Sloth: Hello world! I decided to do something different and write my first Lab Rats story. I've read a few and though there were a few good ones, I found the lack of Marcus angst. I can't help it, I like villain angst. And Marcus seems like the perfect character for some angst. And with a little family thrown in for it. I mean, why not. I like the family dynamic in Lab Rats.

This being my first Lab Rats story, I'm going to have to admit, I'm not sure if there is going to be any major plot. I'm thinking I'm just going to have a bunch of semi-connected one-shots with Marcus angst while living with the Davenports. If there does turn out to be a plot, well then wo-who!

Disclaimer: I don't own Lab Rats.

Summery: After being left for dead by his father, Marcus find himself now living with the Davenports. He's a reluctant house guest who finds enjoyment with being annoying, but exactly how long will it take before the broken boy opens up to his new family?

Marcus's Jam

It all happened about a month ago when Leo went to spy on Marcus. After discovering the eyebrow villain's secret lab, he found a set of schematics. They were all about a bionic chip that was designed to take over a person's mind and alter their entire being. The chip was still in an in-progress stage and the test subject turned out to be some kid adopted from Seaford Orphanage.

After almost being crushed and decimated by Marcus's vacuum cleaner of death, Leo had made out with the schematics without Marcus knowing anything about it.

He showed Big D the schematics, telling him where he found it and who he thought the test subject was. Now, he held no favoritism towards Marcus and he still thought the guy was the creepiest person in the known universe (two if you counted the time he spent in the Alternate Universe where he was bionic), but even Leo didn't think anyone should be controlled against their will. And as much as it pained him, and it pained him a lot, to admit it, but they needed to help Marcus.

At first, Donald didn't believe that Marcus could be evil, much less bionic. However, he couldn't deny the fact that someone was making bionic chips that gave them complete and utter control of a person's body. The thought of turning people until robotic slaves was just disturbing. In his opinion it was different from what he did because he still gave Adam, Bree, and Chase free will and he only just gave them bionic superpowers. He didn't turn them into mind slaves, which was what he suspected was the purpose of this new chip dubbed The Evil Chip.

It took some time, but he managed to create a device designed to block out the Evil Chip's signals. It wasn't perfect, but it would do.

It had finally come. The Marcus and his dad were finally initiating plan "Destroy Davenport". They had come in ready to capture Adam, Bree, and Chase. While the evil mastermind turned out to be a former employee of Davenport Industries who wanted to use the Bionic Chips for a purpose other than saving the world. With help from his pet project, A.K.A. Marcus, they invaded the Davenport home, surprising them with an attack.

Marcus took on Adam, Bree, and Chase, using his array of bionics to take them out while his "Dad" went to confront Davenport.

"Marcus?" The bionic teen looked up from where he had his foot on Chase's back. His right brow was raised up in its usual evil brow lift. Bree was standing there, confusion written on her face.


"Why are you doing this? I thought you were our friend."

Marcus chuckled, a smirk still plastered on his face. "Friends? Who needs friends when you've got all the power in the world?"

"Leo was right," Chase grunted. "You are evil."

"And it's the best feeling ever," Marcus smiled.

"Well how does this feel?" Adam fired a plasma grenade at Marcus. The raven haired boy just picked up Chase and used the younger boy to take the hit. Chase was thrown out of Marcus's grip and flew through the air, landing in a heap like a limp rag doll.


Using their moment of distraction against them, Marcus held up his hand and fired a plasma grenade. The energy ball fired through the air and corkscrewed into Adam, sending the taller male flying through the window.

Bree sped towards Marcus and engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. However, Marcus quickly matched her speed, blocking each of her attacks. They grappled briefly before Marcus kicked Bree's foot from under her. As she fell, he grabbed her by the back of her hair and tossed her aside.

"You guys can't beat me. I can record and replicate all your bionics. I'm unstoppable!" he boasted smugly. He smirked as he made his way towards Chase and Bree. "And now you're coming with me."

"No they're not!"

From out of nowhere, Marcus felt a small weight on his back and thin, branch-like arms wrapping around his neck. The sudden momentum and weight caused Marcus to trip and fall. He stumbled back up, Leo kicking wildly in an attempt to throw the bionic villain off his game.

"Get off me, you little freak!"


"Get off!"


"I said get off, you son of a-"


Marcus's entire body suddenly felt like it had been lit on fire. Every nerve ending from the back of his neck to the tips of his fingers were lighting up as if he had just stuck a fork into an outlet, which he had actually done when he was five. Not exactly an experience he wanted to relive. He involuntarily fired a heat-vision blast as his bionics started to glitch. He thrashed around violently, managing to throw Leo off of him and into the heap that was Chase and Bree.

There was a horrible burning. He wanted it to stop. He needed it to stop. The pain. It just kept growing. He started to claw at the back of his neck where his chip was implanted.

"Argh! Make it stop!" he demanded, his entire system going wild. He couldn't stop the glitches. He cried out as plasma grenades burned their way through his fingers. He fell to the floor as his left foot speed up and tossed him into the air. The fall knocked the air out of him, making him gasp.

His body finally stopped thrashing, electrical pulses causing a twitch here and there.

"W-what did you do to me?" He asked as Leo, Bree, and Chase cautiously took a step to the prone teen.

"Big D used the schematics I found in your secret lair to make a sonic disruptor to shut down your bionics." Leo answered smugly. Marcus glared, green laser beams firing out of his eyes. They harmlessly passed by, but the scared the living daylights out of Leo, which satisfied Marcus, despite his eyes burning horribly from the attack. He whimpered as he covered his eyes.

"Now would be a good time to take him to Big D before the effects wear off."



Marcus was seething. He couldn't believe that he got beaten by a scrawny little shrimp who needed a booster seat just to sit in a desk at school. Now he was being carted down to their secret lap, most likely to have his chip removed and return to the pathetic, sniveling goodie-two-shoes that he had been before. He'll never admit it, not even under torture, that he had once been a sweet guy. Orphaned, he had been adopted by Daniel Henderson, a scientist who had once been employed at Davenport industries.

Sure, he had only been adopted so that he could be a human guinea pig, but Daniel Henderson was still a good father. They had pizza nights, worked on killer robots together, had movie nights, ect ect. But he was confident that his dad would get them out of this, fix his chip, and then they'll have their revenge.

The elevator opened with a hiss and Marcus was escorted out of it. Before the teens, Davenport was facing off against Henderson, each one wielding laser blasters. They stopped when the bionic teens stood in the entrance.

"Uh…Hey, Dad." Marcus greeted sheepishly. Henderson looked between Davenport and Marcus.

"Marcus," the rogue scientist sneered, causing Marcus to flinch. That sneered never led to anything good.

"It's over Danny. You've got nowhere else to go," Davenport started calmly, but sternly. "Just give up and turn yourself in. I can convince the cops to go light on you and Marcus."

"Oh Donny," Henderson smiled. "Do you really think I'm just going to let myself go to jail?"

"Jail?" Marcus involuntarily gasped. "I don't want to go to jail. Do you know what they do to kids like me?"

"Don't worry, Marcus," Henderson smirked. "You won't be going to jail. See Davenport, I'm always one step ahead of you. I always have a back-up plan."

Digging into his pocket, Henderson pulled out a small, silver object. It was no bigger than a pen. In fact, if it weren't for the big honking red button at the top, it would have easily been confused for a pen. Henderson smiled devilishly, his eyes wild with excitement.

"What's he going to do with that?" Leo asked. "Draw mustaches on our faces until we give up?"

"Oh no, please Mr. Supervillain," Adam mocked, "please don't write on my face."

"No, not my face," Chase joined. Marcus glared at them.

"Shut up!" he snapped, struggling against the handcuffs and Adam. "Dad, show them you mean business."

"Danny, I know you. What is that?"

"This? This Donny, is a trigger for a neutron bomb," Henderson smirked.

"A bomb? But where would you…" seeing the look in Henderson's eyes as he looked over at the teens, Davenport quickly put things together. He felt his heart sink in realization and horror at such a disgusting act. "Kids! Get away from Marcus!"

There was a moment where no one did anything, but it soon passed as they registered the implications. Even Marcus caught the threat, his eyes widening in disbelief. But he had no time to dwell on it before pain erupted through his body.

A white hot fire ripped through his entire body. He took back what he said about Leo's little chip disruptor. This was much, much more worse. He dropped to his knees, tears blinking through his eyes as he saw his Dad making a run for it.

"Dad!" he cried.

"Sorry, Marcus, but I've got to look out for number one!"

And with that, he was gone. Just gone. He left, leaving Marcus behind to blow up and take out his enemies. He was willing to end a child's life just for a personal vendetta. Marcus couldn't help the bitter laugh that escaped his throat. He grew up unwanted, left on a porch of a church in Seaford. Now he was going to die, alone, unwanted.

Well, if he was going to die, he wasn't going to do it for someone else's plan.

Pain racked his body and a plasma grenade ripped through his hand and destroyed one of the three tubes in the room. He could hear them all screaming. The bomb was screwing with his bionics. Well wasn't that a pleasant thought.

With shaking legs, he got up, making his way towards the door.


He turned to see Leo poking his head from behind a desk.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you care?" he asked as he stumbled towards the open door his dad had gone through. "I'm not going to die just to take out your pathetic family. If I'm going to die, I'm doing it on my own terms."

He fell inches from the door. His legs had given out on him. He cursed himself.

So much for a big exit, he thought as he laid there on the floor, neutron energy arching across his body. He could actually feel the excess energy burning his flesh. Man this hurts, was his last thought before he passed out.


"Kids, run!" Davenport ordered as he tried to usher them towards the elevator.

"But what about Marcus?" Leo asked.

"There's nothing we can do," Davenport replied. "He can blow at any second."

"But we just can't leave him!" Leo argued. "He might be a lying, scheming jerk, but even he doesn't deserve to just blow up."

"Leo's right," Bree joined in. "We just can't let him die."

"Uh, don't you remember he just tried to capture us, not three minutes ago," Chase countered.

"But it's wrong," Bree stated. "We're the good guys. We can't let him die. It just wouldn't be right."

"Yeah, I'm not all the smart, but even I know that's not right," Adam said with his hand raised as if he was in a classroom.

Davenport looked between the kids. Chase continued to show his displeasure, arguing that they didn't have time. Adam, Bree, and Leo wanted to do the right thing, despite the risks. Finally, before a full-blown argument could be broken out between them, he made his decision.

"Ok, ok. Here's what we'll do. Chase, you make a force field around Marcus. It won't prevent the blast, but it'll weaken it and cause less damage. While he's doing that, Bree, take this scanner and scan Marcus's chip. Leo, come with me a help me with these codes. Adam, help Chase in case things go wrong."

Without hesitation, they got to work. Chase formed a force field around the fall boy. With Adam's help, they were able to keep the force field from expanding as neutron blasts bounced around on the inside of the shield. Bree sped over to Marcus and did a quick scan before returning to Davenport. He used the readings and with Leo's help, wrote a code.

"If this works, it should shut down the bomb."

"Whatever you guys are doing, hurry," Chase grunted. "We can't…hold it…much longer."

"Just hold it a little longer guys," Davenport urged on. "We've almost got it."

The clock was ticking. The energy waves coming from Marcus were slamming violently against the force field. Chase was losing his concentration. The shield would flicker in and out now and then, letting out a stray energy blast. A stray blast slammed into Bree's tube, shattering it into nothing. Another slammed into the Leo's Mission Expert desk, ripping it from the floor and destroying the desktop.

"Can't…hold it…"

"Just a little longer!" Davenport urged as he quickly tapped the last bit of the code.

"Hey guys, I don't think he's supposed to be smoking like this," Adam noted innocently.

"Got it!" Davenport shouted triumphantly. He handed a strange, paper thin bracelet to Bree just as Chase and Adam were thrown backwards by a powerful shockwave. "Put it on him now! Go, Bree! Go!"

Without hesitation, Bree ran over to Marcus and slapped the cuff on him before racing back to her family.

"Take cover!"

Everyone dropped to the ground, using the desks as shield. An energy explosion ripped through the lab.



To Be Continued?