"Yo Kenichi, Hi Miu"

"Hello Takada" Kenichi greeted his friend and love rival.

"Hey Takada" said Miu greeting a friend.

"Going to the Shinpaku Alliance Meeting?" Takada guessed after all this was the only road to get to their 'secret' base. The pair nodded.

"We'll probably be discussing about that new gang on the block, you know the Destroyers" (I know not a very creative name).

Kenichi nodded, "Yeah I mean what they're doing disrupts daily life the constant exploding buildings. It's fortunate no one has gotten hurt from that"

"Yeah but people are getting beaten up for no reason" Takada pointed out "and apparently some dude is going around giving people dangerous hallucinations"

"But don't you think it's weird," Miu noted, "how everything's fixed afterwards as if nothing has happened even the people are treated overnight, suddenly better than ever, though they have no recollection of ever being treated and the victims of the dangerous hallucinations have therapy sessions paid for by an anonymous donor."

Takada shrugged, "It is odd" agreeing with Miu, "but I'm just glad that they're cleaning up their mess."

"I just want to know what their deal is." Kenichi wondered.

In the past ten days or so a series of destruction incidents had occurred. Explosions, people getting severely beaten up and weirdly a spree of dangerous hallucinations.

The Destroyers destroyed buildings, people's bodies and mind (but a very fitting one, don't you think) and there seemed to be no motive or reason behind the events and after each one everything and everyone would be fixed as if nothing had happened all proof and evidence of anything out of the ordinary happening just gone.

Till it happened again.

With all these destructive happenings going on and only rumours of pineapple haired, trident carrying, tonfa wielding, cow-print clad, grenade and dynamite throwing and extreme shouting delinquents to consider as the culprits the Shinpaku Alliance decided to investigate.

After all that could only be the very exaggerated truths from common folk's misunderstandings, they couldn't be true (snigger, snigger)

Kenichi, Miu and Takada opened the door of their 'secret' base. Almost everyone was there, Natsu as usual was absent. Kenichi noticed that something had been added to their base.

"Niijima, why do we have an Interactive Board?" Kenichi asked bemused, he knew their school had been begging for some but so far to no avail, so he was understandably curious as to how Niijima had acquired some.

"Oh the Smart Board," Niijima looked up from the shoulder of one of his subordinates cough*slaves*cough, "Kisara's Dad paid for it after I told him it would really further our study of Sport Science" he told him nonchalantly.

Niijima's alien persuasion powers have struck again.

"Oh OK" Kenichi sweat dropped.

"Seeing as we're all gathered, more or less, we might as well start the Shinpaku Alliance Meeting." Niijima announced. "I'm sure you can all guess what we're going to be discussing today" Niijima started as he turned on the Smart Board.

"The Destroyers"

"Exactly, the topic is the Destroyers" Niijima confirmed. On the Smart Board a picture of an obliterated office building appeared on screen. "As you are all aware in the past 10 days alone 47 destructive incidents have occurred. That's almost like 5 happening a day" (which knowing KHR is not actually a lot.)

The picture of the demolished office building had been replaced by a graph showing these findings.

"There seem to be three types of destruction that constantly occur

Buildings Exploding
Bodily Beatings and finally most worrying
Mental Attacks"

The screen showed pictures for each type of destruction. The members winched. Then Kisara commented, "We already know this, what we don't know is who they are and why they're doing this."
Murmurs of agreement escaped from the lips of the other members.

Niijima sighed, he had anticipated this but he didn't like it.

"We have very little to go on, these people scrub up these incidents VERY well, which suggests random destruction is not their aim. What we have are mostly witness's accounts which all sound very unbelievable (but that don't make it false).

What we have gathered is that Mentally Abused ones all claim that a pineapple haired guy carrying a trident was responsible." Niijima sighed exasperated, "You'd think a guy like that would be extremely easy to trace but
Not. A. Trace."

Ukita asked, "What about the ones who were Bodily Beaten, surely they can tell who beat them up?"

"They say a black haired boy using dual metal weapons which we have deduced from their descriptions to be metal tonfas, a Chinese weapon, and before he beat them up he'd say: I'll bite you to death. A guy like that would be pretty conspicuous thus easy to find but him too, Not. A. Trace."

Kenichi frowned, "Couldn't they work out why there were being beat up, it might give us a clue to who he is?" Niijima snorted, like I hadn't thought of that, "The only similarity is that this guy has never beaten someone up who was by themselves"

"Maybe he's a guy who doesn't like crowds," Takada reasoned, "that's a clue."
Niijima scoffed, "No reason to beat them up as badly as he did". Everyone looked back at the pictures on the Smart Board and winched again.

"Wait Niijima," Freya put in, "some martial artists can go to extremes" the unusual weaponry piquing her interest. Niijima rolled his eyes, martial artists in his opinion, were just delinquents with stronger power and pride.

Miu asked, "What about the exploding buildings, surely there has to be some evidence of that to work on?"

"Nope, not a thing any video footage is mysteriously missing and anyone with any credible information has been paid off, bribed and possible threatened to not reveal anything." Niijima told them.

"OK so these Destroyers have money, power and the ability to clean up their mess" Shiratori announced, the first thing she said throughout the whole meeting, "do you why they're making a mess in the first place?"

Niijima shook his head, "There doesn't to seem to be a pattern or a link connecting the incidents" (I wonder why there isn't one, snigger snigger).

Kenichi rolled his eyes, "OK Niijima, what do you have, if you had nothing you wouldn't have called this meeting. What is it you have to show us?"

Niijima nodded at his subordinates cough*minions*cough an and on the Smart Board screen a picture of a boy round their age with gravity defying brown hair and big brown eyes. "A lead"

I think we can all guess who he's talking about.

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