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Chapter 2

Strategy and Tactics

The Klingon cruiser B'moth was escorted to Earth by Enterprise. It was met by a combined fleet from Vulcan, Teller and Andoria. Captain Archer could see a dozen drydocks busy putting ships together at a frantic pace. When the threat of the Xindi was realized the Vulcans saw the logic in giving Earth advanced ship construction techniques. As a result the NX-02 Columbia was nearly completed and a third and fourth NX-class well on the way.

If we can get faster at building these things we can start pumping out NX-class ships much faster That will give us a chance.

Hoshi got his attention when Captain Bosk of the B'moth hailed his ship.

"Captain Archer, we are ready to beam down the conference at your convenience."

"Thank you Captain Bosk. The conference will begin tomorrow, Starfleet has quarters set up for each of the representatives." replied Archer

"Understood Captain. We will greet you on the surface."

The next day at the conference the delegates were arguing about the next course of action.

"We must bide our time and build up our forces. It is the logical thing to do." said the Vulcan Ambassador Soval

"We should strike them and strike them hard!" yelled the Klingon Captain Bosk.

"I agree but we should protect our supply convoys as well they are getting hit daily. We could end up stretching ourselves too thin." said Commander Shran of Andoria. In a rare moment the Tellarite Ambassador agreed.

Then it was Captain Archer's turn. He stood and began walking around the table to the chart in front of them. "You all bring up valid tactical and strategic points. We've been hit by the Xindi and I agree we should strike them hard. But I also agree with the Vulcans and Andorians, we can't strike them hard if we don't have the resources to do so. If we can form a perimeter along this border." he said highlighting a section of space bordering Earth and Vulcan. "We can sit behind it and build up our assault forces. Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar are relatively close in terms of military forces, Earth is still building up a fleet but we're getting there. The Klingons are the most powerful force in this Alliance. What I propose is a series of raids using Klingon ships as they are both fast and powerful, we've already found a few target you can hit. If the Klingons can keep the Xindi off balance it'll give the rest of us a chance to get into the fight. Ambassador Soval, if the Vulcans can station cruisers above these worlds" he said pointing to a few worlds along the border "along with some Andorian and Tellarite ships, we can spare the ships to escort supply convoys as needed. We already have a dozen shipyards pumping out the smaller Intrepid and Jupiter-class ships and more on the way on Mars. Colombia is nearly finished and NX3 and 4 will be completed not long after. We can also station a single ship with each of the combined forces above key worlds to act as a command ship. Once we start pumping out NX-classes we'll use those, but the next best thing are the Intrepids."

Captain Bosk smiled. "I agree with Captain Archer. Although I believe we could take the Xindi on ourselves, you've borne the brunt of their aggression so far. It would be an honor to fight alongside your ships. Additionally I just received word from the Council. Your sentence of life on Rura Penthe is commuted. They would also like to offer the services of our shipyards in constructing more of your NX-class ships. Building one is eight months is impressive, but we can give you six NX-class ships in about half that time."

Captain Archer coughed...as did several senior Starfleet officers. "Thank you. It's...greatly appreciated."

"One other thing...the Klingon Empire is grateful for the assistance you provided to our colony. In return we'll give you the technology required to equip your ships with shields. Our engineers have already studied the scans of your vessel Captain. They believe we can retrofit every ship in Starfleet with shielding within one Earth year." said Bosk.

Archer coughed again. "Thank you...thank you very much."]

Later on in the conference the representative designed a series of wargames and fleet actions designed to weld them into a cohesive fighting force. The Andorians, Vulcans had already had some experience working with Starfleet. Tellarites had less but they were learning. The Klingons on the other had used brute-force tactics and they usually worked, but the idea of working together in support of each other was a relatively new concept for them.

The conference was about to dismiss when the building shook violently. Debris began falling from the ceiling. The Starfleet officers rushed the delegates out of the room only to find a dozen Xindi troops marching in a firefight with half their number in MACOs, right on the grounds of Starfleet Command...