Dipper and Mabel both sat at the breakfeast tabel focusing on each others every movements. Soos had agreed to refere their contest and sat at the end of the tabel.

"Ready dudes?" He asked.

"Ready!" Both twins confirmed in unision.

"Then let the breakfeast race, Dipper VS Mabel, begin!" Soos announced.

Instantly both Pines twins grabbed their sppons and shovelled their cereal in to their mouths. Mabel noticed that Dipper had eaten more than she had, desperate times come to desperate measures, and then twin girl stuck her head in her bowl and sucked up the cereal like a hoover.

"Yay! I win!" She shouted.

"No fair! I demand a rematch!" Dipper playfully shouted.

In reply Mabel flicked some of Dippers remaining cornflakes at him. Dipper then retaliated by "accidently" spilling milk on her sweater. Both twins fell to the floor in heaps of laughter. Where as Soos took one look at the mess they had made and backed away.

"Grunkle Stan's gonna kill us!" Mabel laughed.

"Yeah!" Dipper laughed. "Wait, what?"

Grunkle Stan then walked into the kitchen to see Mabel and Dipper lying on the floor amongst cereal, milk and a one toppled over chair.

"Kids? What did you to do?" Stan exclaimed.

Both twins looked at each other, stuck for an answer.

"Well?" Stan prosecuted.

"Uhh, a freak tornado came in through the window and destroyed everyhting while making the sounds of two twelve year olds laughing!" Mabel lied. "But don't worry, Waddles will clean the mess up!"

Both Dipper and Stan stared at the girl who gave them a big, brace filled smile in return.

"Come here Waddles!" Mabel called. Her beloved pig trotted in and began licking the milk off the floor. "Awww! Who's a good boy then?" Mabel patted her pig on the head.

"Thats weird and disgusting." Stan commented with next to no emotion.

Just then the sound of an envelope came through the front door.

"Go get it Waddles!" Mabel said.

Waddles then ran to the door and return with an envelope in his mouth.

"Give me that!" Stan yanked the letter out of Waddles mouth and opened it, careful not to get any slobber on his hands.

Stan stared at the letter unsure what to make of it.

"What does it say?" Dipper asked.

Stan handed Dipper the letter, who read it out loud.

" Dear Pines family,

You and your friends are invited to spend the night at Hollow Hill Manor, on Friday the thirteenth of July, here in Gravity Falls. A stay for the whole night will include a prize of $1000.

Thanks and hope to see you soon. "

"Doesn't it say who its from?" Asked Mabel. Dipper shook his head, re-reading the letter with a quizical look on his face.

"Well it sounds good to me." Stan declared. "$1000 just for staying in some house for the night, jackpot!"

"Something doesn't seem right about it though." Dipper told Stan. "It doesn't say the time or who its from, it's probably some joke. What sort of name is " Hollow Hill " anyway?"

"Hollow Hill?" Asked Wendy, walking in to work half an hour late. "What are you saying about that horrific place?"

"We got a letter asking us to stay for the night." Mabel told her. "What do you mean by horrific?"

"Well," Wendy bagan shutting the blinds and flicking off the lights. She then grabbed a flash light off the kitchen side. "Long ago, roughly ten years, theese three kids were walking past Hollow Hill manor on their way home from school. There had been alot of rumors about creepy images in the windows and screams in the middle of the night but as far as the kids were concerned, they were just rumors. Then theese kids had the bright idea to go in to the house. Aparently when theese kids were walking around, one of them disappeared, which freaked the other two out like heck. They continued walking around the manor when one of them tripped and fell down the stairs-"

"Did they get hurt?" Mabel interupted.

Wendy ignored the twelve year old. "The other kid ran to the bottom of the stairs, to see if their mate was ok. But sadly it was not so, the child had died before he reached the bottom of the steps. The remaining child ran, trying to get out, but Hollow Hill Manor decided to teach the trespasser a lesson. The spirits and poltergiests of the house messed with the kids mind, making him think he was running through the corridors when in real life he was just standing still. When the police investigated, a month later they never found the bodies or any evidence, but they swore they heard their screams echoing around the house, late at night."

"Well thats Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland for you." Stan reasured them. "Besides, ghost and the super natural are a load of rubbish, only dilusional weirdo's like Gideon believe in that rubbish."

"I guess you right." Dipper agreed. "But you can't seriously be considering going, are you?"

"Its $1000! And their could be free food! It's a win win situation." Stan argued.

"I'm not going!" Mabel protested.

"Oh yes you are! Besides, you two like that paranormal mystery stuff. Maybe you could investigate it!" Stan then burst out laughing, while Mabel, Dipper and Wendy just stared at him.

"I'll go!" Soos walked back in, it was obvious he had been eavesdropping on their conversation the whole time.

"Thats good, but don't expect to get any share off the money." Stan warned him. "You either kids."

"We wouldn't!" All three replied in unision.

"You coming Wendy?" Dipper asked his crush. he had gone sweaty and was blushing slightly just from saying her name.

"No way! After the experience in the convient store, Hollow Hill Manor is the last place on my list of places to go." Wendy told Dipper. "Sorry dude."

"It's ok, I understand." Dipper then whispered. "If I had the choice, I wouldn't be wasting tomorrow night there either."

Wendy then smiled. "Catch you later kiddo." She skipped off, giving him a wink.

"Grunkle Stan, do you even know where your going?" Dipper asked. He was concerened because they had been driving fo half an hour and had barley gotten anywhere.

"Of course." Stan confidently replied.

"Well I'm pretty sure we've driven past that tree seven times." Dipper pointed out the window.

"Eight." Soos corrected.

"Maybe we should stop and ask for directions?" Mabel suggested.

"Fine." Stan pulled up next to a thirteen year old boy and girl. "Do you two kids know how to get to Hollow Hill Manor?"

They both turned around, the boy had curly blonde hair and blue eyes, the girl had long brunette hair with freckles and matching brown eyes. They both locked their eyes on Stan.

"Hollow Hill? Directions?" Stan reminded them.

Both teens pointed to their right, their eyes still staring at Stan. Un-blinking.

"Err, thanks?" Stan drove away as fast as he could.

"What was that about?" Asked Dipper.

"Phft, kids theese days, no respect for the elderly." Stan muttered under his breath.

After another half hour of driving around without a clue, Stan finally pulled up to a great house marked " Hollow Hill Manor ".

"Guess this is the place." Stan grabbed his over night bag and walked up to the black metal gates. "Holy moley!"

Dipper, Mabel and Soos also grabbed their bags and looked at the manor house.

"Its huge!" Dipper exclaimed.

All four walked up to the front door.

"Maybe this isn't such a good idea, dudes." Soos said.

"Well we've come this far." Stan then pushed open the door and to their horror saw...

Gideon! The fat nine year old sat on a chair, playing temple run, with both of his parents at his side.

"Oh not him!" Stan moaned.

Gideon then looked up from his kindle fire (HD) and stared back with the same ammount of shcok and horror on his face. "Stanford?! What the heck are you doing here?!"

"We were invited!" Dipper replied, he was just as happy as Stan to see the albino midget. Stan then shoved their letter in his face.

"What?" Gideon read the letter three times over. "When did you get this?"


Gideon then chuckled. "I got mine three weeks ago!" He shoved a letter almost identical to Stan's at them.

"So this was a set-up? Their is no money?" Stan sulked.

Then their conversation was interupted by the sound of plastic high heels walking. Then the door swung open to reveal Pacifica Northwest, who was then followed by her two tag alongs and her parents.

The blonde took one look at the Pines and Gleeful family and knew it had been a set up. She turned around to leave when the front door locked, by itself.

"Great, just great." She sighed.

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