned to one of understanding, "Ah, I see... so you're falling for the bad boy," she smirked, "I guess it can't be helped."

You immidiately blushed, denying her remark with all your might.

"You can't hide anything from me, [F/N]. I'm a master at these things." she said smugly.

"...But I'm really not-!"

Sure, you sometimes felt your heart skip a beat when you heard him call your name in that way, indicating that he would mess with you-and succeed every time. And then you'd blush when he somewhat praised you, although it was always coated with a few sarcastic remarks. You'd always find yourself staring at his retreating back whenever he walked away.

...But that doesn't mean that you're in love or anything!

"Come on, silly little [F/N]. I don't know much about him, but I've heard a few things. Wanna hear?" Nao asked.

"Yeah," you replied, "Tell me everything."

Nao chuckled at how oblivious you are to your own feelings-though of course, she did this discreetly, unless she wants to taste your wrath. "I heard he's brought up in a... not-so-bright family, you know?" she said, "I think it was along the lines of his father leaving him and his mother. I don't know why, though."

Hearing this, your heart clenched in sadness. So that was it. The reason why he always had that certain melancholic expression on his face, albeit always masking it with that ruthless, smug facade of his...

The reason...

The reason he was always harsh to himself...

...Was so that he wont end up like his father, wasn't it?

It was so that he wouldn't end up like the irresponsible, idiotic father of his...

He had lost himself in that pit of darkness...

You just knew that he's waiting for someone to pull him out of there.

"...Thank you, Nao-chan." you said, smiling at the worried girl. It seems you looked a bit too sad. "Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. I'm going now." You said.

"But you haven't even touched your lunch yet!" Nao said.

"Yeah... I'm going to give it to someone."

Nao sighed, "Alright. Just go, [F/N]."

You smiled gratefully at her.

"Fudou?" You called, "Fudou...?"

You had been looking for him everywhere. Where could he be? You had no slightest idea as to where he could be. His classroom? Library? Highly unlikely. Cafeteria? You were there a few minutes ago, and he wasn't there either.

Then... could he be in the rooftop? But that place was off-limits to students...

Huh. Silly you. Who in their right minds would believe that Fudou Akio go by the rules?

Chuckling, you decided to test your luck.

Bingo. There he is, lying with his eyes closed. His expression looks so serene and peaceful. He's actually... kind of cute. Though it goes without saying that it's weird seeing him vulnurable like this.

Like, really.

You decided not to wake him up from his slumber. You knew that he must be tired.

You sat down beside him, trying your best not to make any sound as you put your bentou box beside him. He stirred, and you almost got a heart attack. Fortunately, he didn't wake up.

"Fudou... Akio..." you thought, looking at him, "You're... so... mysterious."

When you moved your hand, it accidentally brushed with his. Cue you blushing a million shades of red.

That, and Fudou opening his eyes instantly.

"Ah..." You whispered, "I'm-"

And then, Fudou started to laugh. Uncontrollably, at that.

"You should've seen your face!" He said, pointing at you rudely, "It was comedy gold!"

Albeit a little annoyed that he's laughing at your face, you're also quite grateful. He was laughing, after all. It was a real laugh, it came directly from his heart—atleast, you think so.

"What? What are you looking at?" Realizing that you weren't exploding or shouting by now, he stopped laughing. Seeing your soft expression, he eyed you warily. "What are you planning?"

"I'm not planning anything, Fudou." You replied, smiling ever so gently at him. Although a part of you still wanted to smack him hard for that one insult just then.

"Liar." Fudou hissed.

"I'm not." You said as you handed your bentou box to him. He eyed you, and the box, and then back at you in surprise. He still looks somewhat wary, but you've taken it for granted that it would be hard to destroy his walls one by one.

Fudou eyed you once more, and decided to take it. He had not eaten lunch today.

You smiled at him, "Although I still want to beat you up and throw a dynamite at you so you'd explode to smithereens..." you started, "I think... I'm starting to get soft on you."

He didn't know how to respond, so he just eyed you in surprise—while eating your bentou, of course.

"I guess I made you speechless, huh?" You said, "Fudou... you've been through a lot, haven't you?"

Fudou still made no attempt to reply.

"I know now... the reason you've been so hard to yourself... it was because you don't want to end up like your irresponsible father, right?" You saw him opening his mouth, trying to protest. "Ssh... just listen."

He simply stared.

"Fudou, you're not the same as your father." You said, "No matter what happens, you would never turn like him... I know people said that blood never lies, but... in your case, I don't think so."

Fudou looked at you, his expression soften-albeit just a little, it was unnoticeable.

"Heh." His smirk went back full force, "Who do you think I am?"

You eyed him in surprise.

"I'm Fudou Akio. It goes without saying that I wont turn like that useless father of mine," he declared, "I'm Fudou Akio. I'm destined to rule. I'm the strongest."

You could only smile as he bragged on and on, trying to held back the tears that he had been holding back for so long.

You didn't say anything, opting to nod while smiling instead.

He is Fudou Akio, and he wont ever shed a tear infront of a girl.

He is Fudou Akio, and he's not so weak as to needing a shoulder to cry to.

He is Fudou Akio,and he's the King.

He is Fudou Akio, and he's the strongest.

He is Fudou Akio, and you knew, you just knew that he would turn out victorious.

He is Fudou Akio, and you had fallen head over heels for him.

You didn't care even if he doesn't return your feelings. You didn't care.

All that you cared was that you promise that you'll be beside him, supporting him, and be with him in his ups and downs.

All that because you loved the man, Fudou Akio.

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