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Type: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover

Chapter 2

Harry Has the Worst Luck

Final Battle, June 1998 (Harry Potter Universe time)

Great Hall, Hogwarts

Harry watched in the cover of his father's invisibility cloak as Voldemort dueled McGonagall, Kingsley and Slughorn, all at the same time. Beside him Bellatrix Lestrange dueled her niece Nymphadora Tonks. Despite all his dislike, even hatred, for the two, he could not deny that they had immense talent. Voldemort, especially was having no trouble in toying with his opponents despite the numerical disadvantage, he looked good to add another opponent just to give him some workout.

Bellatrix, on the other hand was locked in a particularly fierce duel with Tonks who was matching her more experienced aunt move for move. Harry felt a bubble of pride surge in his chest when one of Tonks' curses grazed Bellatrix's cheek despite all the protection. Unknown to anyone, he and the metamorphmagus had started dating after Dumbledore's funeral, her crush on Remus turning into full blown love for Harry but the war took priority and they had not been able to advance their relationship much, they were still very much in love with each other though. Tonks had been of immense help in the hunt, killing Nagini, and stealing Hufflepuff's cup from Bellatrix's Gringotts vault, Moody had been killed in a similar attempt previously so her success was even more celebrated.

Harry was plucked out of his thoughts when a killing curse from newly enraged Bellatrix missed Tonks just by a whisker. "What is the matter dear niece? So eager to join your beloved Potter in the afterlife?" Bellatrix taunted.

Tonks said nothing but gritted her teeth and started fighting with renewed vigor at the mention of Harry's apparent death. It took all of his willpower for Harry to stop himself from rushing to her and revealing himself when he had heard her anguished cry after Hagrid had carried him to the castle after his apparent death at the hand of Voldemort. Really, it had been a ploy to rid himself of the Horcrux, the killing curse took one soul, or fragment as it was, with it ridding Harry of the Horcrux in his scar.

The continued taunts by the dark witch enraged the auror so much that her magic shimmered in the form of a purplish aura around her; startled by the sudden occurrence, Bellatrix slowed in her casting giving Tonks the opportunity to land a severing curse on her neck.

Bellatrix's severed head had not even touched the ground when Voldemort erupted in fury and blasted his three opponents back into the crumbling walls with a veritable shockwave of magic. The snake faced dark lord turned to Tonks with rage written on his features; Harry took that moment to appear in a swirl of the legendary cloak of invisibility.

"Potter." Voldemort uttered in shock before he seemed to catch himself, "So you survive once again, huh. Whose sacrifice it was, then? Your mudblood mother's or those blood traitors'- Black and Potter?" Voldemort snarled.

"None, Tom, it was none of them. I daresay, I have to thank you for this one." Harry said cheekily.

"Thank me?" Voldemort questioned.

"Oh yes, all those years ago when you gave me that scar, you left a bit of your soul into it; today the killing curse purged it, after a struggle, of course, but finally all your Horcruxes are destroyed. It's just you and me Tom, the way it was meant to be." Harry proclaimed loudly as the two enemies circled each other.

Voldemort did not show any emotion on his face after hearing his hated nemesis' proclamation. Instead, the Dark Lord just sent a cruciatus at him. Harry blocked the torture curse with a stone, he would have dodged but he had a feeling that Voldemort would have sent something in both directions, his thoughts were proved correct when suddenly two small craters opened up on his either side behind him.

That's it, that's what Tonks and Moody have been teaching me for these past two years. "Avada Kedavra." Harry incanted, Voldemort raised an eyebrow at his opponent's opener and blocked it with a stone as the two combatants continued to circle each other.

The duel was spectacular. Those scant few who were present when Dumbledore had defeated Grindelwald all those years ago were reminded of that duel by the sheer power and ferocity of the duel. Voldemort's prowess was unknown to none but Harry showed exactly why he had been a thorn in the Dark Lord's side for so long. Months' worth of almost constant duel practice against Tonks and Moody started to show.

It seemed like Harry was starting to gain some advantage on Voldemort when the Dark Lord pulled the dirtiest trick from his arsenal. Maneuvering Harry so that he was just a bit on side of Minerva McGonagall's prone form, he intentionally missed with his killing curse. Minerva had been injured heavily from the throwback of Voldemort's magic and was in no position to move. It took Harry a second to realize his mistake; he had been so absorbed in the duel that he had not paid attention to the people standing around. "No." with this anguished cry, he sent a volley on Voldemort and apparated in front of the downed Transfiguration teacher. He intercepted the killing curse with a conjured slab but it gave Voldemort all the time in the world to try and finish his nemesis off.

A near ceaseless barrage of most damaging unforgivable started pounding Harry's defenses. Even the most accomplished duelist cannot hold on to be on defense against such a foe and it started to show. After nearly ten minutes of machine-gun like fire of 'Crucios' and 'Avada Kedavras', one torture curse connected with Harry's torso. Voldemort immediately pressed his advantage and disarmed Harry by another wand while maintaining the curse.

Harry's screams were resonated by Tonks but she was unable to do anything as Voldemort had once again trapped the defenders of Hogwarts in a shield.

"I had not imagined you would prove to be such a challenge but all in vain after all. Lord Voldemort finally wins." Voldemort said triumphantly, "Avada Kedavra." He said the spell in a whisper but it was as loud as a canon blast to the spectators. The green jet of death collided with Harry overlapping the first failed curse on 31 October, 1981 and Harry knew no more.

Harry opened his eyes to the blinding whiteness of the limbo. Not again. He groaned. "At least this time I have my clothes on me." He muttered after disorientation had faded away.

"What now?" he asked the place, looking around in all directions.

"Now we talk." A melodious female voice came from behind him making him jump a foot in the air.

"Who are you?" Harry asked after he had calmed his heartbeat down to normal levels.

"I am fate." The woman replied simply.

"You are?" Harry asked dubiously.

The woman before him could be called the most beautiful woman in the world. And beyond. He added when he took in her appearance and the fact that he was in fact dead. But she had cruel eyes, eyes that he had seen only on Bellatrix. They reflected so much cruelty that a shiver ran down his spine. Dressed in a grey dress, she looked a siren. Beautiful, but dangerous.

"Am I not what you imagined me to be?" she asked, Harry just looked at her confusedly; "Beautiful woman, that can be very much giving but is cruel beyond belief. Are these not your thoughts upon me once you had come to terms with the benefits and dangers of being the child of the prophecy?" she continued.

That was true but Harry was not going to tell her that. Something about the woman made him terrified. He may have pissed Voldemort off a number of times even when hopelessly outmatched but he had a feeling that pissing this figure off could come to bite him back in the ass in most painful ways. "Umm, no?" he ventured.

"Do not lie to me Harry Potter." She snapped. "I can see right through you."

"Sorry." Harry apologized sheepishly.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?" Harry asked once the two had taken a seat on a bench that appeared on Fate's command. Unlike the in between with Dumbledore, Harry did not seem to control anything here.

"You don't; I control this dimension." Fate told him, "I wanted to give you a proposal." Fate replied to his earlier question.

"A proposal?" Harry asked.

"Yes; seeing as you quite amused me in your little quest to rid your world of Voldemort, I want you to be my champion for another prophecy." She told him, pausing at the end of the sentence waiting for the famous Potter temper to make an appearance, she was not disappointed.

Harry sprang up from the bench, going red in anger; "Amused you, people died, so many lives lost; just because you wanted to amuse yourself by pitting me horribly outmatched against a man without any conscience." He roared. That seemed to have no effect on fate whatsoever, if anything, she appeared even more amused.

"Horribly outmatched…" she chuckled, her violet eyes dancing in amusement, "You should see what horribly outmatched means." She laughed waving her hand in front of Harry where a pensieve appeared.

"Go on." She chuckled, "I promise, I will be there to see your reaction."

Harry exited the pensieve after a few minutes; he looked very pale and threw up as soon as he had exited. "That was horrible." He sighed.

"See? Just imagine if I had made no one question that charming Dumbledore fellow in your world; what you just saw would have been reality." She was still laughing.

Harry glared at her but it was futile. He decided to appeal to her logic, "Why go to so much trouble though?" he said finally, Fate just raised an eyebrow at him, "I mean we, prophecy people, are your champions, right?" he asked, Fate nodded, "Why make it so difficult, then?"

"Because it's just so amusing." She said as if it was the simplest thing in the world; "I love seeing you champions go on these seemingly insurmountable tasks, but I can't until the prophecy is unfulfilled, until the previous ones fail; so I make their little tasks more challenging." She laughed again.

Harry gritted his teeth in anger. Had she no concern for the numerous people that died for her amusement? No, he realized she had not; she was cruel.

"I never said you were wrong, Harry." She smirked at him as she read his thoughts.

Harry shook his head resignedly; there was nothing he could do against her. "So, why do you want me to be your champion in this new prophecy; surely you must have chosen someone already?" he asked.

"I chose you, because you succeeded here, despite all the challenges." Fate replied looking as if she knew something he didn't. Which can be so many things. Harry realized.

"But I failed, Voldemort won." He argued, he really did not want to be the cause of death of so many people again, just to amuse Fate.

Fate just shook her head patronizingly; "Oh but here you are wrong, dear; you succeeded. After you died, Nymphadora and Minerva killed Voldemort. Quite heroic funeral you had, too." She told him in the same amused tone of voice.

At the mention of Tonks' name and her success, Harry could not stop a grin of pride from splitting his face. Take that, Moldyshorts.

"Can you tell me more about them? What happened to Tonks? Hermione? Please." Harry asked.

"I guess." Fate replied, "Tonks…did not live long after your death. She died on the second anniversary of your death. Hermione…married Percy Weasley; they had two kids and worked in the Ministry rising to Department heads' position. Minerva became the Headmistress, she died after a decade. They never forgot you, posthumous Order of Merlin, First Class. Oh, and you have an award after your name; Order of Potter, basically, a level above Order of Merlin. Just given to two people in all time, Nymphadora and Minerva." Fate said brightly.

Harry was saddened at the mention of Tonks' death. But now he had the opportunity to spend his while afterlife with her. "I deny." He said.

"What?" Fate asked slowly, blinking owlishly.

"I deny your offer; I don't want to go into another world as your champion. I am dead, let me stay that way." He said.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no; you don't have a choice deary; I ordered you, you are going to obey." Fate smiled coldly, looking more terrifying than Grim Reaper itself.

"But, but you said that was a proposal." Harry sputtered.

"Did I? Oops!" Fate smirked.

"You can't make me." Harry ground out in anger.

"Can't I? Hmm, what about I make your little girlfriend my champion and send her on an impossible quest." Finally, Fate had shown an expression other than amusement on her face. Her face twisted into a hideous grimace of rage. Harry recoiled back at the sight. The mention of Tonks becoming this woman's whipping toy nearly made his rage boil over; but he held himself in check, he was powerless here, anything stupid would lead to Tonks getting even more impossible tasks.

"Fine." He ground out, "But keep your hands off Tonks."

"You don't order me around, boy. I order you. As for your little girlfriend, she would be your companion on your quest; not my champion, but it would be even more amusing to see you trying to make her fall in love with you when she doesn't remember you while you retain all your memories." Fate laughed heartily.

Harry said nothing. He just thought over her words, repeating them in his head again and again. "Wait, you said I would retain these memories? Would it not be weird?" he asked.

"In due time dear, in due time; you will retain them when your quest starts. Imagine a three year boy having the memories of a war veteran. How silly?" she scoffed.

"Okay." Harry nodded, "So this new world, what is it like?" he asked.

"Hmm, it does not have magic like you people do, it has magic of its own, you would have to learn it all on your own. Rest you will know as you progress." Fate replied.

"Oh, I almost forgot." She chirped; "You are going to get a few gifts, you amused me quite well. Here goes, you would have parents, a loving mother and a somewhat loving father. But the Dursleys' equivalent will not leave you alone either. I have especially transported Lily Potter there, you know."

"Maybe you will even retain you memories faster with her around." Fate mused when Harry said nothing; he was much too shocked to actually speak.

"Oh, our time's up. Bye, Harry; if I remember anything else to tell you, you would find it somehow. Keep me entertained." She said and winked at a confused looking Harry and he vanished.

Again, Harry's world was enveloped in darkness.

Somewhere in coastal USA,

"Congratulations Mr. Shakes, Ms. Jackson, it's a healthy baby boy." The nurse said handing a small baby covered in a towel to the couple. The woman had red hair and pale skin, her eyes could be said emerald green though it was hard to see with her lids nearly completely covering them due to exhaustion. Her name was Sally Lily Jackson. The man, on the other hand was well built, slicked black hair and sea-green eyes, well over six feet in height. Though at the moment he looked very gentle, he had a temper to match his warrior build. He was called Brock Shakes, but was really the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon.

"What will we call her, Sally?" he asked looking at the baby lovingly.

The woman's, Sally's, eyes glazed over for a bit, then she said, "Harry; the hero from a story mother used to tell me."

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