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Today was the big day! Alfred had woken up grinning from ear to ear. He couldn't believe that it was actually happening! Usually people would have to pay thousands – sometimes millions – of dollars for this opportunity but he was getting it for virtually nothing. This was the absolute chance of a lifetime for him! His date with Arthur Kirkland was today.

To say that Alfred F. Jones was excited about this very occasion was the understatement of the century. It was only by chance that he didn't have classes that day and it would allow him all day to prepare for the date. He needed to prepare the perfect outfit for such an event as well as figure out how to properly act around the English superstar. He couldn't just go into their date acting like his normal self; there was no way that Arthur Kirkland would appreciate that!

"You'll be just fine, Alfred," groans Rowena after watching another dreadful display of mannerism from said American. "My brother isn't as stuck up as you think he is." A smirk crept up on to her face. "He's more of a loser than most think he is."

"Pfft!" Alfred shook his head at his friend before giving her a chastising smile. "Now Rowena that might just be his act around you." He walked over and patted his friend on the shoulder in a "comforting" manner. "But in reality, Arthur Kirkland is a very proper English gentleman who would hate how normal Americans act and leave me immediately if he were to go on a date with normal me."

He would be honest to say that he didn't expect Rowena's next actions as she had never even hinted to doing them before. It all moved so quick that his mind didn't even have the chance to process what was happening to him until he was flat on his back with a very angry looking Rowena on straddling him. Now Rowena was not really threatening on most occasions but now seemed to be an exception to that. Alfred was terrified of his shorter friend. She was gripping the front of his shirt tightly in her right hand while her left was on his shoulder. Alfred could feel the girl's nails starting to dig into his skin and he was wondering what could have spurned such a reaction from her.

"Alfred," growls Rowena in a low, hushed tone as she let go of his shirt, "let me remind you that I am his sister." She prodded her finger into his chest. "You are a stranger." She shoves her face closer to his. "You don't know my brother. Do I know Matthew better than you do? No I don't. So what gives you the idea that you could possibly know Arthur better than I do?"

"R-r-row," stammers Alfred as he tries to back away from the angry Englishwoman.

"Because let me make this very clear to you Alfred," hisses Rowena, "you don't know my brother. At all. Got that?"Alfred quickly nodded his head in response, fearing what else Rowena might say to him. But the Englishwoman merely smiled back at him cheerfully. "Good American, now what are you going to do?"

"Be myself?"

"Exactly! Good boy!" Rowena clapped her hands together with a cheerful expression on her face while getting off of him.

Alfred released a sigh of relief upon hearing that and sat up. "You make me sound like a dog sometimes, Row, you get that right?"

"Hence why I do it; I've always wanted a puppy."

Rowena carefully made her way back to her previous seat on the couch before all that had happened. Something about the whole situation just felt uncomfortable to her. It just pushed all the wrong buttons in her mind and she didn't know why. Normally she wouldn't get at all this fussy with Arthur's relationships – okay maybe she was a bit fussy about Arthur's relationships – or Alfred's. But this one was different; perhaps, because they were going out with each other and not separately. All she could see was the end of their relationship. She didn't want to see Alfred get hurt by this but at the same time, she didn't want to see her brother hurt as well by a possible mistake.

She didn't want to lose Arthur. They had already lost their parents and sure, their aunt, uncle, and cousins were great and all but Arthur was her only family. Rowena didn't know what she would do without her Arthur. Sure they spent a lot of time away from each other when they were younger with Arthur studying in England while she was in France with their Bonnefoy cousins, but that didn't mean anything. Arthur would call her every night, no matter how tired he was and read to her or tell her about his day. Arthur was hers and although she didn't mind sharing her things with people, she wasn't fond of the idea of sharing her brother. Rowena sighed and let her thoughts run their course. She couldn't stop them even if she tried. Arthur was hers and that was just how she liked it.

"I'm going out now."

Rowena looked up from her laptop and turned her head towards the voice. Standing by the doorway was Arthur dressed in a stone colored pin stripe button up beneath a navy vest and had a navy and white scarf wrapped loosely from around the collar of his shirt. His pants were dark washed denim and his shoes were a pair of simple black trainers. He had the door knob in his hand while his body and eyes were looking over at her, curled up on the couch in a black hoodie and sweatpants with her laptop on her knees.

"Have a good evening Arthur," replies Rowena nonchalantly.

"I have my mobile if you need anything."

"Brill*, behave and be good to the anorak*."

Arthur chuckled when he heard that, it was just a reminder of what kind of person he would be dealing with on this date. "Oh I won't allow it to get pear shaped*, Rowena." He turned the door knob and was almost completely out of the flat when he poked his head back in. "Oh and Row?" Rowena looked up at the sound of her name. "Do go to bed early today, you look knackered*."

She smiled. "Alrightie then, cheerio Arthur."

"T'ra*!" With that the door shut and Arthur Kirkland left.

Now Alfred was just as riled up about this date as he was several hours prior when Rowena was there to assist him. Nothing had changed much since then but now he was trying to pick an outfit with the help of his brother on Skype. Alfred appreciated the help that he was getting from Matthew and he really loved the fact that his elder brother was actually taking time out of his busy schedule to help him. But the fact that Matthew wasn't here in person made it difficult for him.

"Now Alfred, I'm pretty sure that Arthur won't mind if you just put on a nice t-shirt and jeans," comments the Canadian before running a hand through his blond fringe. "It's just a date, it's not like he's asking for your hand in marriage."

"But I wanna look good, Mattie!" pleaded Alfred as he began to go through his closet once more. "Matthew! This is really important to me and I wanna look good!"

The lavender eyed brother chuckled when he heard that. His brother could be a bit ridiculous sometimes but the blue eyed American did mean well. Plus Matthew was getting a kick out of watching this. How many times would he be able to see his younger brother looking so flustered over a date?

Now despite Alfred very dream man like appearance with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and toned muscles, the American really didn't go out on dates much. Maybe it was because Alfred was considered a "nerd" by many people despite his active sports life. Alfred had spent much of his time in his room studying instead of going out to parties, unlike most young adults his age. He enjoyed video games which apparently was a major turnoff for most girls. Matthew couldn't understand why that was though and consulted many of his frequent customers about it and some of them didn't seem to understand either.

Matthew – like Rowena – was also rather hesitant about this date. He wasn't sure if Arthur and Alfred would be a good match for each other. Arthur was an international superstar with a fandom nearly the size of Supernatural and Harry Potter on Tumblr. Alfred was a small town boy who was studying big things in University. Arthur could also be quite rude if he wanted to be with a biting tongue. Matthew wasn't sure if Alfred was prepared to have to deal with a man like that yet.

Now Matthew wasn't as possessive over Alfred as Rowena was for Arthur. He was willing to let Alfred go into the arms of another for protection when the right person finally came around for his younger brother. He was willing to let Alfred go if need be, but if that person wasn't right for his younger brother, then he would do anything and everything in his power to stop them. Alfred's safety and happiness was his main concern.

"Hey Al," the blond American turned his attention to the laptop screen where his brother's face was.


"Go to my closet and grab the khaki pants, a white button up, and that navy jacket with the red hood. Wear that to do your date, got it?"

Alfred's face instantly lit up in a smile as he nodded his head before racing off to Matthew's bedroom. Matthew felt himself breathe a little easier now that Alfred was happy. He watched as Alfred race back into view with the clothes in his hand and thanking him. Matthew could only smile and nod before telling Alfred that he had to go and sighing off. When he was finished with that, Matthew's smiling face was replaced by something far more serious as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his cell phone. It was about time that he contacted a certain Elite hacker* about a favor she owed him. As stated before, Matthew would do anything and everything to see his younger brother smile.

The date was supposed to be simple. They were just going to this tiny corner café to get a bite to eat and then going about their separate ways. They weren't supposed to impress each other of anything. They weren't going to get closer to each other. It was supposed to be a simple thing just for the fun of it all.

But fate did not intend for that to happen.

When Alfred had arrived, Arthur was already waiting outside and signing autographs for the people who recognized him from the show. Alfred felt his heart thundering in his chest and he cautiously made his way over to the actor as he waved goodbye to the fans. With every step he took, the more nervous he got. This was all so scary for him.

"Ah, hello there Alfred," says Arthur with a smile, "shall we get to it then?"

Alfred followed after the actor numbly. His words were caught in his throat and he just couldn't get them unstuck. They were lead to an outdoor table that was lit with candles and would only seat two. Arthur pulled out his chair of him and sure that he was situated before taking a seat across the table from the American. A waiter came around soon after and handed them each a menu.

"Is there anything that I could get you gentlemen to drink?" he asked.

"Tea would be lovely, thank you," said Arthur.

"Water for me," answers Alfred.

"Okay then," the waiter made note in his pad, "I will be back soon to get your meal orders."

The man soon left and the two were back to their somewhat acquired silence. They didn't know where to begin. How were normal dates supposed to work? Arthur had been on a ton of dates before back when he was a university student. Alfred had only gone out on a handful of dates in his life and they usually were with people he knew pretty well.

"So…" Arthur opened the menu and began to look through it. "The pasta looks good."

"Ah, yeah!" agrees Alfred as he opened his own menu before scanning over it, "I think I might get the fettuccini alfredo."

Arthur nods. "I think I might do the same."

They both closed their menus and just stared at each other for a second before looking away. Arthur began to rub his neck as he looked off into the street. Dear god this was just so awkward. He honestly didn't expect a date like this to be so complicated. What was it about this date that was so different from the ones that he had gone on in the past?

Alfred was tugging at the collar of his shirt and just looking around for something to distract him from all that was going on. How was he supposed to function on a date again? What were they supposed to even talk about?

When the waiter came back, they told him their order before returning to the silence that surrounded them.

"You attend the same university as Rowena right?" asked Arthur, trying to break through the silence.

"Yeah," nods Alfred, "though she never told me you were her brother."

"She usually does that," chuckles Arthur, "And you study Bio-Chemical Engineering?"

"Uh huh," Alfred grinned.

"Why don't you tell me about it?" asked Arthur.

Arthur should have been given a warning before that happened. He quickly learned exactly how enthusiastic Alfred was about what he was studying. The American talked all the way through the arrival of their dishes and still wasn't halfway done from what he could tell. Alfred wanted to explain it all to him and Arthur couldn't help but find that interest rather cute. The way Alfred's eyes seem to light up whenever he explained something was adorable.

"So do you like it here?" asks Alfred as he finished up both his pasta and his explanation on Bio-Chemical Engineering.

"Huh?" asks Arthur.

"Do you like what you see in America?" asks Alfred. "I mean, I've heard that most Europeans don't like it here so I was wondering about you?"

Arthur started to think when he heard that. "Well I can honestly say that American food isn't that bad but it's not my favorite but the shows I've seen on the telly have been pretty good." He could see Alfred was a little nervous. "But as for my own opinion, this country is interesting. I'm curious to see what else will happen here."

When he heard that, Alfred grinned. At least Arthur was enjoying his time in America even just a little bit. It wasn't long until they finished their meal and Arthur had insisted that he would pay the bill. Afterwards, Arthur had walked him back to his apartment.

"Thank you for tonight," said Alfred as he smiled at Arthur.

"It was my pleasure," replied the Englishman with a smile of his own before he cleared his throat. "So…goodnight, Alfred."

"Yeah," chuckled Alfred, "goodnight."

With that, the door shut and Arthur started the walk back to the flat.

Arthur and Rowena Translation:

1. Brill: Short for "brilliant". Used all the time to describe all manner of stuff.
2. anorak: Someone who is obsessively interested in something to the point of being socially awkward; fangirl or fanboy
3. knackered: Basically worn out, good for nothing, tired out
4. pear shaped: it has become a disaster
5. T'ra: Tara, this is another word for cheerio or goodbye

Elite Hacker: The hackers among hackers in this subculture. They're the masters of deception that have a solid reputation among their peers as the cream of the hacker crop. (secpoint . com)

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