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Tsuna and Kyoko

"That's the café I was talking about," Kyoko told Tsuna pointing to it, "there's also a bakery nearby and there's a pretty good fast food place round the corner there's also-"

"Kyoko" Tsuna interrupted, "are you hungry?" Kyoko blushed, "A bit yeah". "Come on then" Tsuna wrapped an arm round his girlfriend, "let's get something to eat" heading towards the café.


Gokudera saw Tsuna and Kyoko enter a café. Gokudera was trailing his Jyuudaime. He felt guilty that his Jyuudaime was alone (Kyoko not counted) without any protection.

Not that Jyuudaime couldn't handle himself it was just that Jyuudaime was pretty trusting of people and society to, despite his Hyper Intuition, was susceptible to surprise attacks.

But Gokudera felt guiltier about how he was intruding on his Jyuudaime's date with his future Mafia Wife. So after convincing himself that Jyuudaime would be fine without him trailing him he turned around and entered a bookshop that was at the other end and across the road.

He had seen a book in the window that had caught his interest. It was called The Realism of Mythical and Mystical Creatures Existence or in other words, (in his mind) proof UMAs are out there.


Hibari couldn't believe how undisciplined this town was, he was itching to go discipline and punish the offenders but he didn't.

He wouldn't ever admit but that omnivore scared the hell out of him. After spending a night in that torture chamber (The Sakura Room)forced to inflict self-torture (the paperwork) he had come out like a zombie, he couldn't even work up the resolve to bite the omnivore to death.

He had felt dreadful and he never wanted to experience that again.

So when the omnivore had said that if he disciplined anyone he'd inflict a worse punishment Hibari had no trouble believing him. He couldn't begin to fathom the depths of the omnivore's sadistic twisted mind and his evil, sick imagination to cunningly think up cruel and brutal punishments.
(Surely that's going a bit far… right?)

Lambo, Yamamoto, Haru and Ryohei

"Lambo wants to go to the Carnival" the kid beating his meaty hands on Yamamoto's head. He had seen a rollercoaster arcing into the sky.
"But kid we don't know where the Carnival entrance is" Yamamoto told him. Haru frowned pointing to a sign in front of them, "Nani, isn't that it?"

The sign read in big colourful bold letters, "CARNIVAL ENTRANCE"


"Yamamoto how did you miss that extreme sign?" Ryohei asked turning to his friend. Yamamoto shrugged, "Maa, maa who knows. C'mon let's go."

"Yes, my underling, giddy up" Lambo yelled.

Chrome and Mukuro

Chrome couldn't bear to see him like this. Mukuro was crouched down his hands covering his ears, muttering to himself saying over and over again, "Enough stop no more" his mind mentally replaying over and over again the nightmarish sounds that only he could hear.

Her heart tugged with pain at seeing how her saviour had been reduced to a mental wreck. Chrome carefully pulled away Mukuro's hands from his ears, and whispered in his ear, "Mukuro it's me Chrome, listen to my voice".

They were alone in a distant part of the park, crouched together under a tree. At any other time, Chrome would have been overcome with embarrassment and shyness with her position but she must ignore her quirks and heart's desires if she was to save her saviour.

Hopefully pretty sounds would help him recover. So she began singing him a cheerful Japanese folk song her voice soft and sweet, him wrapped in her arms.

So that's where everyone is.
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