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A/N: This is part of the Femmeslash Bootcamp. Technically, you're only supposed to do one prompt per story, but I'm cheating. I'm using prompts 3-32 to make a 30-chapter Ginny/Narcissa story, because I can and because girls are awesome. The prompt for each chapter is the title of it. This is much in the style of my previous Hermione/Fleur, in that the chapters are short and some are more drabbles than anything else.

Ginny's own face scowled back at her from the cover of the Daily Prophet. The headline announced, WAR HERO GRADUATES, CELEBRATES PEACE. The article gushed about Ginny's diploma and Order of Merlin, which Photo Ginny held unenthusiastically on either side of her face. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were there, too, but for once she alone had made the cover. It was good press for Hogwarts, press the new head of the Board of Governors could afford to buy on the one-year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Page 3 had a picture of the new head with the headmistress of the school. Narcissa Malfoy was smiling a chilly smile and McGonagall looked miserable. Even though the picture was in black and white, Ginny would have sworn she could see the blue of the Malfoy matriarch's eyes.

It did not escape the girl's notice that the press had included the picture of Mrs. Malfoy and Ginny together. It had been taken by the lake. The photographer had cheerfully suggested that they put arms round one another to show that there was good-will between them, but there wasn't, and he had wisely retracted the suggestion after seeing the look on Ginny's face. Instead, they stood almost a foot apart, so that the photograph had to be zoomed out quite a bit. The spires of the castle were visible between their heads. The dislike was palpable.

Ginny threw the newspaper down with disgust. Lucius Malfoy had escaped Azkaban for what must be the fiftieth time. Draco Malfoy had a diploma somehow and was, by all accounts, lounging at his ease in the Manor with his father and mother. Mummy dearest was doing her part by living it up, hosting parties, attending parties, and meddling in the affairs of Hogwarts more than her husband had ever done.

Shaking her head so that her newly short copper hair swung around her face, Ginny went to make herself a soothing cup of tea. Thinking about the Malfoys was a stressful business, but fortunately she reckoned it was over for a while. There was no reason she should contemplate them again in the near future.

Involuntarily, Ginny shivered with distaste at the idea of those cold blue eyes. Then she very firmly put the Malfoys out of her mind.