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Alien List so far:

1) Galvan

2) *Hidden*

3- 10) Unknown

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Spoiler Alert: Also to answer you question Ranma and Ben might meet eventually for now they don't know the other well enough to start looking for them but Ranma will go to space someday.

Chapter 1 - Ultrimatrix

*************************(Location Unknown)****************************************** ***************************************

"Where am I?" asked Ranma getting off the floor to see it was a shade of emerald green. He looked around to see he was in a city of some kind that looked like it came from one of those American movies about time travel from a far off and distant future.

"Hello, Ranma Saotome." said a voice behind him. Standing up quickly he turns around to face this person only to see something he was not expecting.

Instead of a person it was a orb of glowing green light that constantly changed shape and size every few seconds as if unsure what it should appear to be.

"Wow what are you?"

"I am the Ultrimatrix AI program."

"What's a AI?"

"It stands for Artificial Intelligence. AIs like most beings can evolve over time. Can learn like sentient and think sentient creators. AI are created by sentient beings but we can think like one as well. Do you understand?"

"I think I do. It means your like a robot but can think like a human." asked Ranma, hey he might not be the sharpest tool in the shied but he was raised by his father and has only been to school a few weeks at a time yet is still passing in the cannon that speaks for his potential it's just he cared more about martial arts.

"Good analogy." he was impressed to a level that a human child could understand what he was saying. Remember Ranma is currently 6 years of age. "You see I was created to help new users and pick a worthy one for my powers. From what I have seen you have the potential ,despite you're fathers attempts, to become a good user and you have a good heart and mind as well as body."

"User? What are you talking about?"

The orb turned into a watch like the one that launched at Ranma. "You see the Ultrimatrix has the ability to transform any life form or alien if you will into any other within a time limit of 10 minutes to start as well as a variety of other functions."

"How can I use the Ultrimatrix?" asked Ranma

"That is why I am here. I will teach you and guide you to becoming a hero. When you are awake I will be a voice in your head so do not respond to me out loud just think it and I will hear you. When you are asleep we will enter this 'dream space' if you will and I will train you here."

"Cool, but how can I train if I'm running from my father?"

"I will show you how to transform and a transformation that will increase you speed making it so your father will not be able to easily capture you but first..."

Ranma is covered in a green light and transformed into a 6 inch tall grey frog like alien, a Galvan.

"Hey what was that?"

"This is a Galvan, you see each form as a special ability if you will and the Galvan race is the smartest race in this galaxy my creator, Albedo was one. And Azmuth created my AI. We will be learning from his notes and it would be easier to process the information when in this form."

"So in order to be able to comprehend the information you are teaching me I must take this form to process it at a faster and easier rate?" asked Galvan- Ranma

"Exactly, now lets get to work."

*****(End Chapter)****************************************** ************************************************** *********

DR: Yes I'm making Ranma smarter to make him a better user for the Ultrimatrix as I felt Ben could have done better with some help at the start and Ranma is all alone right now. As for the Galvan being able to process it better bit. Remember when Ben used Grey mater in the original show and he was kind of dumb back than and was a super genus if Ranma's human form has any hope of understanding the Ultrimatrix he needs to be able to have a higher intelligence than his cannon counter part for some of the stuff he is going to do and as for the Dream Space part think of a mind scape from Naruto but created by the Ultrimatrix AI interfacing with the user to be able to tell if the user is worth if not than the user's (blank) not telling you as it might be a good plot point. And yes my mystery Alien is a speed alien as what could be more useful than a being that can get you way for a run away.