Chapter 3 Attack on San Diego

The delegates from the conference immediately took cover. Archer had a phase pistol out and ready as did the others. Archer pulled out his communicator and contacted Enterprise.

"Archer to Enterprise. Lock transporters on the delegates. Get them to safety."

"Acknowledged, standby." replied Hoshi.

Just before the delegates were beamed up another dozen MACOs beamed onto the grounds and wiped out the Xindi forces there. A few minutes later the delegates were on the bridge of Enterprise.

"Malcom how did the Xindi penetrate our defenses?"

"They used an old Y-class transport. It came out of warp in close orbit. The cargo pods have been modified to act as assault ships. There are two dozen pods on the ground at this moment. Four of them at Starfleet Headquarters, one at Starfleet Academy...the rest landed in the city." Reed replied

"How many in each pod?" asked Archer

"I'm detecting almost five thousand Xindi on the surface. Most of them are in the city. The MACOs are mobilizing as are the local security forces but it will be some time before they can clear the city." replied T'Pol.

"Delegates, as representative of Earth I formally request whatever assistance you can provide." asked Admiral Forrest.

"And you shall have it. Let me contact my ship." said Bosk.

"You'll owe us one pinkskin..." said Shran.

The delegates all contacted their ships and mobilized whatever security forces they had. Andorians, Tellarites, Vulcans and Klingons beamed down to Starfleet headquarters and helped the MACOs secure the grounds, then they met with a high-ranking MACO by the name of General Marcus. The MACOs and local security had set up a command post in San Francisco Harbor.

General Marcus stood in front of the assembled troops giving a briefing and assignments. A map of the city was displayed behind him. Areas in red were denoted as Xindi controlled. Green circles indicated friendly forces and amber circles represented pockets of resistance by civilians. The General looked at Command K'mor of the Klingon troops.

"Commander K'mor, you will board a shuttlepod and proceed to this area, the entertainment district. There are pockets of civilians putting up a fight with privately owned firearms. I want you to go there and help them out. Lieutenant Gozip Aphrip, you'll go to the industrial district. Lieutenant Tavas go to the residential district and clear out the Xindi there. Sub-Commander Tasup take your forces here, the education district. We've already had reports of the Xindi shooting into the schools. Each of you will have a few MACOs as guides and you'll also have these transporter tags. Place them on the wounded and any civilians you find who can't fight. We're on the clock here people. The faster we act the fewer casualties we'll have. Dismissed."

With that the groups separated and joined their MACO guides. Each of them got into a shuttlepod and went to their assigned districts.

The shuttle-pods carrying the Klingons made combat landings in the entertainment district. They piled out of the shuttles and took up positions immediately outside a large building. They could hear screams of innocent people. Commander K'mor nodded to his subordinate who moved inside with a group of seven others. They were immediately met by weapons fire which they quickly returned as they sought cover. One Klingon moved along the side of the building in an attempt to flank them. Three more moved up the other side catching the Xindi in a cross-fire. There were a dozen Xindi in the building half of them were eliminated in the flanking maneuver.

The Klingons regrouped and searched the building finding six more Xindi and some civilians in a closet. They killed the Xindi and tagged the civilians, then moved on through the next area, a small shopping mall.

Lieutenant Aphrip of the Andorian Imperial Guard boarded his shuttle with a dozen other Andorians. A MACO team boarded another shuttle and followed them to the industrial district. The shuttlepods took small arms fire and landed on the top of a factory. The soldiers of both pods piled out and secured the roof. The MACO team leader a Sgt. Evan Marcus Hollister, met with the Andorian commander and presented a map.

"Our objective is to clear this area." he said circling an area on the map that translated to a ten mile radius. "There are friendly units here, here, here and here. There are also pockets of civilian resistance and local security here, here and here." He said circling friendly units in green and civilians in orange. "There are large groups of Xindi reported here, here, here, here and here. Our job is to clear out this center building which we are on top of, then break into four teams and move north, south east and west. We'll evacuate civilians, link up with security and friendly forces then move in a circle and clear the area. As our teams move out, the friendly units will move in. We'll catch the Xindi in a big crossfire and wipe them out." he concluded drawing circles and lines as necessary.

The Andorians nodded, understanding the plan then Sgt Hollister waved a hand forward. "Move out!." he yelled. The Andorians stacked up on one side of a door leading into the building. They blew it open with a small charge then rushed inside...and were greeted immediately by Xindi weapons fire. The Andorians returned fire and covered the MACOs as they rushed in behind them and moved down a stairwell. Sgt. Hollister tossed a stun grenade into a group of Xindi it exploded causing them to stumble about allowing the Andorians to hit them with their particle rifles. The MACOs proceeded down some more stairs and onto another floor while the Andorians went down one more floor.

The two groups leapfrogged each other, as one group cleared a floor the other would move to the floor below them and visa versa. The building was a large factory with about twenty levels, all of which had plenty of places for Xindi to hide. It took about thirty minutes to clear the factory, then both groups moved outside and split into four, six-man teams of three MACOs and three Andorians, each going their own direction.

Lieutenant Tavas's shuttlepod landed in a residential neighborhood in the center of town. Three Tellarites and three MACOs jumped out of the shuttlepod and secured the immediate area. Sgt. Mcmillian turned to the Tellarite Lieutenant.

"Our objective is to secure all the homes in this neighborhood. " she said pulling out a small map of the area. "Intelligence is sketchy but as far as we know there are still civilians in the area. If you find any tag them with these" she held up a small transmitter tag. "These tags will allow our transporters to lock on to them and beam them to a safe zone.

Lieutenant Tavas nodded "Let's go."

The neighborhood was an interlocking maze of streets and dead ends. The Tellarites and MACOs began the process of evacuating civilians. Sgt. Mcmillan led the team up to the first house, a modest one story building. She knocked on the door but there was no answer. She nodded to the rest of the team and they stacked up by the front door. With a strong kick she bashed down the front door and rushed in.

"STARFLEET MARINES, STARFLEET MARINES!" she screamed. When there was no answer she used hand signals and the team split into three-man squads to secure rooms along two hallways. She and two other MACO secured the dining room, kitchen, living room and backyard. While the Tellarites secured the bedrooms and offices. They met back out by the front door.

"Two bodies, human, male and female. Killed by Xindi weapons." reported Lieutenant Tavas.

Even though Tavas technically outranked the Sergeant, the MACOs were given command of the various Alliance teams, the home field advantage.

Sgt. Mcmillan nodded and sighed then they moved to the next house. They found more dead humans including a little girl. It took some time but after clearing several houses they found one with several living humans. This one happened to be the home of a retired MACO.

"Sgt. Mcmillan, MACOs. This is Lieutenant Tavas, Tellarite Armed Forces. How many are you?"

"There are seven of us mostly neighbors. The Xindi have been clearing houses a couple streets over. If you have a map I can show you. A few people tried to make a stand there but were overrun fairly quick. But they saved a good number of civilians in the process. They are all holed up and the end of this street." The veteran replied pointing to the Sgt.'s map. The Xindi have cleared these streets hear. Last I heard they were on this street. But that was awhile ago."

"Thank you. We'll put this information to use. In the meantime we have transporter tags that will take you to a safe zone we've set up. Do you have any wounded?" asked Mcmillan

"No, we were all lucky."

"Good. We'll be on our way then." she replied.

The MACOs handed transporter tags to all the civilians and they were beamed out. "Let's go, we're burning sunshine here! We need to get to that last house and get the civies out. Double time it!" she yelled.

The team took off at a sprint down the street they were on then turned left and ran to the last house on the right. Mcmillan knocked on the door and another veteran answered. "How many civilians?" she asked. "Several dozen. Lot's of kids."

"Ok, Lieutenant take your team down this side of the street, we'll clear the other side after we evac the civilians." she said, the pulled out a communicator "Sgt. Mcmillan to Command."

"Go ahead Sgt. Mcmillan."

"I've located large number of civilians in a house several of which are kids, transmitting transport coordinates."

"Our transporters are tied up evacing civies from the education district, we're dispatching some shuttlepods to your location. Be advised, sensors indicate nearly thirty Xindi converging on your position. Recommend you get dug in over."

"Roger that." she turned the communicator to another frequency, "Lieutenant Tavas, report back to the house, Xindi are converging on our location and Command doesn't have enough transporters to spare, they are sending shuttlepods to evac the civilians." said Mcmillan

"Understood, we just cleared the second house and found three more civilians, children, the parents are KIA." replied Tavas.

"Roger that." Mcmillan replied. She turned to the civilians. "We've got Xindi converging on our position. Command can't spare the transporters right now. They're sending shuttlepods to evacuate you. How many of you are veterans or can handle a firearm?

Six people raised their hands. She nodded to the other MACOs who handed over their sidearms. She then pulled her pack off her back and passed out three more Starfleet issue phase-pistols.

"Gather the civilians by the back door, the shuttles will use the backyard as a landing zone. We have to hold off the Xindi until the civilians are away." she said. Before she could continue the team of Tellarites arrived with three little kids, two girls and a boy. Some adults rushed forward to take them to the back door. "Lifeboat rules ok people, women and children first." she said directing the civilians into groups small enough to fit in shuttlepods. Then her combadge chirped. "Sgt. Mcmillan, go ahead."

"Sgt. Mcmillan, this is Starfleet Command, shuttlepods are inbound eta approximately ten minutes they will be carrying some reinforcements to help you out. Xindi forces approximately seven minutes out and closing."

"Understood Command, appreciate the help." she replied

The Tellarites and MACOs had fortified the front windows they best they could using furniture and mattresses. The teams would have to hold off the Xindi for three minutes until the first shuttlepod landed. Minutes later a MACO sniper reported contact with the Xindi. They waited until the Xindi were within firing range then opened fire.

Plasma bolts mixed with Xindi weapons fire crisscrossing the street, several Xindi went down and one of the Tellarites was hit but continued to fight. Even though they were only six soldiers they put out tremendous amounts of firepower. Three minutes later the first shuttlepod landed and another team of MACOs jumped out and joined their allies in defending the home. One MACO carried a heavy plasma rifle designed to fire rapidly and provide suppression fire. It made a huge difference. While they got off, the first group of half-a-dozen kids and three adults plus two pilots crammed into the shuttlepod. The first shuttle lifted off without incident and a second shuttle landed seconds later. That shuttle was loaded and took off in less than a minute.

After thirty minutes all the civilians were evacuated and the last Xindi fell to plasma rifle fire. The remaining MACOs were shuttled to other hot spots as Earth and her allies cleared San Diego of the Xindi.