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Arthur Kirkland slipped the smartphone into the pocket of dark washed blue jeans. His younger sister had convinced him to purchase it as soon as he started acting as well as to assist him in his lawyer duties. Arthur did not understand why though; Rowena was the more tech savvy of the two of them anyways. The Briton sipped his tea and turned his attention to the nearby wall clock, raising one of thick brows upon seeing it 5:30a.m. He had ten minutes to arrive on the film set.

Arthur quickly choked down his tea before grabbing his cream colored cardigan and rushing out of the flat that he and his sister shared whenever she was on holiday. He was mentally cursing himself for forgetting about the time. They would be shooting the action sequence in Lee Valley Park for their next episode and it looked like he would be late. Times like these, he was glad that Rowena was all the way in America, she would have been nagging him over punctuality.

The park was about an hour's drive from the flat. If he was lucky then the director, an Estonian man by the name of Eduard von Bock, would not be too upset by him. The man might be all smiles and kindhearted but when he was upset, it was best for him not to be within range of any form of technology. The result of that may be that you might find some unsavory pictures or information about you floating around on the internet.

Upon arriving, he saw Eduard standing there with Francis, looking rather exasperated. He quickly parked and hurried over to the duo. Arthur could not but feel slightly less intimidated when he saw Eduard relax. He began to wonder why exactly the man was relaxing.

"Thank god you're here," greeted Eduard with a stiff nod before waving his hand to Francis. "Beside him, you're the only one here."

"Oui," sighed the Frenchman with his arms crossed, "and everyone should have been here about an hour ago."

Arthur couldn't help but sigh inwardly upon hearing all of that. It was relaxing to know that he would not be chewed out by the Estonian man due to his tardiness. The well being of his fellow actors and actresses was not any of his concern as it was their fault for not showing up. But then again, who was he to reprimand them for such things?

"Just go warm up," said Eduard, shooing both Francis and him away, "I need to make a few phone calls."

Francis and Arthur nodded as they hurried off to a couple nearby trailers to change into their appropriate outfits. It was another quirk about the show, besides using their actual names instead of character names; they also had to do their own stunts. Eduard wanted the show to seem as real as possible. Arthur quickly shed of his current clothing in favor of a red and black tracksuit. It would be much easier to move around in this and much more comfortable as well. He stepped out of the trailer at the same time Francis left his. The Frenchman donned a tracksuit similar to his own but it was blue and white. As Arthur began to stretch, he saw Francis walk over to join him.

"So why were you late Mon lapin?" he asked curiously.

"I'm not your rabbit," retorted Arthur as he began to do leg stretches. "I was on the phone with Rowena."

Francis raised a brow upon hearing that before smiling. "So how is she doing in an American school?"

"Quite well actually," Arthur answered with a similar grin.

"Is she still an avid viewer?"

"Apparently she has friends who are even bigger fans of the show," chuckles Arthur as he started to jog with Francis beside him, "They were rather surprised when you had saved the day."

"Am I just that underestimated?"

Arthur chuckled, "Not my problem that when Americans think of attractive Europeans, they think of the British first."

He couldn't help but laugh when he saw Francis pouting over that fact. Arthur's relationship with Francis Bonnefoy was actually a familial one, to the disappointment of many fans. Francis was Arthur's cousin on his mother's side of the family. They often spent a lot of time with each other as children and would now tease each other out of habit due to amusing reactions from the other.

"So how is Damien doing?" asked Arthur as they began another lap. Damien was Francis's younger brother, a year older than Rowena. The younger Bonnefoy was currently attending cooking school.

"He is doing well," asked Francis, "He also has friends who are avid fans of the show." Francis smirked over at Arthur. "Apparently they thought it was about time that I save you all from danger."

When they finally arrived back at their trailers, they were immediately swarmed by the costume staff as well as the other members of hair and makeup before being whisked away to their specific trailers. Arthur was quickly changed from his red and black tracksuit and into a white dress shirt with a grey tie, white waistcoat with grey pinstripes, white tailcoat, fitted black slacks and black derby shoes. A silver pocket watch was added to complete the look as his hair was carefully brushed into a still messy style but his sandy blonde fringe was now swept to the right.

Arthur left the trailer feeling fresh and ready to start that day's work. The episode that they were currently working on was their season finale. Arthur and Feliciano, the Italian "agent", were undercover as butlers for a fellow "agent", a Hungarian by the name of Elizabeta. They were accompanying her to a party along the river bank hosted by the series' villain, an arms dealer played by a Dane by the name of Simon Denson. The episode would end with Simon flying away on a helicopter as an explosion took place in the background with the final image being a split screen of Elizabeta, Arthur, Feliciano, Ivan and Feliks lying unconscious in the remenants of the explosion while Gilbert, Francis, Roderich and Bella stared at large computer projection in shock.

"Hahaha," chuckled Simon as he clapped Arthur on the back as soon as the Englishman had changed back into his normal clothing, "That was a blast!"

Arthur laughed dryly at the Dane's attempt at a pun. "Very funny," scoffed Arthur.

"But it was fun–OW!" Simon rubbed the back of his head as a certain Norwegian approached the pair from behind, "Lukas! What was that for?"

"For being an idiot," answered Lukas blankly before turning his empty gaze to Arthur. "Eduard called for a meeting in 5 minutes outside his trailer."

Arthur smiled and nodded at the blonde man. "Alright then, thanks Lukas."

Arthur hurried to the trailer to find most of his co-workers there already. Elizabeta, Feliciano, Ivan, Feliks, Gilbert, Francis, Roderich and Bella were waiting with Eduard patiently. Those previously listed along with Arthur were the "heroes" of the show while Simon, Lukas (who played Simon's assistant) and Vladimir (a man from Romania) played the "villains." But the terms hero and villain were never really defined by the cast, either side could be a hero or villain; it all just depended on the viewer. It was one of the reasons why Arthur enjoyed being an actor over his previous occupation as a lawyer, though he still was one and was always ready to get back into the courtroom if needed.

"So I guess that you all are wondering why I called you all here today?" asked Eduard. They all nodded. "I guess that you all heard that next season, we will be filming in America?" The nodded again. "I have received a call earlier that the producers of the show have decided to do the next season as a joint season with our show's Oceanic branch."

"So we will finally meet Australia, New Zealand and Samoa?" asked Bella curiously.

Eduard nodded, "Yes but we will also be adding a new branch of the show, an American and Oriental branch."

"WHAT!?" came the shouts of the majority of the cast, including Arthur.

Eduard nodded once more, "Yes, there will be casting taking place for those branches in America."

"But why would we want to do that," commented Feliks as he wrinkled his nose, "Americans are so loud and obnoxious. I mean, I'm fine with Orientals but Americans, like really?"

Eduard held his hands up in a surrendering position as talk increased amongst his staff. He really did not know that they would be that against having American actors acting alongside them. Was it really that bad?

"I don't see what this fuss is all about," sighed Lukas, silencing his upset coworkers. The pale blonde haired man stuck his hands in his pocket. "It's not like we'll have to work with them forever. It is only for one season and we don't have to be friends with them, all we have to do is act. That's it."

Eduard nodded ecstatically, "Exactly my point!" He then cleared his throat. "We are still finalizing all the details so that gives you all 5 weeks until our needed departure. You all are dismissed for today."

Arthur quickly caught up to Lukas in the parking lot. He wondered why, of all people, that the Norwegian was fine with all of this. Usually Lukas did not care for anything about the shooting locations really.

"Hey! Lukas!" called Arthur as he approached the Norwegian male.

Lukas looked up and nodded at Arthur as the Englishman approached him. "Did you need something Arthur?" he asked.

"I just had a question," answered Arthur, "Why did you defend the shooting in America? Usually you're rather apathetic towards locations, why do something about America?"

"Convenience," said Lukas simply.


"I have a younger brother studying in America," replied Lukas, "at a University close to where we will be filming, it will easier for me to check up on him if we are filming in America."

"You have a sibling in America too?" said Arthur in surprise.

Lukas nodded before getting in his car, "You aren't the only one. Goodbye Arthur." Lukas drove off, leaving Arthur in surprise.

It was almost 8 at night when Arthur had arrived back to his flat. Filming had ended officially at 5p.m and he had to run a few errands before had arrived home. One of those errands was to pick up some groceries at a local market. He had been trying to make a decision over which eggs he wanted to purchase when he ran into a face that he really did not like.

That face being that of his little sister's boyfriend, a blonde-black haired lad by the name of Ronald Knox. From what he understood, Rowena and Ronald had met while she was studying undergraduate medicine and law at the Imperial College London. The two had a similar circle of friends and hadn't been long before they started dating. It was long distance since Rowena was studying in America and Ronald was still in London. Arthur had to admit that Ronald was a nice boy, but with him being the type of brother he was, he forever hated every single boy that his sister dated.

The encounter had gone on without words and Arthur had quickly left the market soon after. Maybe while he was in America, he would try to convince Rowena to break up with the boy. Arthur smirked as he began to prepare his dinner for that night, maybe America would be a good change of scenery after all.

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