She scanned the room for an escape root. Nothing. How had she ended up in here? Lily raised her head to see another girl in the corner, hair covering her face as she was trapped in unconsciousness. Sweat slipped down her head as she retraced her steps.

"Lily, he'll kill you if you go in there!"

"I'll be fine!" She kissed his forehead as he hugged her.

"I can't lose you to this lot again, the militia already changed dad and they won't get to you either!"

I ruffled his hair. "Bro, I'll be fine! He taught me everything he knows!"

"Oh god!" She thought to herself "Why didn't I listen to him?". The girl across the room began to stir, her hair parting as she looked up. Blood trickled across the girls cheek. Lily plucked up the courage to speak.

"Hey, are you alright?" She whispered. The girl across the room focused her eyes on Lily.

"Yeah, I think. What happened?"

"I don't know, but we need to get out of here before..." The doors opened to reveal Captain Neville looking too bold for his boots. He strode over to Lily and grabbed her chin, moving her head from left to right violently. He called over to the guards standing behind the vault door.

"This one will do." The men walked over to Lilly. Hand cuffs were loosely slapped onto her wrists, no escape now. The men, who's uniform was covered in the blood of their victims, shoved the girl out of the room. Lilly caught one last glance at the girl who stayed with Neville.

Lilly knew Neville well. You see his son and her were best friends growing up. He would always complain about his dads harshness towards him and she would moan about her family too.

None of that mattered now though. The son was one of them. He was a guard. He'd do anything to make his father proud.

Lily was guided towards a metal wall and thrown against it. Her blood lingered and was a much brighter shade than the previous victims. The girl was suddenly violently attacked by these two guards. They repeated the same question over and over.

"Where's Miles Matheson?"

Lily stayed strong and refused to answer. She was unbreakable. Despite the cut face which dripped with blood she would not answer the question. The main reason for this was because her Fathers footsteps were untraceable. He'd made them that way. He always covered his tracks either by scuffing leaves or hiding the bodies he had created in the soil. Sooner or later he'd be found but I guess he chose later.

Similarly, later the guards gave up on their simple questioning. They knew she would not answer therefore killing her would be too easy.

See you have to break a person to release their secrets. Almost like a piggy bank the guards kept as children. However Lilly was made of stone. She would be difficult to crack.

A bag was thrown over the poor girls head as she was dragged to another room in this palace of hell. Being shoved into a room, the bag was removed and she was left in complete darkness. She couldn't stop thinking about the whereabouts of the girl and if she was still alive. It was a big if though. Then she thought of her brother. She said she'd be back in a few hours. Was he okay? Wait, what even was the time? The girl pondered her thoughts as she was left to be consumed to the darkness.

The lights began to flicker on dangerously slow. The white light revealed the girl. She looked down at her boots. Still wrecked, covered in mud and on the brink of ripping. Her jeans already had holes in the knees, letting the cool autumnal breeze seep through chilling her to the bone. Luckily she had layered up for today's trip, the deep green checkered shirt complemented the leather jacket well.

The doors flew open and revealed a man that stood boldly in the doorway, his short, ragged hair complimented the hate behind his blue eyes. Who was that? Lily rubbed the cuts and realised more blood was released than expected. The man slowly approached and crouched down to her, stroking her cheek lightly. She flinched at first but thought she would have to take it in her stride. He helped her up, Lily trembled at his touch. He then spoke to her like a predator to its prey.

"Wow, you're beautiful." He said with a croaky voice. "One too pretty to be a Matheson."

He paused and looked down to her for Lily was not the tallest 18 year old.

"What do you want from me?"

"Why are you here?"

"I'm doing some research..." She'd always been a terrible liar.

The man began making his way towards her, forcing her into the closest wall.

"Yeah ... What are you researching?" He whispered seductively in her ear, tracing his nose down her neck. Lily panicked on the inside however letting her fear show now was not wise. If this man was who she thought he was then she had to play him at his own game.

She flicked her hair, "how long will it for me to fall in love with an officer?" Lie, biggest lie in her life.

"Not long." He went in for a kiss. Long and sustained, he saw sparks fly around them as if Cupid himself had set them up. Lily, on the other hand, did not see this. She saw escape. And she knew how.

He continued kissing her, making his way down her neck. Suddenly she kneed him in the groin causing him to fall to the ground in searing pain. She went to sprint off yet he caught her boot. A swift kick to the face and she was out of the room.

"Men!" She sighed to herself.

She pushed herself to go faster through the barracks of which she awoke. Luckily she had earned her fathers ability to attack with her mothers swiftness. She managed to wriggle free of each guard that grabbed her, dodge each bullet which was destined to end her. All that mattered was seeing her brother.

She was out into the clearing. Many officers heads shot up upon noticing the girl with the broken chain around her wrist.

Never mind.

She took a sharp left turn into the forrest and ran towards her hide out which was a small opening in her fathers oak tree. It had been proclaimed his when he left and would often leave small weapons if he ever passed by. Grabbing the rich autumnal leaves which littered the ground, she threw them over the opening to conceal her. Through her heavy breathing she heard the aggressive cry of the man who wanted her, who needed her.

"Find her, she's a Matheson!"