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Hakuryuu qt.

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Truth be told, you weren't anybody special within the Fifth Sector. You were only one of the huge amount of children taught in God Eden, the place where Fifth Sector trains children and turn them to SEEDs.

It wasn't like you volunteered to go there. Hell, you don't even know why you were brought here in the first place.

You had heard, from one of the nicer instructors, that your parents sold you to Fifth Sector.

That inspector thought you'd cry, yell or get all emotional, but really, you didn't care at all. Why would you? Why would you want to waste your life getting all angry or angsty just because of parents who were willing to sell their own child?

They had nothing to do with you the moment they sent you here, you had always thought. You don't have to concern yourself with them either.

"Hey," You then heard a familiar, low voice. It was full of arrogance and confidence; perhaps nobody in the whole vicinity has the tone quite like this one.

It was none other than Hakuryuu.

"Hakuryuu," You nodded at him, acknowledging his presence, "What can I help you with?"

Hakuryuu scoffed, "You won't stay alive with your personality here."

It was the same words as the one he uttered, right in your face if you may add, when you first came. He was here a lot longer before you, you concluded, what with his arrogance and know-itall tone.

And then, just like the day when you first came, you had said, "Silly White-Hair," You didn't know his name back then-although, truth to be told, you still called him that sometimes-so that was your spontaneous nickname for him, "Personality doesn't matter. What matters is strength and preserverance, am I right?"

And then he chuckled, nodding his head, satisfied, "Indeed," he had replied back then, just as he is right now.

He had said that you were too meek; too nice (although you would've disagree if not for his seemingly praising tone).

You knew Hakuryuu had a point; any and all weak points would be exploited here, and nobody would be able to help as surviving by themselves are already hard enough

However, as logical as the explanation above seemed, you could not help but to develop a soft spot for the white-haired ambitious soccer player who stood in front of you.

It wasn't like he was extraordinarily nice; quite the opposite even. He was also inconsiderate, insensitive, blunt, and, by no means was he a prince or a knight in shining armor. If you had to compare him to something, he'd be an antagonist, really. The dark hero, forgotten and misunderstood, the one who went to the wrong path.

But hey. You couldn't comment on that. It wasn't like you weren't an antagonist either.

"By the way, (F/N)," Hakuryuu said, and you could have swore there was a tint of uncertainty on his voice, "...You..."

"What is it?" You asked, your curiosity effectively piqued.

"I... Never mind." Hakuryuu looked down, almost like he had not wanted to look at you eye to eye.

"...Hakuryuu," You said firmly, as you cupped Hakuryuu's cheeks, forcing them up so his eyes looked at yours, "Talk."

Hakuryuu's confidence never wavers. He never fumbled with his words. He was the Ultimate. And you'd do anything to keep it that way. It wasn't because of anything special, really; it was just that it's really uncanny to see Hakuryuu like that.

"Ah..." Hakuryuu uttered in surprise, as his lips parted as if he was about to say something, but stopped. And then, after a few moments of silence, he said those words, "I... heard about you and your parents... You can talk to me," He said, "If you want to, that is."

And at that time, you swore you were glaring at him. It wasn't on purpose; no, quite the opposite. It was almost reflex. You hated any form of speech talking about your parents.

"Are you kidding me, Hakuryuu? Here I thought you were going to confess to me or something," You said as a sarcastic joke (although, you noticed, Hakuryuu was blushing subtly at this), and then you continued, "I don't care about them. They sold me, Hakuryuu, they sold me to this

horrible place where everything is justified if it's for soccer! They threw me away... like... some rag... d-doll..." You realized that you were holding back your tears, stuttering.

It was strange, almost uncanny that Hakuryuu could broke through your millions of walls just by his words alone. You've never reacted this way no matter who brought it up.

However... Hakuryuu, with his kind eyes-one that you rarely see-and his 'higher-than-thou' demeanor gone whilst talking to you...

Everything was too much to handle.

And then all the emotions you had been struggling to keep in came out, as tears and choked yells of curses and disappointment towards your parents. You didn't care how pathetic you looked, or that some other children might've been in the same predicament as you are; sold by their parents. You hadn't mean to sound egoistic, but you couldn't help it. Hakuryuu doesn't seem to mind. You had cried your heart out, weep pathetically in front of him, and yet he didn't turn around and walk away. Instead, he stepped closer, and put his arms around you, albeit awkwardly, and kissed the top of your head, whilst letting you cry on his chest.

You hadn't stopped crying, fresh tears flowed after Hakuryuu's act. He didn't say anything even when his clothes soak wet with your warm tears.

"...It's okay." You heard him say, slowly and softly.

"H-Hakuryuu..." You choked out, "S-sorry... t-thank you..."

Hakuryuu merely nodded as he leaned down to speak directly to your ear,

"I'll always be here for you... because..."

And when he said those three words of confession, you swore your world brightened.