DR: New story Idea I will be working on irregularly.

Let me point out before this starts the fallowing;

-At the end of Ultimate Alien Ben gets the new Omnitrix

-Azmuth now has the Ultrimatrix at the end of Ultimate Alien

*******************(Chapter Start)******************************************** ************************


"First Thinker Azmuth! Vilgax is here for the Ultimatrix." shouted a Galvan

"Sigh it seems that now would be the time then." Azmuth rushes over to a pod holding the Ultrimatrix giving it one final command, "Ultrimatrix, find a being worthy to wield you on the world you are going to. Make sure they start young and teach that child how to wield you and study the notes I have left in your AI."

'Understood Azmuth.'

Azmuth pressed a button and the watch soared off into space.

"First thinker why did you do that?"

"The Ultrimatrix is a power to great to be left here placing a target on our back. With the cloaking field I instilled it should remain hidden to most tracking the energy that radiates from it. Also it is time to gain a new hero Ben 10 has done well so far however with an entire Universe out there two is better than one. With the choice being young the Ultrimatrix can mold that child into a force for good. And besides..."


"I always wanted to share my knowledge to an new generation. After all I'm not getting any younger." Smirks Azmuth

************************************************** ******(Out in space)*********************************

Now as you may or may not know earth is not the only plant with life. However what are the odds of there not being a plant similar to another. Ben 10 comes from Earth- Prime as it was the first earth. The watch is heading to Earth- Beta a plant similar but full of different beings that coexist with humans and even was the solar system where a Kingdom on the Moon fell. This is the 3,980 Earth as their is oddly enough 1,000's of earths. How is this possible? Well no one really knows this is just a random occurrence.

***********************************(Earth- Beta, Wildness of Japan)**************************************

A 6 year old pig-tailed boy was running away from his father's campsite going deeper into the woods.

The reason is just minutes ago Ranma read his pop's journal and saw the plans for what's to come and what has come. You see after a incident involving ca-ca-fuzzy little devils and that damn pit, Ranma after regaining his senses became curious for what else his pops planed out. So when looking through his tent he stumbled upon journal his pops kept. He saw that his pop's didn't just do the Neko-Ken training on a whim but planed on doing it to give him memory loss and make it easier to control! Out raged he read more and found out he has been solid in marriage twice once to some people he never even heard of. Than again to his best friend who turns out to be a girl.

While his father was asleep Ranma filled his bag with supplies (food, water, money, clothes, and ect.) He went out on his own to avoid getting even more screwed up leaving a note that said he would be back in a few days as to get supplies to give Ranma more time to get away. He high tailed it out of there.

What Ranma didn't notice was a strike of green light fall from the sky until it was too late. Avoiding the crash Ranma looks into the creator to find a metal spear which opened and out launched a watch at Ranma.

And live was never the same again.

***************************(Chapter End)********************************************

I know this is just the bare bones for a chapter but I didn't want to go into great detail about this part and I'm only giving myself an hour to write this to see if I can.

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I will be using Aliens from Anime or creatures from other Anime (example; Oni from Invader Lum, and Vampire from Rosario + Vampire) and mix them with Ben 10 aliens. There will be Galvan for the first ten aliens Ranma gets the rest other than one hidden is up in the air so please review ideas or OC's for later adventures. Peace