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December 27, 2003, Monday

Roy Montgomery, NYPD stares out the window of the conference room and across the Fifth Avenue in Central Park enjoying the best damn cup of coffee he's ever had from the break room of a Police Station.

A hansom and distinguished looking African American man with a pencil-thin mustache, shaved head, and confident bearing looked like he had been ordered up for his job of NYPD Precinct Captain from central casting.

He heard the door open behind him and caught the reflection of the man entering but he didn't turn around.

"Enjoying the scenery Captain? I understand if you strain your neck, the 12th Precinct has a marvelous view of trash heaps from the last garbage strike. Or maybe you're happy to have coffee that doesn't taste like a monkey pissed on battery acid."

"What did you do?" Roy asks in a humorous tone.

"What makes you think I did anything?"

"Because I helped raise you from a pup," Roy responds, "You make Bart Simpson look like the teacher's pet."

"I liked it better when you used 'Alvin from the Chipmunks'."

"That's because Roland and Ethan would sing that stupid theme song."

"Have I allegedly done now?"

"When you were a child," Roy smiles, "Did you or did you not want Avenger's Mansion as headquarters.?"

"Who didn't," Rick smirks.

"And are we not standing at the fictional address of said comic book icon?"

"Well, yeah. Stan Lee 'borrowed' that address."

"And is the real address not the location of the Henry Clay Frick House and Art Museum."

"I understand that to be case," Rick suppresses laughter.

"So, where the hell is it?"

"Are you suggesting I stole a museum."

"Not alone, your sister is an art thief."

"Alleged art thief," Rick chuckles, "And she's never been accused of stealing the building."

"I hate you both," Roy shakes his head.

"Look on the bright side," Rick smiles broadly.


"Donald Trump is doing life for all illegal activities related to this and he's actually guilty."

With that Roy Montgomery lost it and started laughing. He turned around walked towards his friend and have a quick fraternal hug. Letting go, he looked over his friend.

"How is it that I keep getting older and heavier while you stay the same?"

Roy wasn't completely joking. Rick's thick crop of brown hair, piercing blue eyes, muscular build, and boyish features made Roy always feel like he was talking to someone who Looks more like a grad student than a Lieutenant in the State Police. Damn, he really is ruggedly handsome.

Oh, I don't know," Rick responds, "Maybe it's about the about two decades that separate us."

"That's what I get for helping to raise you from a pup."

"Roy's been told he 'ages gracefully'. God, he hates that phrase. He jokes that he shaves his head to create a more intimidating presence as a commanding officer.

Truth be told, he does it as much because he doesn't want to see how quickly time went to work on his hairline. And don't even get me started on my waistline.

"Let me know if you see Sean Connery coming, wielding a Samurai Sword."

Never a big sci-fi fan, Roy still got the Highlander reference if only because his friend went over the entire plot of the movie.

"Of course, Roy would never admit that on more than one occasion he had uttered the phrase there can only be one."

"With the pleasantries aside, the sat down at the table and the expression on his friend's face changed."

"Ok Roy, what are you really doing here?"

"What? I finally decided to let your bosses make their big pitch. I told them it was a long shot, but I figured they might stop pestering me about it."

"Roy, come on, it's me. My bosses have been trying to lure you away from NYPD since the first case you worked with us as a detective.

"Even back then, you didn't even bother to come in. Now, you're precinct Captain, the holy grail of every rookie, with the highest clearance rate in the city.

"Your name is being mentioned for the top job. Now, you expect me to believe you want to make a change. What's going on?"

Roy looked around the room with a slight concern. "Don't worry Roy, the room is secure. My guys made sure of it."

"And that didn't raise any eyebrows?"

"Nah, we use it all the time for strategy sessions. Considering the resources of some of the people we strategize against, they expect it to be more secure than the Oval Office. So, I'll ask again. Why are you really here?"

"Alright, I'll come clean with you. But know this. After I'm done, you're only legal recourse will be to arrest me. But I'm hoping you won't. There are a lot of lives on the line and not just mine. My family and a whole lot of innocents are in danger."

"Ok, what do you need from me. There must be people in your department you can trust."

"Hard to know, but it's not about trust. Remember during our first case, you gave me your Al Capone speech."

"Attack sideways."

"Exactly. If there was ever a man who could only be taken down that way, it's the guy at the center of this."

"Alright Roy, tell me everything. Leave nothing out because if this thing is as heavy as you say, we will likely never have a chance to talk about this again."

Roy simply nodded, "It started when I was a rookie, and I met these two detectives, John Ragland and Gary McCallister..."

Roy just let out his story. His friend just listened quietly. He could tell Roy had been carrying this burden for a long time and hadn't been able to share it with anyone, at least anyone who didn't leave a trail of slime behind them.

"You remember Johanna Beckett?" Roy asks solemnly.

"Oh crap," he Realizes, "Tell me you didn't."

"No," Roy denies emphatically, "I parted company with them. I put everything into being the best cop I could. Ragland and McCallister jumped into the bottle.

"The Dragon, as we called him, brought in a professional, ex-military. He did it. Ragland and McCallister covered it up as gang violence.

"Johanna's daughter became obsessed with the idea it was a botched investigation by two drunks. She even joined department and flew up the ranks to investigate.

"She's a detective in my command, and I've tried to keep her distracted, so Dragon doesn't go after here, but Dragon is tired or worrying about her.

"I know it's only a matter of time. By my guess it will be after his reelection in November.

Finally, Roy finished and said, "Well?"

"Well, what?"

"Aren't you going to ask me any questions?"


"Why not? There must me all sorts of things you need to know more about?"

"Oh, there are. I just can't get them from you." Roy shot him a confused look.

"Roy, even before you started, I knew that nothing I do to deal with this can lead back to you. The guys behind this will kill you and your family if they think you set me on to them.

"It's got to look like coincidence. I happened on to this. Any questions I have I will have to get answers come for from other sources, other investigations."

"If I know too much and right away, there will be chance I might use more than I should know and lead it back to you."

"So, you're going to help me."

"Yeah, there will just be six rules you have to follow without question."

"First, this conversation never happened. All I did was relive old times and give you tough sales push for coming over to State Police. You never approach me or talk to me about it again.

"Second, whatever plan I put into place to deal with this will take time to set up and execute. It maybe weeks or months after today. You may have an idea its going on, but you will never ask. I will simply tell you when it's all done.

"Third, whatever your friends ask you to do about me, you will do. Sooner or later, I will turn up on their radar.

"They know we're friends. They will ask you to help, likely in the form of information. Give them whatever they want to know within reason.

"If they push for too much, let them understand that my pedigree, beats his. My dad, Ed Deline".

"Fourth, I don't want any heroic last stands from you. You're one of the most honorable men I know.

"This has got to have been eating you all these years. The weight of it is crushing you. I can see it. You want redemption.

But I will not do this for your redemption or to gain justice for the dead. If I'm in this, it is to prevent any future victims from these people. That is what you will focus on us as well.

"Fifth," he said smiling for the first time, "You're going to come in for a follow up interview."


"I need some brownie points with my bosses. They hoped our friendship would get you to keep an interest. I don't want to let them down. I'll setup a meet with the Deputy Superintendent.

"I'll tell them that you're a long shot, but I traded on our friendship to get you to keep an open mind. The DS likes a challenge. After that, it's all on him if you don't go through with it."

Roy broke out with a laugh. It felt like the first genuine laugh he'd had in years. He got up and shook his friend's hand.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. As I see it, this will end in one four possible ways, we lose our badges, we lose our freedom, or we lose our lives."

"That's only five, what's the sixth?"

"Something like this requires a family vote," Rick replies, "In this case majority rule which we'll get. But you know one will not be happy. They'll vote yes for you. But will not be happy.

"Well, thanks anyway Rick," he said giving his friend a parting hug.

"Time to do research."