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It had been one of their more simple plans. Oliver already had an invitation to the charity auction so they hadn't even needed to break in. All Felicity had to do was steal away for a few minutes and download the main hard drive of the host's home computer while Oliver made sure no one interrupter her.


Of course it wasn't. In order for Felicity to even get access to the office where the computer was she'd had to go into the auction on Oliver's arm. As his date.

Oliver hadn't seemed phased by this. Felicity had played off his nonchalance, but inside she was a mess of emotions.

She'd argued with him that it wasn't a good idea. That they'd draw more attention to themselves, especially when he showed up with an unknown woman. Oliver merely dismissed her ramblings and said he was sure she could 'work her magic' on the websites if necessary.

The real reason she didn't want to do it was it was far too close to what she really wanted. She'd been attracted to Oliver from the moment he'd first stepped into her office with his fake grin and lame story. Now that she'd worked at his side for over a year and made it through some of the most intense experiences of her life with him she was full on in love with the man, and she was hopeless to stop it.

She'd never acted on it. As far as she knew Oliver only suspected a crush, if he suspected anything at all.

But now, standing in front of her bathroom mirror as she smoothed the dark green dress over her hips and straightened the straps she didn't know if she could keep up this charade much longer.

She caught her own eyes in the reflection and knew she was an open book right then. Felicity shut her eyes for a long moment. 'Lock it down, Smoak' she thought to herself and focused on her friend feelings for Oliver.

With a sigh she took one last look and grabbed the small clutch where it rested on the counter. It held her phone, a flashdrive, and her lipstick, but that's really all she'd need.

The sleek black BMW was waiting at the curb, Diggle standing by the back door, hands clasped in front of him looking every inch the professional chauffeur.

Felicity gave him a nervous smile. "You're going to do great." he assured her as he opened the door.

She had to admit she had been a bit surprised that Oliver hadn't come to the door himself or hadn't been waiting outside the car, but maybe he intended on playing up the playboy persona tonight. She hadn't expected to find the dark interior empty as she slid across the soft leather seats.

"There was...business." Digg said discretely, "We're going to swing by the club and pick him up."

Felicity nodded distractedly as her brain flew through the possibilities of what could have taken Oliver's attention. As far as she knew there was nothing other than what they were supposed to work on that night that demanded the Hood. It had been a long three months after Merlyn's device had been activated. There was even a point where she hadn't been sure Oliver was even going to continue as the Hood. But slowly he was returning to them.

The man they were trying to take down tonight had connections to Merlyn that Oliver thought needed to see the light of day; and she agreed.

She pulled her phone out as Digg drove across the Glades. There wasn't much she could do on the small device, but she was at least able to access her basic feeds. There didn't seem to be anything important pinging that she could find. A cold thought washed through her as she considered that Oliver and Digg might be hiding something from her.

She was so lost in thought she didn't recognize when the car slowed at the back entrance of the club or when the opposite door opened to allow Oliver to climb in.

It was a hand on her arm that finally jolted her back to the present. She looked over with a start to see him only inches from her. The black tux fit him like a glove and she could still see traces of water around his hairline from where he'd taken a shower.

"Oliver! Sorry, I was...just, thinking about...um tonight, you know." she hurriedly put her phone back in her clutch, fumbling with the clasp.

"You don't need to be nervous. This should be easy." he said with half a smile.

"Right. Easy." she gave a small laugh, and took a deep breath to center herself.

"So, where were you?" she mimed pulling a hood up over her head and he quirked an eyebrow at her before looking at his hands. "Because I didn't think we had anything else going on." she tried to keep the suspicion out of her voice, but she didn't think she was successful.

"I...I heard a robbery in progress come over the police scanner. It was only a couple of blocks away so..." he trailed off, and she couldn't stop the grin that spread across her face.

This was the first non-list related Hood activity he'd done and it made her heart swell.

"Well I guess I can forgive you for not picking me up at my door then." she couldn't hide her pride, and the answering smile she got was worth it.

Headlights from a passing car illuminated his face for a brief second and she saw traces of green paint near his ear that he'd missed. Before she could stop herself she'd licked her thumb and had reached over to begin scrubbing it away.

"You missed some..." she couldn't go on though once it registered with her what she'd just done. "Oh god. I just licked my finger and cleaned your face like you were a little kid. Oh god." her hand was still raised, her thumb still frozen near his temple as the rest of her hand curled around his jawline.

His eyes were locked on hers and she couldn't read his expression.

She let out a small gasp when his had wrapped around hers and lowered it slowly.

"Thanks for looking out for me." he said softly, and she relaxed.

As she settled back in the seat he still hadn't released her hand. She began to draw it back to her lap but his grip tightened.

"Thought I should get used to holding my girlfriend's hand." he said with a smirk, as he emphasized the word 'girlfriend'.

Her stomach flipped so hard it made her breath catch. Felicity looked out the side window as she fought for control. He couldn't know how much his words had affected her.

"You ok with this?" he asked quietly and she didn't know if he meant the hand holding or the entire night ahead of them.

"Yeah," she managed to croak out, hating how shaky she sounded, "Easy, right?" she repeated herself from earlier.

Suddenly the car was fully lit as they slowed to a stop in front of a very large mansion. There was a look on Oliver's face she couldn't place, but before she could question him Digg was opening the door.

Oliver let go of her briefly as he got out and straightened his tie and jacket. She took the hand he extended back into the sedan and exited carefully on shaky knees.

Oliver's hand slid around to rest on her lower back, his thumb brushing a trail of fire across her bare skin. As he leaned in towards her he was close enough that his stubble scraped across her cheek.

"You need to relax or you're going to stick out." he said low, doing nothing to slow her pulse or relax her at all. "And you look very beautiful. Green looks good on you."

His last statement made her breath catch and as he pulled back slightly she could see he'd said it on purpose. The double entendre was intended to shock her, maybe even make her laugh a bit since she said things like that all the time accidentally. And it had worked, as he propelled her forward with slight pressure on her back she took one last centering breath and threw him a slightly coquettish smile, falling into her role as Oliver Queen's newest conquest.

He flashed her his most brilliant playboy grin, but instead of making her knees weak it made her want to roll her eyes. She stepped in closer to him, her shoulder brushing his suit jacket as they walked up the steps.

There were the normal introductions and then mingling with people she didn't know. Oliver made the rounds and she learned the layout of the house, noticing the darkened hallway where she knew the office was located. She'd downed half a glass of champagne quickly to further steady her nerves. She may not be a complete mess any longer, but Oliver's constant touch was enough to drive anyone crazy.

They planned on sneaking off after the cocktail hour, before dinner was served. However, people were wandering everywhere and there was never a good opportunity to make their way down the hall. As the time quickly approached to head into eat she was getting more and more nervous.

The older couple Oliver had been speaking with stepped away and they had a moment of quiet. He pulled her close and leaned down, brushing her hair off her neck as his hands spanned her waist. "We're going to have to go with plan B." he whispered in her ear, making her shiver.

She nodded quickly in an attempt to cover up her reaction. Plan B meant that she'd excuse herself during dinner and do the download. It wasn't the best plan because it meant she'd have no back up, but it seemed like it was the only one they had.

Dinner was horrible. They were placed at a table with three other couples, all of whom were older and had known Oliver's father. One woman in particular kept looking at Felicity with complete disdain and didn't hold back from making passive aggressive comments. It took everything within her to not snap back something snarky about her degree from Stanford and exactly how she could ruin the old bat's very comfortable life if left alone with her husband's bank account for five minutes. Oliver must have noticed the white knuckle grip she had on her dinner fork because he lowered a hand over her knee and rubbed what he must have thought were soothing circles on her sensitive skin.

A flush rose in her chest at his touch and she gulped greedily from her water glass to try and calm herself down. Now seemed like an excellent time to do what they came here for.

Felicity cleared her throat and picked up her clutch. "If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go find the ladies room." she said as evenly as possible.

Oliver rose as well and pulled out her chair. His eyes caught hers as she moved to step around him. She lifted up on her toes and, because it was expected, and because she could, she brushed her lips over his cheek. "It'll be fine." she said so only he could hear.

Her heart pounded now for an entirely different reason as she slipped silently out of the dining room.

The main foyer was round and had multiple hallways leading from it like the spokes of a wheel. She already knew from the blueprints she'd pulled up earlier in the week that the 'spoke' next to the one where the office was had a small powder room. It wouldn't seem that unlikely that she'd gotten a bit lost on the way.

The bar that had been set up during the cocktail hour had already been removed, and every trace of it having been there cleaned up by a seemingly invisible staff. There was one man on security detail at the front door but he was standing outside with his back to the entrance.

Two steps down the darkened hall she winced at the loud click-clack her heels made on the polished marble. Felicity reached down and slipped the shoes off before padding the rest of the way.

When she reached the door she realized her problem. It was locked.

She let out a sigh as her head fell forward to rest against the dark wood. Oliver had assured her the door would be unlocked.

Panic crept in as she studied the obstacle in front of her. If they didn't get this information tonight they'd have to come up with something much more elaborate, and something that would probably involve arrows and blood and people getting hurt.

Felicity crouched down and looked at the door handle. It appeared to be a standard lock, she'd never actually picked a lock before, but maybe it wasn't very difficult.

She reached into her hair and pulled out two of the bobby pins that were holding her elaborate hairstyle in place.

The light was only slightly better down here because a low burning sconce was on the wall next to her, but it was still dim.

She concentrated as she inserted one of the pins and began to feel around. She thought there was something to do with a tumblr and maybe holding it in place while you did something else, but after a few minutes with cold sweat beginning to roll down her back she knew she had no idea what she was doing.

"Need a hand?" a deep voice said from right behind her, and her startled scream was cut off when a palm was clapped firmly over her mouth.

Fear made her lash out, she threw an elbow backwards, her legs kicked out and she wished she still had her heels on.

She was pulled firmly into the body of her attacker, "Felicity it's me!" a harsh whisper finally made it's way to her and she sagged in relief as she realized it was Oliver.

His hand fell from her mouth. She took a ragged breath and turned in his arms. "Don't scare me like that again." she told him

"You were taking a long time, I got worried." he countered.

Felicity forced herself to step back, "The door is locked!" she hissed, as she gestured towards the offending lock.

"Is that all?" he asked calmly and grabbed the handle before shoving it down in one sharp forceful move. She heard a loud click and then the door was being pushed open.

"Showoff," she muttered as she brushed past him, her attention now on what she needed to do.

Oliver stood by the door, her forgotten heels in one hand. Felicity settled herself in the plush leather chair and booted up the computer.

It didn't take her long to find the files they needed and begin the download. Her nerves were just about back to normal when Oliver suddenly sprung to attention and moved as close to the door as possible without exiting it.

"Someone's coming, hurry!" he said and she made a few more keystrokes before snatching up the flashdrive and hitting the power button on the computer.

She had just managed to make it to his side when he shoved her heels into one hand and grabbed her about the waist. "I'm sorry," he said, so sincerely and with so much weight that she stopped short.

And then his mouth was on hers.

She was too shocked at first to even respond.

It was hot and wet and good, so damn good. She couldn't stop the moan that started low in her throat as his tongue swept through her mouth. She could tell he was moving them, but she was so caught up in what his mouth was doing to her it didn't register what was happening until her back made contact with something solid.

Her eyes fluttered open as his lips moved across her jaw and then down her neck, and she realized they were now back in the hallway, pressed against the wall opposite the office.

His hand hitched her leg up to wrap around his thigh, the heat pooling low in her belly making her gasp, or maybe it was the way he was sucking on her collarbone.

She finally began to participate herself, and slid one hand into his suit jacket, the crisp white shirt allowing her palm to slide easily around to his back where she raked her nails and heard a growl emanate from him.

A thrill shot through her that she'd had such an effect on him. He made his way back to her mouth. The small whimpers she hadn't been able to suppress also seem to do something to him if the way he pulled her in tighter was any indication, as well as the deep rumble in his chest that she could feel as well as hear.

His hand had been stationary on her knee, but now it was making it's way down her thigh and disappearing under her skirt. It felt like sparks were being left where ever he touched her, and she grasped a handful of shirt as he kneaded the flesh near her hip bone.

A throat being cleared finally made them break apart. Felicity froze in place as a security guard stood just behind Oliver.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Queen, but this area is off limits for guests."

Felicity was aware of every centimeter of skin as Oliver's hand slid out from under her dress and then gently lowered her leg back to the floor.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and turned towards the man. "Sorry, just looking for a little privacy." he said lasciviously and she couldn't hold back the shudder that went through her.

The guard held out a hand in obvious invitation for them to leave. When they got back to the foyer Felicity stopped Oliver with a hand to his chest. "I'm just going to go...freshen up." her voice sounded foreign to her ears, and she didn't dare look him in the eye.

"Hurry back, babe." he said, his voice sounding perfectly normal.

When she was within the safe confines of the powder room she sat unceremoniously on the closed toilet lid and let her head fall into her hands. What had just happened.

She knew it was a cover. She knew he had only done it to keep them safe, but surely even Oliver couldn't fake it that well. He'd never let on that he'd felt anything beyond friendship for her. Tears pricked her eyes as she recalled what they had just done. It had felt amazing, more than she could have ever dreamed it could have been. But if it was just acting for him she'd be mortified.

Felicity slid her shoes back on and pushed herself to her feet. The reflection staring back at her in the mirror was of a woman who had been thoroughly ravished. Her hair had managed to make it through unscathed, but her skin was flushed, her dress askew, and her lipstick long gone.

She ran cold water over her shaking hands and fixed her makeup as best she could. When she straightened the straps on her dress she could see a hickey forming and her stomach flipped. You don't accidentally leave a hickey.

She walked out of the room still in a slight daze. Was it possible Oliver had feelings for her too?

The security guard stood sentry in the foyer, she could feel his eyes on her as she made her way back to the dining room.

Oliver feigned surprise when she appeared back at the table. The woman who had been unable to hide her disapproval all night said something to her husband in a not so subtle stage whisper about proper decorum and manners and Felicity felt her cheeks redden.

Oliver pulled her chair out again, and she sat down in relief. "I thought I had lost you." he said easily,

"Just got a little turned around." she said quietly and gathered enough courage to slide her eyes up to his.

His pupils were still dark and wide, and the emotion brewing behind them was too much for even him to hide.

Her breath hitched, but she was saved from whatever she'd been about to say when the host took the microphone and began the auction part of the evening.

As to not arouse suspicion they were forced to stay until it was over. Oliver even had to made a few half hearted bids.

He hadn't touched her the rest of the time they sat at the table, something that she was both grateful for and regretted.

When they were saying their goodbyes his hand found the small of her back again, and the shock she felt when he made contact seemed stronger than ever.

Diggle pulled up and she crammed herself against the far side of the seat when she climbed in the car.

Oliver sat normally and pretended he hadn't noticed her actions.

"Any success?" Digg asked after he'd gotten back behind the wheel and began to follow the long line of cars off the property.

"Yeah," Oliver said tightly

"Any problems?" there was concern in his voice, having picked up on Oliver's tone.

"No. Everything went fine." Oliver replied, and Digg knew better than to challenge him any further.

Silence stretched between them as her nerves grew.

Digg parked around the back of Verdant and she was out of the car and halfway across the parking lot before he'd turned the car off.

She punched in the security code as fast as she could and didn't even bother to hold the door for them as she clattered down the stairs, gripping the handrail tightly so she didn't trip.

When Oliver and Digg had joined her at a more sedate pace she already had the flashdrive out of her bag and plugged into the USB.

"I'll start going through this now. No need for you guys to stick around." she said with a dismissive wave over her shoulder as if she really thought that was going to be enough for Olive to leave.

She forced her trembling fingers to do what they were supposed to as she heard Digg say his goodnights and then exit. She knew Oliver hadn't left though.

"Felicity," he began, slowly "We're going to have to talk about this."

"Why?" she said immediately, "It was just a cover right? That's what you're going to say. That it was just a cover so we wouldn't get caught and it didn't mean anything, and we got what we went there for so yay for us and now can I please just get back to doing this so I'm not here until the wee hours of the morning." she lost breath as she finished.

Her hands slid off the keyboard as he turned her chair slowly and forced her to face him.

"Yes," he answered and her heart dropped, any tiny sliver of hope she'd had that he'd felt something too had just disappeared and she tried to keep her eyes from welling up.

"And no." he continued, "Yes I kissed you as a cover, but it did mean something."

Her heart must have stopped. She knew she had stopped breathing.

Ever so slowly she lifted her gaze until she met his eyes, and she knew he wasn't lying.

"I didn't expect you, Felicity Smoak. And you're dangerous." she knew she contorted her face in confusion because she didn't understand at all what he was saying.

His hand came out to tangle with hers and pulled her upright, "You're dangerous because you make me feel, and with...all of this," he said, looking around them, "I don't know if feeling is a good thing."

"It's always a good thing." she said immediately and then felt her face go red.

His hand brushed over her cheek and she leaned into his touch.

"I need some time." he said softly. When she looked at him she knew he meant it, she knew this was him trying.

"Ok." she answered, and she meant this too. She could be patient, she just needed assurance that this wasn't one sided, and he had just given her that.

She reached a hand out and smoothed down the front of his jacket, "You should go, really, I'm just going to get this uploaded and set up some search parameters." she assured him.

"You sure?" he asked

"Yes. I'm sure." she said and purposely stepped away from him to sit back down in her chair.

"Ok, goodnight."

Oliver was halfway up the stairs when he stopped and turned back to look at her. "Oh, and Felicity, that wasn't a line earlier." there was a quirk of his lips as he stared down at her. "Green does look good on you."

She gaped at him for a long moment before a wicked thought entered her mind. "I'm going to hold you to that."