With Every Broken Bone, I Swear I Lived

"So, you're really leaving?"

Marcus stopped what he was doing and turned around, making eye contact with Chase. The other boy was leaning against the doorframe, hands in his pocket and a neutral expression set on his face. Marcus only raised his eyebrow as if to question Chase's inquiry. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Marcus broke eye contact. He shook his head, laughing to himself before returning to his duffle.

"I never really liked the whole normal thing anyways," he lied. Marcus grabbed another shirt and folded it into the duffle. He heard Chase laugh before coming into the room.

It was still hard to believe that they had shared this room for the better part of the year. He had never once imagined the possibility of escaping his old life. Yet here he was, standing in a room he actually got to call his own. Pig Zombies posters still lined the walls next to posters of the periodic table. The soft baby blue walls were a reminder of arguments that ended in laughter and teasing rather than punishment. Instead of having been filled with the sound of buzzing lasers and beeping computers, the room had been filled with the sound of music, pranks, and memories that were just so human.

Perfectly human.

"Hey, that's mine," Chase said as he fished out a green hoodie from the duffle. Josh was written in bright white letters on the back of it.

"Yeah, but Leo said I could have it," Marcus smirked as he yanked the hoodie out of Chase's hands and dropped it back in the duffle bag. Chase gasped in offence before taking the hoodie back and holding it close to his chest. Marcus crossed his arms and chuckled, "just because I don't have bionics anymore doesn't mean I can't take that from you."

"Are you really going to fight me over a hoodie?"

"I've fought last week for a slice of pizza."

"Fair point."

They laughed, Chase holding the hoodie to Marcus. He took it, but not before offering Chase a shirt. It was a crimson red, with cartoon truck on fire with zombies sticking out of the side. In bold white letters were the words "Zombie Truck Stop". Chase gingerly took the shirt with mild distain.


"Hey, those movies might be cheesy, but Giselle Vickers is a master filmmaker. She even signed my DVD copy at Terror Con," Marcus beamed as he grabbed the prized DVD from his shelf. The DVD case had the exact same picture on it but signed in silver ink was the signature of the acclaimed filmmaker. It was totally worth the wait and the awkward reunion between his father and Giselle, who had apparently dated.

Pushing that embarrassing flashback to the recesses of his mind, Marcus put his DVD into his bag. When he looked back up, Chase was putting the limited-edition t-shirt shirt over his other polo. Marcus couldn't contain the laugh. Being a little taller and thinner than Chase, the shirt didn't exactly fit the other boy well. It was a little too tight on him. Just to even things out, Marcus put on the hoodie. It was roomie around the waist and the sleeves barely reached halfway down his forearms, but it was still comfy.

"We look ridiculous."

"Have you gotten a good look at your mission suits?" Marcus asked playfully. Chase looked offended, but before he could go on a rant on how much time he spent customizing his suit, someone called for them to come downstairs. Marcus let out a sigh before zipping up his duffle and throwing the strap over his shoulder.

"Guess this is it, huh?" Chase asked solemnly.

"Cheer up, Talent-Stealer" Marcus smile, trying to keep the mood upbeat. "We'll be back next week for Thanksgiving."

Chase rolled his eyes at the nickname before heading out the room. Marcus followed close behind, putting his hands onto Chase's shoulders to steer him towards the living room. Everyone was gathered in the newly furnished living room. It had been fully repaired in the time since its destruction. He was a near perfect replica of the original living room, as if nothing had happened. Although Tasha was still a little miffed that her favorite throw pillows were now nothing but charred pieces of fabric. Still, it was nice to have the place back to normal.

His eyes scanned the room, taking in the relaxed atmosphere as everyone lingered about. Bree and Owen were sitting on the couch, going over their goodbyes once more. Owen was adjusting a new pair of glasses that he had gotten. They looked like normal glasses, but Davenport had designed them to slightly alter Owen's features via cyber mask technology. Where anyone else was concerned, Owen Stillwell was dead. But Matt Davenport was someone else entirely

"Not bad, Matty," Bree teased. Owen just chuckled and shook his head. He pressed the hidden button on the glasses, returning his features to normal.

"Sure, it's not weird using your cousin's identity?"

"It's like Mr. Davenport said. As long as they think your Mateus, the real one can live a blissfully ignorant life from all of…this."

"In theory," Owen said good naturedly. Bree nodded before standing. Owen followed suit, picking up his own duffle bag.

"Besides, while things between us didn't work out the way we wanted, I'm still glad you can be part of this family. Even if you turned out to be a killer bionic assassin," she teased.

"Technically Marcus was the assassin," Owen said, pointing at Marcus.

"I was espionage!"

Bree and Owen laughed at Marcus's expense before going to hug each other. They broke apart just in time for Owen to catch Spin. Marcus nearly had a heart attack. He hadn't seen Adam playing bionic 'cousin' toss with Spin until the smaller boy went sailing through the air.

"That was awesome!" Spin laughed. He hopped out of Owen's grasp and ran towards Adam shouting, "do it again!"

"Oh no!" Tasha shouted from the foyer where Douglas, Davenport, and her were saying goodbye. "We just fixed this living room. You kids aren't destroying it. Not unless you want to be grounded until your 50."

"At the rate Adam's going, he won't make it to see 30," Chase joked.

"Aw, come on, just one more," Adam said.

"Yeah. We want to see if he can chuck Spin far, far out of the door," Leo added as he held a camera up, video taping the entire family. He even briefly focused on Spin unamused face. Marcus tried not to life. It was kind of funny. Marcus had tried to kill Leo and was fairly forgiven. Spin humiliated Leo at laser tag and they've been enemies since. Either Marcus got really lucky, or Spin was secretly antagonizing Leo when no one was looking.

Honestly, it was probably the latter.

"Sorry kiddo, but your bionics aren't what they used to be remember?" Douglas said. "Got to take it easy or else you'll end up like Mr. Normie over there."

"Thanks, Dad," Marcus said sarcastically.

The comment didn't have the kind of reaction he wanted. Douglas beamed, leaning into Donald and whispering excitedly, "He called me dad! Progress, Donny! Progress!"

He was still unsure of that revelation. He had known Douglas for the longest time. But the fact that the man was his actual father? Yeah, that just meant he was related to Davenport and dear god he prayed every night that he would not fall down the same road as Chase and end up an ego maniac. Fears of becoming a Donald aside, the concept of a father had already been twisted to something with a lot of stigma for Marcus. He knew Douglas cared and, dare he say it, loved Marcus, but Marcus himself wasn't ready. He didn't hold any animosity towards Douglas, don't get him wrong. He wanted their relationship to grow. Just maybe not as fast as Douglas wanted.

Still. He appreciated the chance.

"Do we have to move?" Spin asked as he stood next to Marcus. Owen joined him and the three brothers looked at Douglas expectantly. They knew about the move, and while the older two could understand it, they kind of held the same sentiment.

"We agreed a new start would be good. For all of us. Plus, it'd be great for someone to get out of the house and not have people think he's a zombie."

"You know I didn't ask for them to fake my death," Owen sighed in frustration, having heard the joke for the 3rd time that week alone.

"Look, you kids are going to love Centium City. Uncle Donny here was even kind enough to give us the penthouse in Davenport Tower. We got up to so much trouble back in college. If those walls could talk."

"Actually," Davenport started, eyes widening a bit. He brought up his tablet, rapidly pressing a few buttons. "They can. Walls off, walls off."

"Chase you want to take my place and- "

"No, I'm good," Chase answered, frowning at Davenport's antics.

"Traitor," Marcus hissed as his cousin.

That was another thing he had to get used to. Three months ago, they were just a bunch of strangers who had taken him in when no one wanted him. They fixed him up and showed him what he was really capable of. They watched Saturday morning cartoons together. Vacationed together. And cheered each other up when they were down. Now they were family and Marcus enjoyed that thought.

The living room was filled with chatter, movement starting as everyone headed for the door. Chase patted Marcus on the back and he smiled. He walked to the door, grabbing a box of things they had packed for the move. He took it to the car Douglas had bought, all while chatting with Leo and Chase about next year's battle of the bots competition. Spin was adamantly talking with Adam about cartoons while Owen was getting dating advice from Bree.

In an all too quick blur, the car was packed up, Douglas at the wheel, and Marcus, Owen, and Spin loaded in. Marcus, from his seat in the front passenger seat, looked up at the mansion he had called home. He looked at the people he had called family. They stood on the lawn, waving as the car pulled out. The occupants waved back, Spin rolling down the windows and even shouting about brownies for Thanksgiving.

Marcus smiled; his eyes trained on the family. The mansion. He kept looking until they finally disappeared from view. With a sigh, Marcus turned back around in his seat and looked ahead at the approaching horizon. He put on some headphones and opened his duffle. He looked around until he found what he was looking for. A Walkman that had been an early birthday gift from his cousins. He smiled at the label stuck on the side.

'Property of Marcus Davenport'

With a smirk, he connected the headphones to the Walkman and pressed play.





Sloth: And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes The Tale of Marcus Davenport. It had been a long ride. Mostly in part due to my inability to complete it for the longest time. The fandom is small now, with sprinkling of new fans thanks to Disney+. I am happy to have found this series and enjoyed seeing the characters. But I'm not exactly done with it.

As I've stated, I've been wanting to rewrite this fic for the longest time. I had actually gotten Disney+ with the sole purpose of rewatching Lab Rats so I can get a feel for the characters again. For those interested in the rewrite, It will follow some the same premise as this story with a bionic human Marcus stuck living with the Davenports. This time around I'll stick closer to the characters and follow beats of the series AND beats from this story, hoping to combine them together for a unique character study fic. It'll be posted on here as well as AO3.

It'll be called the Mixtape of Marcus Davenport

It'll come out some time towards the end of July. First I've got a Power Ranger fic I need to put on paper. Until this, whether you're just here for this ride or for all the rides, I hope you've enjoyed yourself.