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Despite Naomi's absence, Tony and the others found the propeller's area fairly well. It took an extra five minutes trying to prop open the door and Tony was already acting very fidgety because he thought there wasn't much time, and he was worried about Emily and her boy. But then the blonde blue eyed boy realised they were being cared for by Naomi. And, he felt an ounce of relief flow threw his veins.

Thomas was so excited by the time they got there, he was actually going to see his mother and then get out of this hellhole alive. He didn't have time to recognise the extremely loud whirring sound. Tony finally looked up and realised what was about to happen if Thomas opened that door. "Thomas, no!" he yelled, but it was already too late. Thomas had his eager fingers on the door handle and twisted the handle and it burst open, whacking him in the face with incredible force. Thomas slowly turned and fell over the rail.



Emily was in so much despair. She had been sobbing her eyes out and she didn't know for how long exactly. She was banging on the wall with her closed fist as the tears rushed down her face, and she felt and overbearing pain stab right in the left side of her chest. It has finally broken. No matter how much she tried to keep it glued together. She lost Declan, her whole life she had held him tightly in her arms when he took his first breath and when he had opened his eyes for the very first time. She had watched him blow by through his terrible twos and his thousand questions a day about everything. She screamed and poured her soul into her sobs, because she knew if she got out of there and escaped this boat, she'd never have anywhere else to completely lay down her heart and bear her soul again. It felt like her entire life was ripped away, ripped away without a second glance and what really hurt Emily the most was that Naomi had given her life for her boy, and she never even so much as thought about it twice.

Just as Emily was about to let another terrifyingly sad sob, somebody had burst out of the water with another person in their arms. Emily turned her head and breakneck speed and spotted Naomi, holding Declan tightly in her arms. And they were both very much alive. The redhead never felt anymore happier and surprised at the same time.

"Oh my god! You're alive!" Emily exclaimed as she threw her arms around both of them tightly. Declan was sputtering and coughing but he still tried to have a smile on his face, and hugged his mum back just as tightly.



Effy had immediately went to Thomas' side and checked him over and made sure he was at least conscious, and she kept him talking to her as much as she could help. Tony made his way as close as he could to the door and had saw that they were spinning the wrong way so it blew air in. He quickly turned and ran down the stairs as he tried to locate the switch to turn the propellers off. He then located the map and saw how far away they were. He didn't know that Freddie was behind him watching.

"I'll go." The olive skin man said as he saw how far the controls were, Tony turned around and threw a quick glance towards Effy.

"No, I will." Tony offered after he had witnessed the look of horror cross on his sister's face, he knew deep down Freddie might never come back.

"No, I'm younger and I have more stamina. I can do this." Tony eyed Freddie slightly after nodding his head, and let in. That's when Effy had turned around and let out a sob, instantly Freddie was by her side and was trying to console her.

"Effy, I love you." Freddie said as he held her tightly in his arms, "Please, you need to tell me you love me too. I need to hear it."

"I love you." Effy said as she turned into him and gave him a tight hug and let another sob into his chest. They didn't know if they'd ever see each other again, so they held onto dear life.

Freddie had turned around and began to say "Sir, I need you to tell me—" He had stopped immediately as he saw Tony nowhere in sight. "Oh, fucking hell! He's gone!"



Tony had taken the biggest breath he had ever taken in his life and began the longest swim of his life and he began swimming in the direction he knew where the controls were. He was about half way when he realised he was soon going to run out of air which had only urged him to swim faster.



The trio had finally arrived in the room that held Freddie, Effy and Thomas. Naomi had looked around frantically. "Where's Tony?"

"He huh, went for a swim." Freddie said flatly as they didn't even look towards them.

"Why?" Naomi practically had barked out.

"The propellers need to be going in a different direction right now." Effy said quietly. "He left us…. To go turn then back. He'll be back any second."

Emily and Naomi had exchanged looks and they had a silent conversation with their eyes, and it wasn't a good one about Tony. They both knew he wouldn't be back and they might die here in this ship. So they had all settled down, and Naomi was holding both Emily and Declan tightly as they sat on the steps. Neither one of them saying a word. The only sound that was made was Thomas muttering to Effy, and the loud whirring sound from the propellers.



Tony had finally made his way to the control room and his lungs was burning more than ever, he studied the buttons and was beginning to panic when he didn't know which one it would be. And as he was panicking, he was slowly suffocating. It was quick, his body suffered three jolts and his body was motionless and he was slowly sinking to the bottom of the ship. Without pressing the button that would possibly save his friends, he was slowly slipping away but he really needed to make one last attempt. For Effy, and especially for Emily's boy. He may have failed to save his parents, but the last thing he'd ever do was fail anyone else. He mustered up all of his strength to move his arm and he had finally located the button to turn around the propellers. He pressed it, and when he felt the propellers finally start to slow, that was the moment he finally let himself fade away.



Naomi gently kissed the top of Emily's head and whispered to the both of little bodies in her arms; that everything would be alright and they would get out of here. Just one time the propellers started to slow down and everyone had looks of relief across their face, and everyone was about to head to the door, but soon the propellers started to start up again and looks of confusion crossed everyone's face.

"What's going on?" Freddie voiced and then everyone saw the smile spread across Naomi's face as she grabbed the giant petrol can, it was almost half her size.

"Cheeky bastard wants to go out with a bang." She said and she saw the evident smirk on Effy's face. "Everyone get down!" Naomi yelled and everyone obeyed and she tried to angle her throw and decided the perfect time to throw the can, but it had gotten stuck in the door since the air was now being sucked inside. Naomi quickly threw a look towards Emily. The redhead was about to stop Naomi, but Freddie had grabbed her shoulders and held onto both of her and Declan.

"No, Naomi!" Emily shouted but it was too late again, Naomi stepped as close as she could to the door, but now it had sucked her up against the door, and she was side by side the canister, she quickly began to push against the top of the canister trying to make it go inside the small area, and it took every ounce of her strength and one final scream of agony, it had finally been pushed and sucked inside the area, quickly hurtling towards the propellers and as soon as it made contact with the steel propellers it quickly ignited into flames, stopping the suction from both of the propellers and also sent Naomi to the floor.

For a moment everything was silent. Everything for a moment had a peace of quiet. But that was for a moment. Emily broke free of Freddie's grip and quickly went to Naomi's side, shaking her awake and Naomi was finally conscious again.

"Did it work?" Was the first words out of the blonde mouth, and Emily nodded quickly before cupping the blondes cheeks and pulled her into a deep searing kiss. They were now much more closer than to getting out of this place, and the redhead would have no done it without Tony or Naomi. None of them would have made it. Not only did Emily feel copious amounts of attraction towards the blonde, but she had also felt such a deep connection with Naomi it was beyond anything she had ever felt and she was thanking the gods she had met this blonde.

Effy had grabbed the inflatable boat, and as they made their way cautiously towards the outside, they could hear the waves beat against the boat and nothing had sounded more relieving. Effy had pulled the plug and the boat had inflated and everyone quickly jumped into the ice cold water and quickly swam their way to the boat and they quickly got inside. They thought it was finally time to relax, but as usual they had to stay on their feet and the boat was now rapidly sinking and they needed to quickly paddle out of there, before they were sucked under with the boat. They as they rode the wave farther away from the boat and watched it sank completely, they all had looked at one another, and Emily was examining Thomas' wounds as they were all huddled together, and it was so cold they could all see each others breaths. Naomi had other plans though, she had quickly grabbed the flare gun and shot the flare up into the sky and it was ignited with complete red, and finally Emily had scooted closer to Declan and Naomi and the girls had both wrapped their arms around Declan to give him more warmth.

Soon after the flare was slowly fading out, but it didn't matter now because they had seen two helicopters, and they were searching the waters, getting closer and closer. Finally, they were safe. And, they were going home and they were actually going to be warm. And, most definitely safe.

Naomi would keep Declan and Emily safe for whatever came their way, that was a given.

Thomas was going to go home and beg for his mother's forgiveness and never hurt or go against her wishes again, and he would tell her about the amazing bubbly girl he had met on the boat.

Effy and Freddie were going to get married soon with invitations sent out the other four and they were definitely never going to forget the other people that had lost their life along the way.

Although Tony was gone, Effy strangely didn't feel any void in her heart. She knew he would always be there, smirking and watching over her like the big brother he was.


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