A/N: Kevin is already working with Ben and Gwen.

A/N: Hey people sorry I haven't been writing this story I've been stuck but now here it is.

The team finds out about Bloom

Ben, Gwen and Kevin were in the forest looking for this powerful source of energy. they then see an red orange glow.

Ben: alright guys let's find out who the energy is coming from.

Gwen and Kevin: right.

they then hear a girls' voice.

Voice: you want to know who the energy source is then turn around.

they turn around and see bloom as a fairy. Kevin then absorbs a rock.

Kevin: who are you.

Gwen: Bloom?

Bloom: well duh who else do you know other than us that has red hair. now any more questions

Ben: just one. what kind of alien are you?

Bloom then giggles.

Bloom: I'm not an alien, I'm a fairy.

Gwen: wow I'm so freaked out right now.

Bloom: don't worry you'll get used to it.