Everybody lies, it's a simple fact of life. Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Humans, Wizards, and yes, even Orcs. There seems to be a point in people's lives where they need to push their personal feelings down and lock them in a box. Sometimes there is a key that can be uncovered. In other cases, like the one of a young Elven Prince, there is no key that seems to fit the lock.

Legolas son of Thranduil sat at the edge of a mountain looking at the valley below him. He had his knees pulled up to his chest, his arms hugging them tightly. The young prince sighed and closed his eyes. His ears filled with the voices of the trees. They spoke of stories and encouraging tales, however their efforts were sadly in vain.

Finally, after some time, Legolas opened his eyes and looked to the stars. His eyes were glazed over with centuries of unshed tears that were never allowed to fall, for the young Elven prince thought of crying as sign of weakness.

Suddenly the prince shook himself. Letting his legs dangle off of the cliff.

After some time, he unsheathed one of his twin blades and stared at the glistening silver in the light of the moon.

Pippin's POV:

I awoke to the smell of Sam's wonderful cooking. My mouth immediately began to water, "Oi Sam! What's for breakfast?" I asked as I sat up and stretched my arms.

Sam looked up at me and smiled, "Mr. Legolas caught two rabbits this morning and I found some sage so I'm making a stew of some sorts."

"That sounds amazing." I looked around and frowned when I saw Gandalf, Gimli, and Aragorn having a conversation that looked serious. However, I immediately perked up when I saw Merry sparring with Boromir. Suddenly I realized something, "Hey Sam."

"Yeah?" He looked up at me.

"Where is Legolas?"

He seemed confused for a moment. As he took a second to scan the campground he began to mutter, "I don't know, I could've sworn he was here just a moment ago." His brow furrowed, I could tell he was deep in thought.

I stood and patted him on the back, "Don't worry Sam, I'm sure he's fine. I'm going to go ask Gandalf." He nodded and returned to his cooking.

I walked up behind the wizard and tapped on his elbow, his head whipped around about as quick as lightning. "We'll if it isn't Peregrin Took, what is it my lad?"

Gimli and Aragorn paused for a moment before quickly returning to their debate, "I was wondering if you have seen Legolas. I can't seem to find him."

"I don't know, but Legolas is a very capable Elf. I'm sure he's fine." Taking his words as a type of dismissal I turned to walk away when I could've sworn I heard Gimli mumble something about good for nothing elves.

I walked until I came to the edge of the mountain. I sat and allowed myself to bask in the sunlight. Today was an especially nice day, which is saying a lot considering the weather in the mountains is usually very unpredictable. I placed my hands on the ground behind me, but immediately recoiled when I felt something wet. I looked down at my hand expecting to see mud. The blood rushed from my face, mud wasn't supposed to be deep red, was it?

Immediately I did the one thing I could think of, "Aragorn, Gandalf! Come here!"

In less than the blink of an eye they were both at my side. "For Ened Kemen's* sake Peregrin what is the matter."

I stammered over my words, "I f...found...blood. Fresh blood."

Aragorn immediately bent to the ground, and examined the area. "Someone was sitting here when they started to bleed." He walked a few paces towards the forest, pointing to disturbed grass he drew his knife, "they walked this way."

The bushed rustled as Aragorn, Gandalf, and I took a step back. Aragorn leapt at the pale figure and tackled him to the ground, "Legolas?"

Legolas's POV:

The walk in the forest I had taken to clear my head had helped rid my mind of my aching headache. However, it immediately returned when I felt my body being forced to the earth. My eyes locked with my attacker as they spoke my name, "Legolas?"

"Estel, can I ask why you tackled me Mellon-nin*?" I asked confused.

Aragorn's eyes were scanning my body, he was looking for something. "Legolas are you injured anywhere."

"No. Not that I am aware of. What's going on Estel." His eyes seemed to speak to me, you should know better then to lie to a healer my friend.

Slowly he backed off, and helped me rise, "Pippin found blood, and when we couldn't find you well..."

I brushed the dirt from my tights and pulled a few blades of grass from my braids, "I assure you all that I am fine, however I apologize for leaving camp. I needed to spend some time with the trees and I forgot to let someone know where I was headed to." I bowed apologetically at Pippin and Gandalf who smiled at me.

"Tis nothing Legolas," the little hobbit grabbed my arm and begun to pull me in the direction of camp, "Come Sam has made a lovely breakfast." I winced at the contact and prayed no one noticed.

It did smell lovely, but the pain emanating from my arm was so overwhelming. The thought of any food, let alone sight or smell, was enough to make me feel sick.

I spent breakfast talking with Boromir, he began asking me about Mirkwood and my father. "Do you miss home Legolas?" He asked.

I wanted to tell the truth. I wanted to scream it to anyone who would listen. Instead I sighed and shook my head, "I miss the trees, however I am fine."

His hand clamped down on my shoulder, "Do not worry my friend, we will be at Rivendale shortly." I shivered, If I could barely hide my pain from Estel there was no way I could hide it from Lord Elrond.

Suddenly Merry piped up, "Legolas are you feeling alright. You don't look well."

Suddenly all eyes were on me, I began to squirm (which is a very unelvish thing to do), "I'm fine."

The sudden shift of attention set Gimli off, "Bah! Elves always look ill. They don't put enough meat on their bones." He grasped his stomach for emphasis. "If you ask me this Elf should go back to the forest he crawled out of if he misses it so much. He doesn't seem fit enough to be on this quest anyway."

I spoke in a whisper, "Auta mikula Orku!" (Go kiss an Orc)

Immediately he rose to his defense. His face turned a bright red color, "What! To scared to speak to my face in words I can understand?"

I stood and walked quickly away from the fuming dwarf, leaving everyone in shock. Especially Gandalf and Estel, they would be sure to tell Lord Elrond of my outburst. Suddenly my arm began to itch, I needed to be alone.